Top Enterprise Software Development Companies

Enterprise software development differs from the other kind of software development processes in that enterprise software development is intended to cater to the needs of already existing organizations or companies. The software is built according to the needs of an already existing enterprise, the whole environment in which the software is to be set is already determined. The goals and aims of software development is known prior to its creation. This type of software development is there to provide solutions to companies for their smooth and efficient working methods.

Enterprise software development then can afford no risks of minor faults in its creation, as the whole running system of a company relies on it. For instance, the automated attendance system, quick project management tool, online payment services, are essential in the efficient working of the whole system of the company. So, enterprise software development can be trusted in the hands of a few software development companies. Which will really get into the nitty-gritty of your enterprise to develop the suitable software.

We have enlisted some of the top-ranking enterprise software development companies.

1) Coding Pixel Enterprise Software Development Company

Founded in 2016, Coding Pixel, a Los Angeles Based Company, has been building fast scalable software for platforms, both mobile and web applications. Coding Pixel has been providing its services globally and has managed to create a name in enterprise .NET software development and enterprise ecommerce software development.

Ranked among top Sitecore Developers in Houston, They realize the ideas in the mind of an enterprise and aspire to leave memorable digital customer experiences. Client interviews and client satisfaction has been the reason that this company has come so far in the area of software development.

They charge $100 – $149/hr and have the number of employees of around 50 – 249. The company hires and retains top developers, who are well aware of the details of their jobs. The company ensures the innovativeness in the products they create and also ensures the complete privacy of the contract with the customer. The company is completing the assigned projects within the deadlines.

2) Digital Silk Enterprise Software Development Company

Founded in 2017, Digital Silk has earned a name for itself in the area of enterprise software development. It is directed towards creating superior digital experiences. They are focused on customer engagement and the brand exposure. They maintain a proactive attitude towards their projects and hire teams of top industry experts. They serve in Brand & Digital Strategies, Custom Web & App Development, integrated Marketing Strategies, and Cutting-Edge Software Development.

They charge around $125/hr and comprises a team of over 50 – 99 employees. Their clients have been HP, Microsoft, Amazon and they are in partnership with many renowned organizations for projects. They easily managed to design complicated and customs sites, which is their specialty. They have a professional team and really care about the customer’s experience.

3) itCraft Enterprise Software Development Company

Founded in 2010, itCraft has delivered around 130 of total projects. They have Outstanding UX/UI designers and create applications both for the mobile and web. Their major focus has always been on the quality, and that is what makes the company a high ranking company in the world of enterprise software development. They have worked with Deloitte Digital, DHL, LUX MED, and currently working with so many other renowned companies. They have worked for a wide range of sectors such as in, healthcare, e-commerce, and transport, etc.

They charge around $50/hr and have the number of employees under 50. Their focus is on providing dedicated Agile Scrum teams for every project. Since 2017, they have been partners with the Google Cloud Platform. The fact that they have a top retainment level of employees shows their dedication towards their profession. They have professional teams and highly oriented towards customer care.

4) The Gnar Company

Founded in 2005, The Gnar Company is aimed to build software products that is meant to grow and scale. The company has a great experience in product development and builds such products which are always loved by the clients. The company provides services in Product Design, Website Design, E-commerce Design and Development, Mobile App Design, and Software Development.

They charge around $150/hr, with a number of employees under 49. The Gnar Company has helped companies from start-ups to enterprise level. They have a huge record of partnerships with renowned companies like Conformis, LevelUp, Torq Interface, Valor Performance, Qeepsake. The Gnar Company is always best rated in enterprise software development.

5) Bliss Applications Enterprise Software Development Company

Founded in 2009, Bliss Applications is a globally recognized company based in Portugal. The Bliss Application is a part of WYgroup since 2001. Bliss Application provides services in  Website Design, E-Commerce Design & Development, Website Development, Mobile App Design, Outsourcing Software Development, Offshore Software Development. The Company’s clients are Caixa Bank, Global Shares, EDP Group, Mastercard.

They charge around $50/hr, with a number of employees around 50 – 99. But the company can hire more than 300 employees for certain projects. The teams comprise of product managers, software engineers, designers, and marketers, and the company’s branches are located in Lisbon, Boston, and Porto.

6) VironIT Enterprise Software Development Company

Founded in 2004, VironIT is a comparatively old company in enterprise software development. The company’s aims is to provide end to end software development services. The company has greater experience in business software solutions. It also deals with the development of mobile applications and web-oriented software products. It not only deals with the creation of software but provides services in the maintenance of developed applications.

The company charges around $25/hr. The number of employees are around 100 – 249. The company has crossed over 500 successful projects in the industries involving Sports, Banking, eHealth, Marketing. The company’s clients include Fortune and SMEs.

7) UkrInSofT Enterprise Software Development Company

The company was founded in 2006, and it has made its name in the market. They provide the services in Website Design, E-Commerce Design & Development, Mobile App Design, WordPress Website Design, Magento, User Experience Design. The company has a name in developing software for renowned clients, and it provides its services through outsourcing as well. The developers of this company have expertise in Node.js, Angular, React, Net, PH, Blockchain, Magento.

The company charges around $26/hr, and the number of employees are around 50-99. The company’s works in the minimum budget of $10,000 – $25,000. The company provides expert solutions in the cybersecurity of the enterprise’s cyber platforms.

8) Attract Group Enterprise Software Development Company

Founded in 2011, Attract Group has helped many businesses and startups grow. The team comprises of Designers, Project Managers and Quality Assurance Engineers, and the team has successfully completed around 100 plus projects. The main office of the Attract Group is located in Ukraine, however, their branches are located in the USA, Canada, and the Netherlands. They provide services in solutions for custom web projects, E-commerce, and Internet Marketing.

The company charges around $35/hr, with a minimum team of employees comprising of around 50. The cloud technologies, they function on are Amazon and RackSpace. Their clients have been Mat Vui, Sean Peace, Paul George, Andrew Howard, David Isserman, some renowned names in the area of businesses.  The company makes sure that the quality is not compromised over, so to attain maximum customer satisfaction.

9) Syberry Corporation Enterprise Software Development Company

Founded in 2011, Syberry Corporation has provided trustworthy services in E-Commerce Design & Development, Mobile App Design, Ruby on Rails, Software Development, Outsourcing Software Development, Cybersecurity & Risk Management, AWS Solution Architects. The client range is wide starting from Walt Disney, PayPal, THG, Baylor Scott, and White Healthcare, Shell, FTSE Russel. London Stock exchange, Livestream, Tablespace.

The company charge around $40/hr, with the total number of employees around 250 – 499. With such a large number of employees, the company’s team is very professional in delivering its services. The client reviews are great as evident fro the large range of employees.

10) ICON Worldwide  Enterprise Software Development Company

Founded in 2007, the company is determined to retain a satisfied customer base. The company provides services in Logo Design Companies, Graphic & Print Design, Website Design, Mobile App Design, Website Development, WordPress Website Design, Drupal Website Design, Magento, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Paid Media & Pay Per Click. The wide range of services the company provides speaks for itself. Also, the client’s range is wide: Qiao Project Firefly, Saut, NuYu, CEIBS, Credit Suisse,Swiss Institute of Finance.

The company charges around $50/hr with the employees range under 49. The company develops software compatible with every operating system from iOS to Andriod and Web. The company also runs social campaigns for enterprises. The projects complete are A-rated by the clients.