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How Much Does Social Network Development Cost

Social Network Development Cost

As you know technology is changing overnight, to stay put in the business or start a new one must have to keep their head out of the clouds and in reality. We live in the era of mobile phones. Now, knowing the user, there is a social media platform for almost every need. Social media website development is a win-win, not only if we’re looking at it from a business perspective but also a personal one. If you have got an idea of who you think can be next big in the market then nothing should stop you!

But before its implementation, you should be well aware of how much it’s going to cost. Well, As far as the concern with the cost of social media development goes it usually depends on developer rates, and the time it takes to develop an application.

But the main point is you’re going to need to know how much money to allocate, after all. Indeed, you’ll need to be considerate of the approximate price needed for creating social media platform development. Social Media Platform Development cost is usually calculated according to project complexity, a developer’s level of expertise,

There are a few paths you can choose for getting your social media platform developed with different costs:

You can go with freelance probably cost $5,000 to $10,000 but that is not that impressive because freelancers have limited expertise and the aftermaths of this might not go as planned, there are many drawbacks that you should take in notice of before taking this step:

  • Freelancers lack skill.
  • Communication problems can occur.

You can go with small software development teams but you might face an issue like projects stuck in the middle because of limited resources and expertise, it may cost $10,000 to $30,000.

Or you can go with top social networking app development companies as you should, these companies have social media network development projects under their belt. It might cost $20,000 to $200,000 but we all know to gain profit you first have to invest in it. Making a good investment never lets you down.

Social Media Platforms cost by project complexity:

Another factor affecting the cost of your social media platform is its complexity.

1) The simple design takes about 100 hours and costs over $5,000.

2) Middling complexity design It takes about 200 hours and costs around $10,000.

3) Complex designs take closer to 400 hours and cost around $20,000.

Social Media Application maintenance:

Your investment just doesn’t end after the application development, you need to keep up the application updated to make sure it runs fine.