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Behavior of User on Android VS iOS Platform: Impact on App Development

Behavior of User on Android VS iOS Platform

Working on mobile app development idea? Then the first thing you need to do probably is to think about the user you want to target. Developing an application and just delivering a piece of software alone is not all enough. Developing a meaningful application that can solve users concern and execute its tasks efficiently is the one thing every user expect from you. This article will discuss several considerations that make a significant Impact on App Development. If you are planning to run a successful platform than valuing your people is one thing you can get it done.

The Current Mobile iOS Market

Considering user’s need and choices can easily your business run other than traditional ways. No matter if some uses or prefer Android over Apple or overview the application they want to download in terms of their use they will only purchase it if you answered their untold facts like system compatibility, updates, and perfect respond to their stimuli. Before downloading an application they will review everything about the application they want to get developed. Let’s begin with the basic difference that holds between android and the iOS devices and that’s the key to successfully building between both platforms. Let’s begin with the basic points of their individual impact.

Big Difference in Device Capabilities

As per recent research, there is 99.6% of the total that makes Android and iOS market share and almost 3.6 million applications that are available for download in both android store and more than 2 million applications that are available at iOS app store. According to the technical observation and user behavior seen is that iOS user has more tendency or capable of spending money on applications than those of android series whereas a large number of the audience is targeted at play store. So it completely depends on how and which platform you choose from. If you are intending to target most of the user than the Android is the best choice you can make so far. The other reason for the more Android user is because of easy availability of android application globally. So, if your motive lies behind earning more from your application than iOS serves at its best in doing so.

Device compatibilities

Focusing on the user’s choice there is the difference between iOS and Android application when it comes towards making a clear choice. For instance, Apple follows very strict rules while submitting an application. Push notifications and system updates in iOS has quite a clear-cut approach. Apple users are satisfied as they know that their platform will receive every update on the iOS devices and platform. In contrast, android app easily is submitted freely and it is highly and easily customizable.


This is the fact that one may neglect but an average user makes a sensible suggestion and complete research while choosing a phone. Strikingly enough most of the android clients have more tendency to be more thoughtful constant to the iOS clients who recognize facts while making decisions. iOS clients are more into burning cash and agree on positions and authority. They are more in command and do not agree on every stuff. Interesting android clients are more prominent levels and trustworthiness and modesty and are more agreed on the facts and devotees if it is discussed under android vs ios users 2018.  Individual identity contracts might not be noteworthy but has much to do with choosing the right stage where your application stand. It is quite critical to define the objective of the client for both Android and iOS developers this is what top app development agencies Los Angeles do. It is also because both the personalities and objects have different backgrounds and perception that people make about each of them.

In App Engagement, And Retention Management

Android and the iOS users have both have good engagement ratios and are completely different from each other. The number of iphone user’s vs android users has tough competition. iPhone users are mostly more engage with applications that are content oriented. The performance of the certain tasks in applications like registration, making purchase vary in both iOS and Android. In terms of user engagement and the usability of the application, the iOS user knows that it will rock and compete to from that of Android user. One must be very much clear about the goal and the purpose of the application to which it targeting in order to market the app. Choosing the right platform makes a good difference and makes the goal clear and easy to achieve in the future.

If one talks about what quality both iOS and Android are offering to the user literally a different game. Guidelines for Android are not very strict and play store is ready to accept things with the negotiable agreement. But when it comes to iOS the iOS store behaves like a strict boss and demands perfection in every case. It has strict policies towards application submission and is not really happy in welcoming every new bee. This results in iOS applications that are error free and runs smoothly. The iOS user enjoys its every perk rather than those of Android user that is supposed to bear the irrational behavior of the application in terms of user usability. Android application suddenly stops working or shuts itself completely when it is overloading with multitasking. In correspondence to that iOS offers the flexible environment and amazing features to enjoy.

Consumer Spends

As previously discussed in the article the iOS user makes more purchase than that of the Android user. iPhone is not available at much affordable price rather it makes a plenty of amounts to buy it. According to the recent reports, the iOS user does have an extra income source to spend. Whereas the Android users are much into saving money and stay humble with their savings. They are more critical about their earnings and far easy going. They are not much quality conscious like the iOS users. The average spending of iOS user is 2 times more than that of the Android user.

The main reason seen behind this is a comfort that Android users get from the availability of the application. There is much application that one can see are paid on iOS but free on android. So, Android users accept cost on their personal selection when comes to choosing the right choice.

Which Platform to Choose From?

There is a win-win situation that must be developed from both platforms whether it’s for Mobile App Development Platforms to Build and Control iOS and Android Apps or Android cognitive applications. Both Android and the iOS application together holds the big market share. There is no one way to it but a good application can bring significant impact to the number of the users and the platform.

But in the case, if you are looking for more audience and thoughtful platform and targeting your audience that both platforms are equally potent. Which platforms are more significant is often among the top five questions to ask mobile application developers. They both have their own significance and makes the largest choice at a massive level to choose from. iOS spend a lot to support its user say and works perfectly for its user say, and gathering a potential audience.

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