Impact of Corona Virus on Software Development Industry

Coronavirus also has known as covid-19 is a virus spread that has affected around 176 countries and territories around the world. Many countries including Italy and Germany are under a lockdown situation to stop it from spreading. The government has ordered people to quarantine or just adopt social distancing as precautionary measures.

To follow the orders, people have limited their outdoor errands unless very important. The same has been done to many businesses, many of the businesses are being shut due to quarantine and social distance purposes, some are shifted online which could and some are still running as they used to before e.g. hospitals, pharmacies or supermarkets, etc.

We know for a fact that it is affecting the market and the economy of the countries but will we be able to ever overcome this economic downfall?

The state of the virus spreading is increasing currently and due to that many production companies are shut down, with the demand still staying the same and making a dent to the economic situation but it’s expected to get better once the thunder stops.

Covid-19 vs the software development

Many businesses lie on the internet and cloud computing nowadays but not many of them can be easy handles if shifted online, physical presence plays an important role to them. But with the new government restrictions, many of the businesses are trying to find a way to run their business online.

Just like other businesses, software development sure is done for computers and to make services cloud-based physical offices are needed to do the job. Human interactions can never replace communication done online. But since there is no other way, many companies have shifted their software development services remotely: they set meetings via skype or zoom and keep their employers available at office hours from home.

Working from home works for employers and the companies too, the threat that covid-19 is shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Since it’s a pandemic, it’s not only affecting the companies and the development process but it has also become a hurdle when it comes to clients. The world is still not stopping, it’s true, there are work opportunities but not as many. Several software development companies are just completing the previous projects they were given and hoping to get the new ones. The pace of work has no doubt slowed down, it’s a given, a communication barrier has been developed but there’s hope that it won’t be for too long.

There are still many software development companies who cannot afford to shut down but cannot afford their clients to work-from-home either, those companies are finding their own ways to deal with the situation by not letting the virus come in their way hoping the situation will get better soon and the government will do its part to help them get back on their feet.