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Diet & Nutrition App Features

Nutrition App Features

Do you wish to create a one-of-a-kind app that can help people enjoy mouth-watering recipes while still watching their weight, so they can achieve their fitness goals and get a snatched waist?

A fitness app that can help people achieve everything we have mentioned above can create waves! And if you think developing such an app is difficult, you might be wrong. All you need to know are the secret ingredients required to build a one-in-a-lifetime application.

And guess what? We have the recipe for that! Here are all the important features you need to include in your nutrition app if you want to turn it into a successful spectacle

1. Registration

First and foremost, offering people to make an account and register themselves on your app will become the cornerstone for the rest of your nutrition app’s features. This will allow people to log in everything, including their food habits, allergies, and preferences so they can save their diet chart accordingly.

2. Dashboard

Give your users a dashboard to work with. This unique feature will enable them to have a look at their insights and see how many calories they have lost or how much water they have drunk during a given week or month. Dashboard will give them the opportunity to track their statistics.

3. Diet Chart

A diet chart developed by experts isn’t mandatory but it can lower the number of people who would like to download your app. As a result, you won’t get a lot of loyal users. Diet chart allows users to achieve the goal for which they have downloaded your app.

4. Food Recommendations

If you want to retain your user-base and increase their trust in you, you need to get this feature. Provide them healthy food recommendations be it in the form of live chat or an automatically generated robot built using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Make sure to include information on vendors as well.

5. Push Notifications

You have to keep your users up-to-date and in the loop. Push notifications can help you make sure that your audience gets the latest information, including app updates or changes happening in the app. You can also update them about new services or upcoming discounts, so they can avail them timely.

6. Water Consumption Tracking

Water plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy diet and losing weight. Every diet involves a heavy intake of water. Therefore, your app needs to have a water consumption tracking feature with a calculator, so your users can know how much water they need to drink daily.

7. Sugar & Fat Control

A nutrition app should do what it claims i.e., help its users stay healthy and lose weight along the way if that’s what they want. To stay healthy, they need to cut their sugar and fat. Include sugar and fat calculator in your app with automatically-generated recommendations.

8. Calorie Tracker

This is one of the most important features of a nutrition app. Whether you are designing your app for Android, iOS, or other mobile operating systems, your app should have an advanced calorie tracker, so people can track and calculate their calories and implement their diet plan accordingly.

9. Connectivity With Wearables

You can take your nutrition app to the next level by allowing users to integrate their wearable devices like smartwatches with the nutrition app. Since people have become very advanced, this feature will help them track their food intake and physical activities without actually opening the app via wearable devices.

10. Physical Activity Tracker

This feature is directly related to the one above it. Instead of giving your users the option to go and install another app, give them the opportunity to log their physical activity like heart rate, steps, and sleeping activity in the app with the same wearable device that they will integrate if you offer them the above feature.


So, there you have it! The features that can help you develop an app and take it to the top. The gist is to know your audience. When your audience will see that you have what they have been looking for, they will get your app even if it is paid. So, know your audience and select your nutrition app’s features accordingly.

And if you think you need expert advice to figure this out, we have got your back.

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