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Free Agent Football

LinkedIn for Professional Football

First of its kind, FAF has democratized the representation of agency by giving players the opportunity to showcase their talent. It is also a platform that has been designed to facilitate talent hunters in recruiting the best among players as per their requirements.

The People’s Sport Needs Upscaling

Football is a game of passion! People from all walks of life spend countless hours in watching the sport and are relieved by the entertainment it provides. A Diehard fan expects the best performance from his favourite teams. That is what the team managers and coaches strive to deliver.

However, Careers are at stake when the competition is fierce and resources are scarce.


Peter St. Lawrence


Website, iOS & Android App

A Niche Solution to a Prevailing Problem

There are a large number of highly talented and qualified football players in the world today. Yet, only a few get the opportunity to make it big in the industry. Call it luck or whatever, the founders of FAF were determined to overcome this disparity by providing equal opportunity to all the talented players out there. On the flip side, it was a highly stressful endeavour, finding a football player and then take extensive tests in order to compile the stats. FAF was thus conceived by Peter St. Lawrence in order to relieve the stress of finding players and displayed their stats instantaneously. By compiling raw data from all of their previous games, FAF was able to provide concise information about the player that would help in the decision making process for coaches and managers alike. Providing Opportunity and making life easier at the same time.

We Make Dreams Come True!

Peter St. Lawrence discussed his brilliant idea with coding pixel. A fully functional cross platform mobile application and web panelwere required of us. Discussing the idea with Peter St. Lawrence we had eureka moments through vivid imagination sequences. It was almost like Peter St. Lawrence and our team were on the same page regarding the design layouts of the project.

After a few brainstorming sessions, and a cup of coffee, our teams moved forward with the plan.

The LinkedIn world was the inspiration, but the platform would be customized to facilitate the football industry specific needs.

On Par With Latest Technology

Project Goals

Designed to Perfection

Our client wanted to have an immaculate design that would instantly spell bound users. Stats displayed in all the right places, the users would get to know their players inside and out.

Storing Large Repository of Player Data

Since football is an extremely famous sport, the user base was expected to exceed normal thresholds. Thus, we used latest database technologies to ensure smooth performance and zero crash possibility.

A Standalone Platform that Caters all Football Recruitment Needs

The dire need for a legitimate platform for the football recruitment industry had resulted in many failed attempts. If FAF was going to make people believe in its potential, it had to address the needs specific to the football industry.

Talking with coaches and players, gathering data over the span of six years, our client knew the exact solutions that had to be incorporated into the platform.

FAF thus made it out through the bubble of naysayers and became the top recruitment tool used by all of the football affiliated folks.

Immersive user Experience with Futuristic Graphic Designs

A Masterpiece through Consummation of Innovation and Creativity

When all the dust settled, Peter St. Lawrence was the proud owner of the revolutionary FreeAgentFootball. His life’s dream was achieved with this platform launch. Not only did it bring order to the recruitment practices, it also gave players the hope and opportunity they deserve. Peter St. Lawrence fulfilled his obligation to make the world a better place. By hiring our expert team, he was able to pursue his dream without being wearied down by the ever increase software development costs.

This is what our dear client, Peter St. Lawrence has to say about our time together.