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10 Biggest Challenges Faced by Android Developers

Challenges Faced by Android Developers

The technology has made life significant and truly made people dependent on it. However, more about technology-oriented start-ups are popping up globally resulting in drastic new trends that are being introduced. Now that smartphones are so widely used it is asking more advance surging and business owners are investing in their business. Just like Web Development companies are striving hard to bring improvement and advancements and they do feel hurdles and problems while developing what client needs. In today’s article, we will be discussing the 10 Biggest Challenges Face by Android Developers to provoke sense globally that what problems developers face.

If you see the number of application that has grown widely, may be related to social media, lifestyle, let ensure you one thing that it’s not overnight process rather it involves plenty of efforts involving the number of challenges starting from designing application till its deployment. With each passing day, Software application domain is throwing miracles to the market deploying the amazing experience to people globally. It is not a piece of pie but in reality, it has the number of obstacles that are omitted later to generate results.

Here is the list of challenges in the current era that are being faced by the Android App Developers.

1. Choosing, What to Develop

Choosing What to DevelopOn the initial stages, it is one of the biggest challenges to decide the right direction to figure out what to develop. There is already big challenges in this field has internet is being overcrowded with such development that is getting tougher to create and bring much innovation and bring out the special market is looking for.

Determining the quality of idea here mean focusing on the ideas for following questions-

-What purpose does the idea serve and it functions?

-Is the proposed idea originally stands out or will stand out?

-Is the application is easy for other developers to understand and emulate?

-What is the target market and size of the market you are targeting?

-The benefit you are getting out of the application?

2. Market Competency and Overcrowded Market

Market Competency and Overcrowded MarketAs mentioned earlier, competition is fierce and has hundreds or thousands of mobile applications that top android app development companies are developing trying to stand out from the crowd. Catering to users that have little attention spans to make things more tricky and questioning. Application developers need to figure out what triggers for their user and application they want to explore with.

Application developers must know what appeals CLV (lifetime users) that is those that spend and spread the word about your product with their friends and another social gathering. Application Developers need to delve deeper to figure out how to engage users for longer. They must be ready to take every challenging task of keeping app’s innovation and quotient high that eventually ensure a large number of users engaged as they will develop the loyal customer base.

3. Defining the Target Market

Defining the Target MarketDefining what’s important is very necessary. Imperative approach much is followed before you target your market as this factor is very important to the annual outcome you will be getting at the end of the year. If approaches are not clearly defined and the path is not obvious then this may put them into bigger loss as this is pre-requisite of successful application development.

To do so the company should monitor all changes, metrics such as installations and downloads that cost customers CAC, and ARPU, etc. It means that finding a pure stats is very much necessary so to manage the real challenge effectively.

4. Managing Finances and Funds

Managing Finances and FundsYou may have the best killer application idea but it may turn out to be significant if it is given with the capital that it requires. Developing an application is expensive and yet cost of development can vary from $3,000 to $150000 depending upon the nature of the application and your targeted market. So to get money after successful deployment it is very necessary to sort out the problems of finances timely. If you can’t find the right investors to invest in your idea than that means that Crowdfunding via several platforms like Kickstarter and AppBackr or other application contest can also be a way to make a start. However, the main and actual challenge comes and lies while managing the funds effectively so to prove it a healthy investment.

5. Technology for Development

Technology for App DevelopmentThe obvious and technical challenge comes while developing an application is for choosing the suitable application development technology is necessary to make native, hybrid or cross-platform mobile application. Research revealed that many or hundreds of articles online that compares application revenue compared with the platform they are using against each other. One can easily gain a Google understanding if the development technology has much bigger exposure. Choosing a right application and developing it on right platform will be way more effective rather than working on old worn-out techniques. One can easily gain a good understanding if the project is no complex to handle. Developers now are much curious about delivering the best strategies that can follow standards as well.

6. A device, Screen Size, and Adaptively Issues

Screen Size, and Adaptively issuesAuthor challenge for application developers is to deal with different application screen sizes as every gadget has different characteristics. Designing and developing an application is 2 different things. This means that adaptively and screen constraints are can run fluidly across so many devices with as many possible. Responsive applications with responsive designs can be flexible and thus adjust according to the screen sizes and various formats.

Developing application just like web application is not the task but making it following the standards is the task.This fundamental challenge takes a lot of domain knowledge and required the extensive domain knowledge.

Dealing with operating systems is also the main target to achieve. Developers have to consider different Operating Systems as well. Basically, there are three main systems one is iOs, Android, and Windows. Each of which has a respective set of Unser interface, objects, and patterns. Application developers require bug fixing on the regular basis across all three categories.

Preparing with marked testing is recommended as this helps in dealing with issues related to the Operating system. Developers can also release a beta version of the application for the regular updates.

7. Application Promotion and Marketing

Application Promotion and MarketingOne thing that designing application and developing them and uploading them to Google play store is not just enough but its marketing and promotion is equally important. This is challenging and testing for mobile developers is savvy to be successful. App developers define following as the top challenge and have certain goals for app marketing.

  • Application organic Discovery: How to make application discoverable in the app store.
  • Acquisition of User: How to make application discoverable in the application store.
  • Retention: Engaging users in the application
  • 4 Monitoring: Whether the implemented idea is worthy of purchase or freemium model or not.

Developers may develop the quality of application with the great User interface and graphics and even the best functionalities but if they can’t get it in the right direction they will surely doing it all in vain.

App developers often resort to ASO or app store optimization that turns out to be a network that drives application and installation. This drive app ensures the total expenditure application is dealing with and it’s all concern with the money that is coming in with its GOOGLE INDEX first release. According to the content of the mobile application. Despite the previous Google release now Web application doesn’t promote or add up to better marketing and promotion of websites.

8. Security

SecuritySecurity issues should never be neglected and should be a prior concern. There are many Malware problems that may arise when it comes to the security issues. There is a lot of work required to address this issue which consumes a lot of money and time.

Apple provides its developers with very strict guideless for iOS app development. Unfortunately, no other set of instructions are being officially provided for the available application. Unless the proper security measures are compiled the lapse in the channel can lead to misleading and manipulation of the data and scarce app adoption.

Despite Google’s various protection, it is now troubling with advance malware strain that has been recently discovered at Google Play store apps. Researchers have found that US-based software’s and technologies firm discovered around 40 applications from the third-party side that are infected and intrude with DressCode malware that generates false links and false audience with the user consent of downloading them.

With so many operating system and devices being prevailing and ensuring security around the devices, application and can be one of the daunting tasks. The best approach that can meet the optimum solution to security norms to create credentials and financial transactions.

9. Control to Application Distribution

The software or application distribution to the devices can become the problem for developers as there no any sired or shared control distribution. About 40 percent of the app publishers use at least one distribution other than Google Play and Apple I store and rest 23 percent don’t even use it. For the pre-loaded segmentation or distributions, it carries the demand so that in order to get the software approval wherever required. Even then the developers have to make sure that their application is seamlessly working on as many platforms and hardware configuration.

10. Standard for Applications

Standard for ApplicationsThere are a certain set of standards that must be fulfilled while developing a software project or Android app development Company USA that must be followed. So there comes a problem when these standards are not met by the developers due to any hindrance. There are several software companies that are now improving their standard of working comparing it with previous, old worn our methodologies. For standard company hiring check www.codingpixel.com for more details.