Top Event App Development Companies

Searching event app development company? Sometimes, it can become really cumbersome to find a company that can develop an application just as perfect as the idea in the event app domain. Relax! Having reached out to this article, you’re all sorted. We have jotted down the top event app development companies that provide alluring enterprise event app development solutions in the form of social event planning apps, event booking apps, ticketing apps, event registration apps, event management apps, party and nightlife apps, corporate meeting apps, apps for conferences and more.

Event app development companies listed here have a proven track record and have worked with top event organizing companies across the world.

Top Event App Development Companies

Coding Pixel:

None other company can develop event apps as perfectly as this US-based event app development company does. To know more you can contact the development team. Undoubtedly, it is an unprecedented and unfettered name in the list of the event-app-development industry. At Coding Pixel, the expansive 15 years of event technology experience of the top management is vicariously transformed into the event’s digitized solution.
The company has 6+ years’ experience in android, IOS, and cross-platform event app development. Its event apps provide a myriad of features like event customization, booking tickets online, event feed, map support, social media integration, in-app payment, and attendance of the members of the event. These features help the event management companies and corporates in achieving their business goals by transforming the corporate events and trade shows into a paragon.

Coding Pixel has 6 years of experience building over 600 enterprise-grade digital platforms that are being used by millions of users across the world.

Services: Custom Software development at an average price, software for business of any kind such as event management, e-commerce, sports analytic, networking platforms, and many more.

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Signity Solutions:

It is a company that exclusively deals in the event app development. It claims to build a fully customized event app to give your attendees an unforgettable experience while maximizing the client’s return on the event. The company’s portfolio has event app development options for a variety of events encompassing both social and corporate events. These apps include conference apps, enterprise event apps, healthcare event apps, university apps, meeting apps, trade show apps, and corporate event apps.  The users have enumerated many benefits of using their apps like the ease of planning, an increase in attendees, and analyzing the trends.

Services: Event Creation app development, Event Search app development, Event Calendar app development, Ticket Booking app development, Photo Sharing apps, GPS, Push Notification, Chatbot, Messaging, In-app payment, In-app analytics


Octal IT is serving in 70+ countries and providing customized, timely, and affordable solution to nightlife and event management hitches. It can provide Mobile App Development for Nightlife Startups, nightclubs, party finder app development & nightclub management app development. The noticeable features of their signature nightclub management apps are Booking, Buy Tickets, Events calendars, Corporate Booking, Venue Contact Details, and Wearable Integration. These apps have three panels; one for admin, other for the organizer, and the last one for the users. These three panels convene all stakeholders of event management on one platform and make the event management much smoother.


It is a well-rated United States-based event app development company for developing corporate event management and trade shows. It’s among the top event app development companies as per customers reviews. Their event apps act as a key driver for event attendances and offer a superior experience for the users. They help the event management companies in amping up their attendee engagement through networking, and gamification. They claim to have developed cost-effective, and feature rich event management apps. Their bespoke apps increase the business revenue of event management companies through the help of real-time analytics, tracking sales, and real-time chats.


It is a leading event app development company formed by the collaboration of the UK and the USA. It has been providing the event industry with intelligent solutions to their event problems. Their event apps provide smooth assistance on each step of even management. They can develop customized ticketing platform solutions that support event and venue management modules such as admission control, ticketing validation, scanning/device applications, patron tracking, and fraud detection/prevention applications, as well as provide invitation and distribution channel management and centralized ticket management and reservation systems programming. They have successfully tailored ticketing platforms for Forbes, and AICPASOC.


Owned by Gaurav Singh, it is India based event app development company. They take pride in being the fastest-growing event app development company. They have expansive experience in diverse event app development in android and javascript. Using this knowledge, they have succinctly developed event flower delivery apps and event management apps. They are well known for developing event apps for leading event management companies. Their event apps effectively tap into the potential of event planners to manage event attendees, ticket selling, promoting events, and many more through fingertips. They are booming the event management’s revenues through rich app features like event promotions, charge over tickets sold, paid features, and in-app purchases, etc. They are also assisting them in reaching new heights of popularity through the use of proper analytic, feedback, and effective social media marketing plans.


The event management apps of this company are famous for enhancing the experience of the event. Plenitude of events as much as 124 are said to be mobilized by their customers through the use of event apps developed by this software company. Subsequently, a 15% rise in the audience engagement rate has been noted. A variety of events get covered by the apps which include both corporate and social events. They can make the app next-generation by integrating it with blockchain, BLE, NFC, iBeacon, and AR/ VR technologies besides mainstream features. Their prominent clients include Dominos and they are recognized by the best rating regulators in IT as well.


A Panamanian event app development company that is beautifully converting event solutions from the enterprise’s mind to reality. The company has successfully developed event apps for niches like concerts, plays, parties, exhibitions, and seminars/ webinars. It has commendably revolutionized concert and exhibitions management through cutting-edge app features like schedule, budget, checklist, party directory, guest-list, third-party references, private inventories, notifications, set reminders, advertise, design the party ticket, ticket bookings, make the payment, and online RSVP Management, etc. The company is aimed at quenching the event industry’s constant thirst for updated and innovative event management digital solutions.


It is a USA and India based company. It is aimed at building event apps to enhance the connectivity between hosts and visitors. They have vast experience in developing apps for educational events. They have giant clients from the academic sector like King Saud University, Kuwait University, Medtronics, and al Maha, etc. Their educational event apps upgrade the event experience through in-event navigation, beacon devices, self- help, solves queries, event reminders, event discovery, and self-help. Furthermore, these apps act as a liaison between speakers and exhibitors by making use of features like speaker bio, AMA session, and Q&A sessions. The corporate event apps by them are famous for high-value attendee engagement through social media, felicitations, leaderboards, goodies, and games.


I-verve is known for developing mobile apps for seamless event management. Inspired by the design policy Apple, it also provides the event apps in a design that can best quality and easiest-to-use enterprise mobility solutions. It has clients from corporate, academic, government, association, conference, exhibition, festivals and art shows, and weddings.

JetRuby Agency:

It is an unfettered name in the field of the event app development industry. It has mastered the art of developing state-of-the-art conference apps, local events apps, festival apps, and many more. The company has a geographical presence in the United States and Russia. It holds vast experience with the development of different kinds of event apps as well as essential functionality. The integration of flawless registration process, event feed optimization, listings, and schedules, search and categories, events tracking, and engagement features makes the events apps by them a luxury and impeccable. The feather in their cap is Pyro. It is the world’s leading music streaming service having 10 000+ record labels, and 50 000+ international DJs.


Innofied is another leading name in the field of event app development industry sprawling over continents of India and America. They have kept up the pace with the rampant demand for the event app development. The company is well known for developing trade show apps, corporate event management apps, apps for conferences & meetings, and app for webinars. Within event app development, their specialty lies in providing the next-generation, and best mobility solutions to the event industry’s problems. The epitome of their high-end professionalism and creativity is an app named Buizconff. It is a cross-platform app, feature-rich app. The conducive features like event agenda, event details, parallax user menu, messaging and chat community, and admin panel make the Buizconff unique masterpiece by Innofied.