11 Important Things to Consider while Developing Mobile Apps for your Business

Important Things to Consider while Developing Mobile Apps for your Business

In 2020 there is a widespread belief that this World Wide Web is less important than it used to be in the past applications that have a dominant factor in people’s lives. So according to the new research people are now more technology oriented and try to fetch the easiest solution as they can. Giving the monumental growth to the technology Science and technology have set tremendous advancements. With such massive pressure towards mobile application development, it is a un-aware call to app developers to give the best of an automated process.

Developing Mobile Apps for Business is now very old concept. At the beginning of 2014, the trend has drastically increased and people were more into giving the best optimum solutions that use web services and same experience with quiet little efforts.

What Are Important Factors Considered While Developing a Mobile App?

Important Factors Considered While Developing a Mobile AppLooking into the points, about the important things that must be considered while running a Mobile Apps for your business. These factors in developing mobile applications will help every entrepreneur, developer, and businessman, intending to work on innovation. These set of factors have proven out to be the trend setter for mobile app development business.

1. Platform

When you are planning to develop a mobile application then remember mobile platform matters and play a significant role. Before you choose platforms to decide the location where you want to launch your application or target audience. If you are choosing any country like the USA, then you should focus importantly on iOS or the Android platform which are being used in that country and you can get more coverage and importance to Windows. The main or basic idea behind the application is that they can be in access of multiple numbers of users.

2. Native or Hybrid

Native applications are smartphone apps that are being developed particularly for the mobile operating system. They are specially built on the guidelines of the specified operating system. Hybrid applications are now becoming most popular nowadays, they are basically web application in the native browser that is being developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and then wrapped into a native application. Both have pros and Cons. Like going into the native application may get costly and quiet time consuming but at the same time it a give faster user experience. Similarly going with the hybrid application will cut cost and considerably mobile app developers will have to walk around its cons. So, you need to choose the one that suits your needs.

3. Backend

This is again a wise choice to be made as most of the application today are API driven. At the very same time, not all applications you develop require a customize backend programming and also connect to other mobiles using APIs. Sometimes you can always be easy going with your local database as such applications do not need the support in the backend. Always consider the constraints like a cost that will be incurred to set backend and take decision properly.

4. Analytics

Analytics in the mobile application development world is not as much used as it should be. Analytics helps to understand facts like poor or bas adoption ratio for the application. You should always keep in your mind to implement the mobile analytics to the relevant or associated goals, in order to improve the performance of the application. The data related to mobile analytics can improve user engagement towards a set of events, retain users and pinpoint the specific functionalities to strengthen and improve the overall performance of the users. You should always clear on what data you want to track and what kind of specified functionalities should be there for improve the development phase along with testing and deploying phase. So these handy proves great help towards making good decisions about your idea of application development business.

5. Target Audience

Always keep one thing in your mind that all you are doing is to serve people so they can generate a good business as well and break the old shackles. Factors like locality in which the application will going to be released and more especially age group for whom you are designing your application. For example, you are developing you are intended to develop an application that covers the concern related to children then what you must know what your application should act like. This involves technical illustration and fewer words. More of graphics and less use of text can surely make application work great. On the other hand, if your application is related to buying and selling then it has to be professional and should follow all the standards of buying and selling.

6. Wireframes

There is a maximum possibility that your idea has many representatives in the market. The clients that come to the developer with an image but on the hand of the developer, he will have a completely different representation of the same idea in terms of functionality and the features. It is also a refined method of checking of how the client and the developer think on the same page in regard to the idea. Moreover, it is quite easy to say that change in the features can finalize in the wireframe itself rather than just working on the design. Wireframes also ensure that all unwanted issues related to functionalities that are popping up in the future.

7. User Interface and Design

If you fail in doing this then your application is a failure. The UI/UX design is the most significant pixel that decides the success of your application. It is of a paramount and most important factor to understand the difference between what actually user interface and User experience. A good application is always concerned about both of these traits. If one gets neglected then the other loses its purpose. One could say this that this part of app development is kind of crucial stages that is why 99% of times people often don’t come back to applications that are not appealing and user-friendly.

8. Method of Development

The method of mobile application development is one of the basic steps you need to depend on as it brings quality to the end product. Steps of developing mobile applications come with a certain set of standards depending upon the exposure of the application. If you want an overall idea of what and how your application should behave there is complete facts base analysis is required that has several iterations involve.

The best model for software development being followed is an agile method which involves a number of steps to the last phase. Here is a complete detail of how waterfall method works along with the step of developing a software that is again used by most of the software development processes that involve deployment in increments.

