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10 Main Reasons Why Your Website Is Underperforming and How To Fix Them

Have you ever spent enough thousands of dollars on updating your websites for better designing so that you can come out of the phase of deprived and out of reach of your potential people? An old website that is still working with old methodologies defiantly makes your business go down in few years. In today’s article, we will discuss Main Reasons Why Your Website Is Underperforming along with the possible improvements you can do easily. Just like your wardrobe needs to be updated according to the latest fashion trend your websites demands same attention from you as the technology grows.

Why Your Websites Fail?

As per Top Web Design Companies reviews this year, if you talk about your old websites you developed back in 2000, then it would be a quite disappointing thing to tell that updating CSS, and HTML based pages are of no use. The better approach is to make your website from scratch up to latest trends offered by Google. Changing your old website will only bring unsatisfied clients and you will have to justify your every business move with big investment. You might lose many potential people and already disappoint the already satisfied clients.

So, before you think that this is not a convincing solution as you already spend enough on your website, then let’s begin with the most common reason that made your website might be suffered from anonymous problems that you might don’t want to see in your dreams even.

  1.   Neglected Social Media?

Social media is one of the most potential platform and resource neglected in old websites. It is kind of mouth to mouth advertising that can help you spread your world globally with little efforts involved. People belonging to different groups and age, class are same from the social media perspective. You don’t have to fit in people expectations and taste when it comes to social media marketing.

  1.   Responsiveness?

Nowadays responsiveness is one thing that you is mandatory even for small scale business or large, impaired business. The website can only bring a huge success when it is responsive and works efficiently on every device with proper navigation, readability and accurate content that behaves normally.

  1.   User friendliness

The first thing that user thinks about visiting your website is about viewing it completely and then avail your services if needed. If a website is responding the way it should then that means your efforts went all in vain. The basic physiology behind this user-friendliness and Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Web Design Company is that website must support efficiently to users that are working. It must have a proper convention for working. For instance, the website belongs to online shopping. Your website has appealing images to attract users. Users come on your website to see something interesting to buy and click on any of item and find it really difficult to fill the cart, or maybe they are not sure of the log being filled completely or not.

So that means you haven’t made anything useful for people that are coming to get your services. If we talk about services provided by websites today they are offering users proper and standard steps for execution of typical tasks. There is nothing that can make a website work properly other than the proper conventions that you must follow.

  1.   SEO Framework?

Defining keywords and making your website visible at the top by the search engines is not that easy task rather it requires complete consistency and excellent website design that can rank well while analyzing it with the competitors. If we talk about old website trends or web pages developed in CSS and HTML, they are not supported by SEO friendly environment. Today the competition has gone wider and it is nearly impossible to get your website highly ranked on Google if it is still working with old methodologies.

  1.   Designing?

It is not just that you can add anything to Google which you think will be useful to you rather Google has made quite strict guidelines for designing a website. Main technical issues in web design come in front as Old web pages were just strict to stagnant pages while simple pages were embedded under the heading of web design. But on the right side, the websites do not expect you to behave just informal to them. Rather today website demands to be more powerful in terms of animations, graphics.

Videos and other sound animations are highly supported today in order to bring the more power to the users so they can attentively get engaged to your platforms and execute their tasks efficiently.

  1.   Time spending?

Leaving your website once developed is not a smart play. As mentioned above you really need to fix underperforming websites just like you get worried about your upcoming Christmas celebrations before time. It is necessary to surf a proper time on your website to bring potential people to your website. For instance, you are running a channel that makes user read about all the latest news and happening in the world, you are getting potential customers because you have to update your website on regular basis. That means your content efforts are making your website work. On the other side if your website is not getting proper updates and you are not adding useful content anymore on the website then that means you haven’t engaged your customers and hence resulted into many other problems. Eventually, you will lose your subscribers, and traffic on your website.

You need to very consistent in terms of giving services to the people. Either your website is one page or already doing quite well but if since technology is changing significantly you need to be supportive in that regard. Coping with the technology here means that you are doing exactly what the trend says and must work on the latest technical conventions to support your clients flexibly.

  1.   Paying online option?

In today’s world, everything is working around the automatic business solutions. There are many other people to replace your niche with their name if you are not facilitating them under the light of technology. This is among the top causes of the underperforming website. Today each of the service selling websites is giving the option to buy and sell online. One thing that common sense brings is the tag you must remember while dealing with such business is that people who intend to buy online won’t feel good if they have to get physically present anywhere. You will eventually lose your customer if you will take them out from the comfort zone.

Today, a website like WordPress platforms are offering user this facility to shop online with credit card deduction method. WordPress offers a complete platform to the developers to integrate such plugins. This can also facilitate users as well. They can shop there and make their payments easily despite old websites previously.

  1. Limited functionality

Limited functionality on websites is one main problem that we see on old websites. Altering them won’t give you a nice solution. Today the websites are more advance to offer to the several possible ways to reach them. They offer phone calls facility, reaching them from Facebook, Skype, and all other possible resources in order to make a potential lead. There are businesses today that are not much into socializing and work with old worn out techniques. So limited functionality never helps anyway. Developing a solution that is easy to go and help and accommodates well with your needs is the one way that then brings change in your online appearance.

  1. Is your website not aware of traffic?

If we see old web pages they were not aware of the traffic they were generating every day. This couldn’t be helped them in bringing a proper solution that could be worked for them and also stopped their growth. Today websites are embedded with pre-coded chunks that help the individual to see and bring traffic to their platforms. These plugins monitor daily traffic and also the resources from where possibly traffic can be generated. If you are not doing good with your website that means you are not aware of what your current online searching status is.

  1. Hired Non-Professionals

Website development and website designing is not an easy task. It includes much technical and intellectual knowledge respectively to make website work professionally and accurately. If you think your website is not as good as your competitors than that means that you hired just hired web developers or designers, not the designers.


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