Healing Budz

Healing and Spreading Love through Cannabis’s Healing Powers!

Healing Budz is more than just a mere idea, it is a passion-based on personal experience with the desire to bring a healthy change. The idea is to associate you with individuals that have long stretches of direct information on the best ways to utilize the stunning Cannabis plant to heal.

The Challenge

Customer approached coding pixel to have develop an application and a webpage platform that makes an inviting domain for individuals and their friends and family managing horrendous conditions that have opposed regular prescription. The platform they needed was for community to share the experience of utilizing cannabis as a medical alternative for critical conditions like Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) , Crohn’s illness, Epilepsy, Severe Seizures, Druvet Syndrome, Anxiety, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis and many more which was to be called ‘budz’.

PROTOTYPING: application and website.

Budz came to us with the idea that was too compelling to say no to, it was innovative and life changing; just how the way we like to do our projects.

They needed a platform where everyone felt welcomed and understood, which gave users the feeling that they’re not alone. We’re here to help and this task wasn’t easy.

The challenge was only to add wholesomeness to the project but also provide a better understanding of how the product work, increase customer satisfaction, quicker customer feedback and most of all there was no room for mistakes.

As hard as it might have seemed that didn’t stop us, our developers started solving the puzzle and made the difficult work simple with our technical design and development skills.


The beauty of interface lies in fastidious regard for subtleties, ravishing shading plan and plenty of white space which enables the interface to be look exquisite yet justifiable. Making the website or application isn’t as easy as its sounds, the attention to detail it requires can be challenging. Now we understood that ‘budz’ needed a platform which provided the user a sense of community. And that’s when we knew how we have to style it, make it more approachable to users: it has to be user-centric. Our UX/UI experts worked with the client to find the right color combinations, text positions, used grids to provide a base system for visual alignment, make right spaces for featured content, provide add pictures options  and lateral navigation opportunities but making sure this only helps to keep the passion and the whole reason of the website integrated.


Once we understood the requirements of the user and how important the project is to them, it was all too easy after that. We take pride and love nothing more than developing user’s vision into reality. There’s nothing more important to us than customer satisfaction, Coding Pixel have been in the market for more than five years now just to make sure we stand by what we say. We have number of experts who make sure our values remain the same and we keep doing what we do and make you and us proud.