What Do Front Desk Hotel Software Do

The front desk is to the hotel what an ambassador is to a country. It either makes or breaks the deal. It creates the first and last impression of the hotel on the visitors. It also plays a crucial part in converting the new guest into the repeated customer. To simplify such demanding tasks of the front desk, front desk hotel software renders numerous services to it. Front desk and the front desk software ensure smooth functioning of the department with the ultimate goal of delighting the guests.

Let us enunciate all of the imperative functions that a front desk hotel software must do;


  1. Book and Reserve

Before making a booking or a reservation, you need to know all of the information on your fingertips. How is it possible? It is possible if the front desk hotel has all of the information regarding reservations and booking sorted out already. The front desk hotel software package has a new screen opened up upon pushing the button “Reservation”.

This button must provide a list to choose from. It gives options to book a king-sized or queen-sized room, and single or group of rooms. It reminds the front desk operator to complete the incomplete reservations, sends the confirmation email to the guest, and reminder emails to the guests who have reserved the room.

  1. Check-in and Check-out

The guests usually head to the hotels for recreation and channeling out all of the mental and physical frustration. So, consider a guest to be always tired. Therefore, the check-in should always be very smooth. A good front desk hotel software asks for all of the necessary information for a check-in and check-out option. A check-in list is available to see all of the arrivals during last 24 hours. Last but not the least, a front desk hotel software also makes sure the “check-in” procedure is not too long and time consuming so that the guest does not get drained in this hefty process.

At the time of check-out, the guests are also usually in the subtle hurry to leave as the luggage is packed, and the cab is outside. So, naturally the check-out should be on the home screen to save the time in reaching out to the option. It should contain options like enter invoices, split the invoice, folio splitting, and adjust the invoice etc.

  1. Guest ID Registration

The front desk hotel software recognizes the guest by scanning the guest’s ID card and passport. By scanning the ID card and passport, the time is saved spent in the exchange of the documents and converting the information from the ID card to the software by typing which also considerably increases the chances of the human error. With the help of the SSL certificate, the information about passports, ID cards and licenses is retrieved by the front desk hotel software.

  1. Automated Communication

The font desk should automate the communication with the guests over the mail and other channels like messaging. These messages should communicate with the guest when they book, reserve, or cancel a booking. Also the front desk software hotel sends the message or email when a guest checks in or checks out the hotel.

  1. Calendar and Notifications

The front desk hotel software has the calendar and notification system. The calendar has the important events marked on it, be it the arrival of a VVIP guest, or about the pool cleaning. The notifications pop up every day reminding the front desk managers and staff about all the exciting happenings on that day.

  1. Room Types and Planer

There are different kinds of rooms with different kinds of room amenities. You need to have a look what room contains what far from the rooms. The room types and room plans show what a certain room has and the front desk operator cane easily tell from the distance what rooms best matches the demands of the visitor. Room Plan features shows if the particular room is already booked or not, if booked for how long it is booked.

  1. Guest Ledger

The guest ledger is shown for each guest. Under this ledger account all of the costs and spending are visible, additionally how much balance is left is also calculated with each new transaction.

  1. Payments and Refunds

The payment can be carries out using the front desk hotel software using the ledger account. The payment is made after the receipt is generated. An electronic or printed receipt, both can be generated. The printed one is handed over physically while digital is sent via email, or direct message.

If a guest wants to refund the money they paid for a stay they never had. It is also possible using this software package.

  1. Waitlist/ Wishlist

If more customers want a room than it can accommodate, maintain those customers in the waitlist of the software. When the hotel room gets free, immediately contact the wishers to have the room. You can do it using the front desk hotel software’s waitlist feature.

  1. Staff Performance Report

It also maintains the report of the front desk operators. It shows when the operator logged in/ logged out. Was it on time? What features he accessed? All can be traced using the staff performance report.

  1. Switch between Properties

If the hotel has sister branches and properties, the same front desk hotel software can be used to switch between the front desk operation information of one property to another. This means one software is enough to contain the information of multiple properties and the company does not have to spend additional money for purchasing the licenses of numerous software. Hire a team of developers for custom hotel software development as per your requirements.

The automation of the miscellaneous tasks and operations that go unnoticed otherwise saves a lot of time of the front desk manager. They say “A stitch in nine saves the time”. It is certainly true about the front desk software hotel. The manager gets a lot of time to deal with the visitors and make the engagements fruitful.