Event Finder Application that Provides Live Updates

An Innate Desire to Socialize

Setting foot into a different city might become lonely for some party loving people or finding people of same interest and developing acquaintances might seem like an impossible ordeal. Most importantly, going back with the regret of missing out on a rocking event that was just a block away, isn’t a very pleasant way to end the tour. We humans are hardwired to socialize and get the party going, yet it is impossible to do so when you don’t know where the fun is at.

Introducing Hijinnks! A platform that allows you to connect with all the hip and happening events near you – anytime, anywhere!


Neil Mcmullin


Website, iOS & Android App


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A Tool that Never Lets you Miss Out on the Fun

Designed on the principle of human psychology and social interactions, Hijinnks offers its users to get instant notification of all the events nearby. It is a great tool for event planners who want to reach out to party goers and broadcast about their event. Not only that, it also provides socializing functionalities that allow you to share your event experiences with friends and family. With this tool, it’s impossible to miss out on the fun, whichever city you are in.

A Luxurious Experience

Hijinnks founders need a creative partner that would help them integrate easily and bring big ideas to the table. Articulating a leading role in an ever-more crowded event finding app sector, placed huge responsibilities on our shoulders. We managed to embed exceptional utilities and interactive features that helped in making the app successful. We were charged with making a visually stunning application along with fully interactive web portal.


Attention to Every Detail

We always get excited when we hear our client’s bold ideas. Eager to translate those ideas faithfully in to an unmatched artwork, coding pixel combined bold designs, luxurious colour schemes and exciting animations that greatly impacted hijinnkss’ digital presence.

We Understand your Mobile

By choosing Coding Pixel as their development partner, the management at Hijinnks were able to receive the following value propositions:

A fully interactive and intuitive map facility for locating nearby events, social media incorporation that made the platform popular among users, Cross platform applications that ran smoothly on all devices and last, but definitely not the least, our clients received the final product even before the deadline.