• # Paul Blake
  • # Business Owners
  • # 18 November, 2020

Hotel Management Software in COVID Pandemic Time

Hotel Management

In 2019, the United States’ tourism industry generated revenue of 1.1 trillion dollars, but 2020 proved to be a complete bleak year for tourism. It is high time for the tourism and hotel industry to digitalize the standard operating procedures if they want to thrive their pompous past revenue-share in the American economy again. Let’s run through some features and the Covid-specific problems that they solve.

Inventory Optimization Software 

Tourism and hotel industry need to add things in their inventory that were previously non-acclimated to it. It enlists personal protective equipment, sanitizer, face mask, rubber gloves, and oxygen cylinders to meet any emergency. The hotel industry must regulate her inventory optimization software into work if they already have one, or order one from CodingPixel software development company if they do not already have it. It plugs into ERPs and WMS to automate forecasting, planning, and replenishment tasks. The software automatically generates order proposals, which are dynamically calculated based on factors such as demand forecasts, dynamic stocking policies, target service levels, supplier lead times, and internal constraints.

Taking all these variables into account, reorder points and quantities are set, and a daily list of recommended orders is produced to feedback into your ERP to create purchase orders.

Temperature Tracing and disinfectant chambers 

Employees and visitors come through a channel to the hotel. While in this channel, they come in contact with a lot of other humans who are also following their own channels in which they meet thousands of other humans. So, the chances are pretty high that a human would become a carrier to hundreds of other humans if caught the coronavirus. Eradicate the probability of virus transmission at your hotel by automating the temperature checking at the main door of the hotel. Hoteliers can use automatic infrared body temperature scanner and disinfectant chambers to check if any employee has already fallen prey to corona hence the rise in temperature or kill the virus stick to someone’s clothes or body through a bath of sanitization.

All this should, of course, be automated to relieve managers’ time, and to avoid generating a mound of paper archives and records can be produced in case an employee tests positive. The traditional, old-school hotel management software should introduce this technology already incorporated into them.

Connect Social-distance Technologies with Management Software 

Visitors and staff are not acclimated to the social distancing, so if they tell you they’re practicing it, don’t trust them because they do not keep track of their movement. Use social-distance technologies to remind them again and again to practice the social distance. Social-distance technologies warn the user when they’re too close with other humans. Ultra-wideband can measure the precise distance between the two devices. One such technology is Bluetooth low energy.

The latest cellular phones have these two technologies incorporated in them already. Make sure to regulate these features in employee’s and visitor’s phones or make them wear social-distance technologies. Connect social-distance technologies with hotel management software for better results.

Enable more Artificial Intelligence 

The hotel owners should move swiftly towards the more and better use of artificial industry in this pandemic outbreak. Some of the areas in which artificial intelligence can successfully replace the human services are self-check-in with codes, the connection of guests’ mobile devices with all switches and electronic devices in the room, virtual views on the hotel TV, automate food dispensers on each floor, automated billing for mini bars at each room and self-service amenities, robots for continuous surface cleaning of high touch points and use of big data analytics to monitor the behavior of guests, and automated dish washing. The data gathered through the hotel management software can be used to form the thresholds to automate the robotic cleaning, dishwashing, and other related tasks. 

Cloud-based Property Management Systems 

Gone are the days when local-based systems would make it to suffice and only staff could access it that too from the hotel’s desktops. Cloud-based property management systems enable hoteliers to manage their properties entirely off-site, from setting rates to managing reservations. Just like software, mobile app development can help with the growth for hotel bookings.

In addition to property management systems, cloud-based guest messaging systems allow hoteliers to communicate with their guests about reservation changes, cancellation policies, and refunds – all without setting foot on the property.