• # Paul Blake
  • # Blockchain
  • # 7 February, 2020

Blockchain Impacting Robotics

Blockchain And Robotics

Blockchain technology was first introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto alongside the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Both have grown in terms of adoption, value, and usage, but the value of blockchain is not only to hold cryptocurrencies but to allow the integration of a huge number of systems over the same platform in a decentralized and secure way.   At the rate that technology is changing it’s always a question in mind, which technology will make it, or which one is just a fad?

It’s always challenging to predict that but at this point, experts believe robotics, artificial intelligence, and blockchain would be the leaders and influence the ecosystem. Robotics is expected to play a huge role in changing industries with their heterogeneous characteristics, it seems that they will be ideal for many future applications. Where AI and blockchain are expected to bring convenience and efficiency too.

Focusing just on robotics and how blockchain can affect robotics:

The two solutions that blockchain brings with itself when it comes to robotics does it:

1- security

2- decentralization

as many of the systems have problems of trust and data integrity, blockchain can provide reliable peer-to-peer communication with security measures over a trustless network. Another advantage of this integration is the possibility to make distributed decisions since blockchain can ensure that all participants of a decentralized network share identical views of the world. This assurance can allow the system to reach an agreement over the whole network and to have global collaboration between the robots.

What is swarm robotics and what’s its significance?

Swarm robotics is an emerging field, which consists of a large group of simple physical robots. This technology is being used for precision farming, medical transport, and entertainment industry applications. Security in these apps is still a matter of concern even though they’re growing fast, the fact that these applications are highly based upon complex information structures and complicated characteristics make the issue of security even crucial.

Knowing the advantage that blockchain provides when it comes to security, this is where it comes to use proving credible solutions. By using advanced encryption techniques such as cryptographic digital signatures and cryptographically secure public-key cryptography, blockchain provides optimum security for data across shared channels. Accessibility of the information is controlled by the specific private key available to a robot.

Implementation of blockchain can allow robots to work and operate in different environments.

In conclusion, blockchain is itself an emerging technology making its way towards the future and its global impact is yet to be clearly understood. The integration of services with the blockchain, especially robotics, is still in an early prototype stage. But when a great technology like blockchain gets combined with robotics, the operations get more autonomous secure, flexible and even profitable. Especially when it comes to swarm robotics, it provides an innovative infrastructure that ensures the safety and its success since swarm robotics is increasingly being integrated into various fields across industries.