There are various steps involved in software development approaches that are referred as Waterfall model interactive Model, RAD model, Spiral Model, Prototype Model and Agile Model depending upon the type of software application you want to develop.

Software lifecycle model actually describes the phases of the software life cycle and has an order in which these set of practice is executed. Each phase has deliverables that are required by the next life cycle. Requirements are translated into design. The code is produced according to the design and after the requirement gathering. After the coding, development, and testing verify the important deliverables against the requirement. Each step is checked against the requirements gathered at first place. After coding and development there comes a phase of verifying the deliverables. During each step of the development phase, continuous testing is involved that is what called as Software Testing Life Cycle.

  • Requirement gathering or analysis
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

These are the standard things to keep in mind while designing a mobile app as they are well written according to IEEE.

9. Competitor Apps

It is always better to develop such application that has more than just functionality but a good completion in the market. Whatever we want to develop is already developed in the disposal. There are many hundreds or thousands of applications against one simple idea. The success lies behind when you offer something that is not available in other application before. This challenging practice makes you go the extra mile and helps you in making your worth in the market. In early 2012 there were very few applications and the market had plenty of space available to conquer but gradually trend became so vast that we see multiple applications parallel to one development idea. So the best we can do is to develop an application that is unique or they are presented uniquely.

10. App Development Standards

Sticking to old worn out techniques are no more acceptable as they are not giving the user the best experience. Always use the respective component available according to the application you want to develop. There are many advanced tools that are replacing according to the guidelines. These tools and platforms are efficient providing you code reusability and flexibility. Using the same approach for both Android and iOS never works as the platform on which they have to run are different. It is meant that standard for both the Android and the iOS application will be different.

11. Be Consistent

You cannot define everything in just one go but every idea demands consistency. The trend always keeps on changing and demands for advancements. So you always need to track the status of your application in terms of functionality and improving the overall performance of the application.

Are you looking to Start a Mobile App Development Business? if yes then there are some basic traits of a mobile application that makes it worth using and necessary to make the application that has with Google App store and iStore respectively.

  • Simplicity for the end user

The main purpose of developing an application is to support the end user whether it is of general use or enterprise level.

  • Both iOS and Android should be covered

There both perspective of Android and iOS should be covered. These two platforms are different yet applications should be friendly enough to cover both of them.

  • High Performance

Response time is one of the key factors that make user’s get more attractive towards its features. Just for an example, you are want to search the best food restaurant near your home. You will open different hotel websites to order your favorite meal. While you opened it you feel annoyed as the page is still in loading page. This ultimately takes you to the other website even previous website had a good ranking.

  • Security

Google or iOS store rejects most of the application because they have a weak security system. Most of them ask for too much of personal information against standards that user do not prefer using it. Security issues are often taken as for granted when the application has little exposure and that is a point when application losses its credibility. Before developing an application always keep your eye on how much your application is concerned about privacy constraints.

  • Offline Work

New trends are now coming towards offline accessibility. An application that stores some of its data in the local cache and facilitates user if has no network connectivity always increase its ranking. User mostly prefers a setup that has provides more relaxation to users.

  • Regular Updates

Applications need continuous updates according to the set standards. It’s just like you see some good feature in one application that is helping you to achieve your tasks even more smoothly, you will always consider it. On the other hand, if the application has a same graphic user interface and the user has to turn around many other channels to execute a similar task is not acceptable. Regular updates related to application makes them worth using.

  • Feedback and Contact Means

Feedback is one of the easiest ways to improve the application. Feedback makes the application work smoothly and brings automaticity in the application. Good applications have always the good orientation towards user’s needs and they always make it better by placing several questionnaires at the end of the task being executed. At the end of shopping cart application, small questionnaire related to experience makes the user shop again as it is human psyche.

  • Personalization Options

Just like Facebook that gives one a personal space to be its each of individual user. This gives the much-secured impression to the user. He can customize its profile as per its need as well as allows it to limit its usage. This trend made Facebook the best of all that has the widest network. An application that has little interference and more customization options is always valued by its users.

  • Search

A good searching trait in the application makes it worth using. Giving multiple options to users to choose themselves make them take their decision better. A good mobile application has the best searching trait.

  • Analytics

This feature in the application is necessary like air to human. It allows users to get complete information about the user’s behavior towards the application. You can measure success while doing this. What features are necessary for applications and how they should behave? Your application can become the part of bigger and wider ecosystem.

Looking for a Good Team for your Next Project?

Good Team for your Next ProjectThese are the basic traits that must be present in an application in order to generate good business. Best App Development Companies always follow the trend and standards and most important approach the need hour. The more you get professional the more value you gain and attract people towards your services. The above-mentioned characteristics related to mobile app development business is the key factors for successful business.