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  • # 13 May, 2020

Create an App yourself or hire a team?

Mobile apps are everywhere. These apps are applications that run on the operating systems of Android and iOS. Now, this is the age of the smartphone. People roam around with phones, shop with phones, take notes with it, count calories, entertain themselves with them. You name it and it can be done with a smartphone.

This is the reason mobile phone usage has reached 48% while desktop usage has fallen to 52% all these years. More and more people every year are buying smartphones and making them a part of their lives. According to a  report from Flurry, in 2014, 86% of the time spent online via smartphones are spent using apps. What all of this really means is that the consumer base on Mobile Phones is getting thicker every passing day. This implies that it has a huge scope for entrepreneurs and various businesses to expand their consumer net by availing the customer base on Mobile Phone Apps.

Create an App yourself or hire a team?

Online businesses need mobile apps to avail the of potential mobile customers. Here, the company or business can simply come up and create apps on their own. Or otherwise, they can hire a Mobile App Development team. In the first scenario, it needs a lot of knowledge regarding coding to be able to create and run such an App for a longer period, which should be both influential and up-to-date.

There are so many types of Mobile Apps. Which can actually make it difficult for non-professionals to learn the coding for each one?

The second scenario is hiring a team. Hiring a mobile app development team has benefits like saving time and a need to hire a salary-based developer team. In some cases, it also saves money.

The dedicated model comes with a transparent pricing system. The client has to pay the team with a fixed amount of money depending on the size of the team as well as skills and experience. The price accommodates the team members’ salaries, as well as the expenditure of the office set-up and related expenses.

Reasons to Hire Developers


The companies usually provide experienced and skilled mobile app developers who work in a specific work environment. Such companies, who provide dedicated developers have vast experience and are fully aware of every nut and bolt regarding its area of specialty. Our mobile app development company in Los Angeles provides you with skilled and experienced developers, who will work on your project under a well-established setup.


As already mentioned, dedicated developers cost less. The costs are higher in North America than in  South America. In North America, the price being $50 to $25,00/hour whereas in South America, it being from $25 to $120/hour. North America has expensive rates of Mobile App Development owing to the fact that it specializes in the App Development for IOS and Android platforms.

However, in Western Europe, the price goes as €60-70/ hour. Whereas, in Eastern Europe, the prices are around €20 to 25/hour for Android app services. So, the mean cost ranging from $75,00. In Italy, from $24,00, Australia $15,000 and Ukraine being $9,000 of a simple project. UK developers cost $35 to $175/hour.

3.No Need To Hire A Staff

Such remote app development developers companies hire a team for the client on their own. The client doesn’t have to worry about hiring the teams of developers personally. It’s all up to the company to hire and distribution the work. The client saves time this way. Also, less stress!

Also, it saves the client from going through the legal procedures of the contracts made with the developers.


Such companies are very concerned about their own ranking in the global market. A company will always provide reliable dedicated developers, so it can maintain its brand name and reputation around the globe. So, they take no risks when it comes to the quality of the services provided. So there is more security to the client that he is investing in the right place.


Dedicated developers work full time so their availability is never an issue. They don’t with other clients but are fully dedicated only to one place. So, they are all the time available. It makes it time-saving for the client when he/she has to contact and instruct the developers at any hour.

The work is completed under the deadline and the quality is not compromised. The focus is solely on quality, so the ranking of the company can be further improved.


The changes introduced by the clients can be applied on time by the dedicated developers. As they are bound in total engagement, this provides a lot of space for flexibility. Developers adjust to the new demands and fulfill the instruction thoroughly. A dedicated model strictly follows the deadline for new releases.

7.Collaborative Interaction

It is often misunderstood that outsourced developers are not very interacted owing to the distance. Paradoxically, the outsourced companies are very much enthusiastic about the provision of good services to their clients. This is why they are involved highly in communication through various online chat networks, e.g Slack, Skype, GoToMeeting, and other tools.


Good mobile app development companies provide skilled dedicated developers. When hiring any company/developer, certain things are to be analyzed:

Analyzing the vendor’s portfolio

Work experience, previous client satisfaction records, skills, area expertise, and everything should be analyzed. Before hiring a team, skill tests and interviews shall be organized.

Good Communication skills

The client should assure him/herself of good communication skills, as it can break or make the outsourcing relationship. The region and the languages used must be taken into consideration, so shall be the working policies.

After that, the trust-building is dependent upon clear interactions regarding work allotment, salary fixation and clearly laying out the client’s working policies.


  • One can use GoodFirms, BestDesign, or Clutch to find companies providing developers worldwide.
  • Or else, one can just search in the search engine about such companies. you can simply input in Google search bar requests like “ hire developers”.
  • To further know about the top listed companies, their websites should be analyzed. Good and appealing websites make an impression of being serious to the work. An intuitive UI/UX means the company wants to create a good impression.
  • Further search into the company’s portfolios, their number of employees, which should be more than 30. That is so they can always have backup developers in case some is on leave. Previous customer ratings tell a lot about a company. The types of mobile apps created by the company also tell about its experience and help in choosing and hiring one.