Mobile App or Mobile Game

San Francisco and its encompassing districts are home to probably the greatest bunch of mobile game companies on the planet. Coding Pixel is among the best ones. Disruptive startups tend to steal most of the tech headlines, but the sheer amount of video game talent working in Silicon Valley on any given day is staggering. Electronic Arts, Sony, Ubisoft, 2K, Square Enix (through Crystal Dynamics), Activision (through Sledgehammer Games) and Capcom are among the heap companies with a nearness in the area. Mobile games is a vicious business; the financial pressure that comes with it is just another reason for sleepless nights.

Mobile Game development is the hub of ‘Innovation’ if you have got an idea for the next globally renowned game and you’re stuck at the cost of it then this article is all you need. There are several factors on which the game app development cost depend on

  • Choosing the platform: the platforms you pick intensely influence your general development costs. The choices you have are IOS, android or hybrid. We know by fact that installment incorporation and organization frameworks in Apple devices are 10-20% costlier than that for Android devices. On the other hand, Android development costs a little more if you want your game to be compatible with older versions. Where the hybrid model increases the costs but also brings in a wide market share and a possible scope of revenue.
  • Game Design, Plot, and Characters: Character design involves settling on the character, vernacular, and tone of various game characters and their conduct with the client. Experienced game planners can charge anywhere $100 to $150 per hour for a project.

Development Complexities: This is the most cost-intensive step and obviously the most important one. Based on complexities mobile games can be classified as follows:


Even a simple mini-game, like a Ping-Pong or Pac-Man clone, can cost somewhere around the lower end of this range. If you want to build from scratch then it might easily cost more than $50,000. Only a generalist, an endless game with minimal visual requirements. on the off chance that you have extraordinary yearnings from your game, at that point you should keep a spending limit of at least $50,000.

Simple 2D Casual Games

Most small budget games will fall under this category. This is a reasonable amount of money for a decent game that you can easily monetize. These games have basic 2D graphics and maybe a soundtrack. These games offer a great user engagement rate. Some of the modern mobile games like Stack, Hop and Red Ball will fall in this range. It may cost you around $50,000 to $100,000 to develop these types of games.

Mid-level Mobile Games

The initial release of Angry Birds and Cut the Rope would fall near the top end of this category. It may cost you anywhere from $250,000 to $700,000 to develop such games. These mobile games have profundity in their substance for example levels, characters, stories, and effective visuals. This depth offers scope for replayability that appeals to a wider audience and holds players for a long duration.

High-level Mobile Games

Developing high-level games includes colossal development costs. It is a high-hazard and high-remunerate showcase. These games include an incredible degree of detail and are very much structured. Developing games of this standard include serious work on arranging and structuring which might take 1-2 years based on the project. You may have to spend anywhere from $400,000 to $1,000,000 to develop a high-end mobile game.

Post-development expenses:

These include marketing and developing: You will need to invest heavily in advertisements to acquire and retain users. Aside from direct ad promotions, you can likewise put resources into online networking commitment showcasing as that would assist you with making buzz and brand name. Nobody likes to play a slow and buggy game, the resistance level for bugs in a game is low. Likewise, there is no reason for going out on a limb of negative user experience. In this manner, testing is a significant action and you should keep aside some spending limit for that also.