Cannabis Software Development Company

The cannabis industry is huge and continues to grow. It has yet brought another competition in the market, there are still many gaps waiting to be filled by those who are forward-thinking and innovative enough to realize this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity. The growth in cannabis brings challenges for growers, processors and distributors like:, real-time costing data, compliance mandates, access accurate inventory information and actionable insight etc.

Coding Pixel is a leading custom cannabis software development company that develop custom cannabis ERP software, cannabis websites, seed-to-Sale software, ecommerce solutions and custom platform for marijuana/cannabis to help cannabis growers, processors, and dispensaries.

We have successful developed:

  • Cannabis Grow Software Solutions
  • Cannabis E-commerce Solutions
  • Dispensary Management Software
  • Custom Cannabis Software for Patient Management
  • Seed-to-Sale Tracking Software
  • Dispensary POS Software
  • Maurijana Websites
  • Seed to Sale Inventory Software

Marijuana Custom Software Development

Coding pixel has been working for the cannabis industry for several years now and we’ve a deep understanding of the cannabis world. We’ve developed custom cannabis software applications for every department imaginable: growers, processors, distributers and dispensaries too. We make sure the software we develop ensures compliance, automation and scalability. The custom developed cannabis software we develop allows the user to give their 100% input and get the software they demanded as a final product.

Cannabis EPR Development

Coding Pixel develop custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for cannabis businesses to run the business smoothly. Our professionals develop an ERP software that help the entire business and saves your business substantial time and money especially when the cannabis industry is at its peak. Our ERP software helps our clients to stand out in the crowd and give them the competitive advantage they deserve, provides them the security and the confidence they need to run their business as efficiently and productively as possible.

Seed-to-Sale and Dispensary Software Solutions

We develop a complete software for dispensary management that can help with finance management, cultivation, processing, CRM, distribution, payments, and retail management. Few features that our seed-to-sale retail management systems are integrated with are: tools for inventory tracking, greenhouse and vendor coordination, scheduling consultations, and facility management etc.

We develop custom software and website for our clients with cannabis business. Our prices are extremely cost effective and are completely dependent on your business requirement. Custom proposals for our clients are made based on your: idea, modules needed, interfaces requirements, number of users, and development. We work with cannabis single dispensaries, SMBs and large corporations and develop software and website as per business requirements. If you’re looking for someone to develop a software of website for your cannabis business, we would love to work with you! Contact us to learn more about our services.