Group Gift

Becoming The Reason Behind Smiles

Gifts are a great way of expressing our love and appreciation for someone. The conventional method of gifting dictates that we procrastinate for a few days, gather pennies and dimes, and then buy the cheapest gifts our laziness can afford. The polar opposite of “love??? and “appreciation????!

Well that was about to change thanks to the brilliant idea of group gifting by Carol Irvine.


Carol Irvine


Website, iOS & Android App


Gifting with a Twist

Group gift is revolutionizing the way we give presents. Keeping in view the pressures associated with buying a worthy gift for a loved one, group gifting portals provide users with an option to pool in their share of the cost. This way the recipients get what they truly deserve and the gifters aren’t buried under the burden of cost.A win, win for everyone involved.

Impregnated with an Idea? We Deliver!

Carol Irvine approached coding pixel with her fascinating idea in order to bring the concept to life. They required a platform where a bunch of friends or family members could buy gifts for a loved one, by pooling in their share of the cost. The concept behind the inception was to relieve the hassle of collecting cash for cost splits and provide an online alternative. The platform would showcase premium products from all of the popular stores like amazon, best buy and GG store. This bold initiative would demonstrate personalization at its finest.

Meeting Challenges Head-on

Project Goals

Awe-inspiring Design

Our client wanted to have an IOs, Android and web platform where the event creator would specify a minimum threshold of participants in order to achieve the maximum spending amount. They required an intuitive web platform, an interactive admin panel, robust mobile applications and a secure ecommerce solution.

Safe and Secure Transactions

Once the concept was pitched to our team, it was time to build the platforms from ground up. The idea was to create an online application, powered by a reliable E-Commerce engine which could deliver a rich storytelling experience. An engine that could manifest the love and importance of gifting. Also, our clients wanted an immersive and refreshing user experience (UX) through excellent graphic designing skills. Not only that, our clients were eager to stand out among competition using their revolutionary idea in gift shopping.

Cross Platform Functionalities

Time to Raise the Bar

Since Groupgift is a start-up, creating a bond with fresh customers isn’t always easy. One thing that can help them leverage customer trust was a way to conduct secure shopping. Online credit card information and other valuable credentials of users are at risk if the authentication and transaction mechanisms aren’t reliable. It was thus essential that we moved forward with choosing the right technology for the job.

Amping Up the Speed

Many ecommerce stores have been a victim of dreadful loading screens. This problem is prevalent in the API based applications. Our clients were determined to receive the fastest online retailing possible using the current available technologies. This proved to be quite a challenge for our team.

Dynamic User Interfacing

Gone are the days of boring, product displaying applications with a “buy??? button underneath. Groupgift had to be more than that! We were required to make the platform using thematic and storytelling approach. Countless brainstorming sessions and internal meetings were held in order to bring gifting to life.

A Perfect Marriage of Technology and Creative Design

Goal Oriented Design

Carol defined their initial requirement, the rest was left to the hands of experts at our firm. Our scope was to deliver a complete online package which included IOs, android and web application.

A dedicated team was assigned which was then further split in to three groups –  Design, UX and backend. One of the teams dived in the backend using PHP platform to integrate payment gateway and other third party services. The second was engulfed in creating an interactive UX. The last of them churned up the most epic and visually stunning designs, making the platform standout among all other e-commerce stations.

The project was executed using agile and scrum.

The deadlines were constricted and we delivered the final engine within 10 weeks.

State of the Art Technology Deployed

For the web application, we chose the laravel framework of PHP. This particular framework has many advantages like abstraction of complex functionalities, model view controller that separates code logics from HTML, security which Is necessary since ecommerce relies heavily on the trust of customers.

In order to improve the performance cap that is prevalent with e-commerce sites, we deployed the following solutions:

  • Used only those extensions and modules which were meant for the site
  • Optimized images and content in order to make the site responsive
  • Using full page cache

Brain Storming and Communications

Project communication was done using GotoMeetings and Skype. An Account Manager coordinated between carol and Coding Pixel teams.

Results - A Happy Customer

And a Successful Launch

All our efforts paid off when we delivered the platform to Carol. The smile on our client’s face was reminiscent of the fact that we are indeed in a people pleasing business. From the stunning visuals and easy to use interface, our software solution was a work of art.

By creating events for collaborative gifting, the users experienced a profound functionality of online purchasing that elevated their gifting standards without putting the cost on a single individual.