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We, at Coding Pixel insurance app development company, are a team of certified mobile app developers with expert knowledge on the insurance market. We innovate and implement new insurance app development ideas, that the insurance industry can use for increasing the quality of service and improve this business. Making sure to include the features, that meet your needs, so your company can make the maximum out of the tech functionalities. Get in touch with our team.

Why Insurance App Development?

Gone are the days when the insurance company’s agents would sell insurance plans from door to door. Having a mobility solution has become a necessity in the wake of the technological revolution for insurance companies. We offer tailor-made Insurance app development services for Insurance businesses & professionals looking to elevate their game in the industry and serve customers in a better manner.

At Coding Pixel, talented developers have hands-on expansive experience in insurance mobile application development.  We have been a hallmark in mobile application development for the last 6 years due to our trademark competence, top-tier software solutions, responsive user interface, and unprecedented performance capabilities.

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Our Company has developed:

  • Car Insurance Mobile Apps
  • Health Insurance Mobile Apps
  • Life Insurance Apps
  • Insurance quoting apps
  • Insurance claims management apps
  • health insurance apps
  • Insurance compliance mobile apps

Insurance app development can be of many types such as:

Claim Settlement App:

Coding Pixel can develop the quick claim settlement app according to the needs of the handler. Claim handlers usually work outside the office. This app will help them in bringing various features such as documents library, claims information, photo uploading feature, digital signature available on the online platform. Unlike the traditional claim process, in which the recovery of amount takes months, claim settlement apps speed up the process and recover the money in few minutes from home without even paying a single visit to the insurance company office.

App for Sale Management

This type of insurance app comes with access to sales and marketing materials, track potential customers, and sell services. It makes wholesale management easier and reliable. Saving the time of the company, and relieving the extra hard work. Sales Management apps provide all-in-one solutions for the problems of handling insurance customers, leads, insurance quotes, insurance track sales, and other insurance sales information. It is one low-cost solution for a plethora of sales problems.

App for Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance apps are designed to remove all the hitches in a way of a memorable journey. It will save your travel from falling prey to bad hotel experiences, worse plane service, unpredictable weather conditions, and unstable socio-political conditions at the destination country. These kinds of apps have customized travel plans, claim filing options, and a flood of travel information for users.  Details like information regarding health info, flight update, weather information in the destination country, and security in the destination country come with these types of apps. The instant update regarding any change in the user’s plan can be done by modifying the insurance plan at any time.

Car Insurance App

Car insurance apps are of multiple kinds ranging from those who give insurance for running an errand of half an hour in a town to those covering your long countryside road trips. Other types of car apps could be a system to track the driving behaviors of the drivers. It guides the drivers in safe driving methods, and in case of accidents, it provides the driver with the pictures of the accident.

Mobile Insurance App

We provide relevant information to the users of your company, for instance, agent tracking, customizable forms, attaching and cataloging photo evidence, and payment processing. All of these features are aimed at client self-service.

Risk Management App

You can sign up for a mobile phone insurance policy and get insured through an app with insurance plans for stolen and broken expensive mobile phone devices. Through these apps, mobile insurance companies minimize your financial crunch of a damaged or lost mobile.  These apps are usually featured with mobile insurance plans, speedy lodging of mobile insurance claim processes, and customer service options. All management through a single app.

Following are the popular MVP features in any insurance app:

1) Push Notifications

Using this feature, your company can be linked to the customer all the time. It provides a method of communication in a  convenient way and provides unlimited messages to connect directly to customer smartphones.

2) GeoLocation

It provides your company with direct access to your customer’s location. It can be used to acquire the customer’s location, and use it in travel insurance. It can also be used in helping foreign customers to locate various indigenous places.

3) History

It saves the previous dealings with your customers. Which makes it easier to keep a track of all the agreements. This way, the trust builds among the company and the customers.

4) Online Registration Forms

Your customers do not need to go to your branch location. They will simply register from the online registration forms. It brings more comfort to the customers and avoids the hustle at the office.

5) In-App Payment System

It uses a direct payment method via mobile apps using readymade APIs. It simplifies the whole cashing procedure and makes the app more desirable.

Auto Insurance Mobile App Development

Insurance apps come with a lot of benefits. While there can be various features that insurance companies can benefit from, the car insurance app is always in profit. Many organizations are availing this technology to increase the profit and cut the expenditure. So, car insurance apps in this regard are highly promising. As accidents and emergency situations on roads are the matter of every minute of the day. The popularity of the car insurance app can be seen by the increasing google searches regarding it. Every year, the search for car insurance apps is increasing. And why not? Car insurance apps provide automated insurance process in case of car crashes and emergencies. There is transparency in such apps and saves a lot of money and time. The transaction process is also automatic and simple. Such advantageous aspects of car insurance app are appreciated by the users.

So, if your looking for car insurance app development, then we at Coding pixel provide the best combination of features for your car insurance app, which will yield maximum benefits to your firm, and provides maximum satisfaction to the app users. The car insurance apps come with special equipment that tracks and analyze the data of the vehicle used. So, it becomes easier to keep the record of driving style of the driver, the mileage of the car and guide the drivers on the right driving methods as well. The fact that the number of safe-driving car insurance apps is increasing is because of the very same reason, that it is admired by the users. Our car insurance app comes with the on-demand auto emergency insurance, which allows users to avail instant insurance on the spot, without going through a long process of full-fledged policies. The features to advise cheap gas stations around, driving rewards, tips on ‘economical driving’, features that help planning the routes, user account feature, claim form, feedback option, feature for live chat, GPS tracking, Online road assistance and paying bills features, and many more features come along with our car insurance app development.

Health Insurance Mobile App Development

The reason that so many health insurance companies exist around the globe, is that people prioritize their safety. This in turn has to lead to the adoption of health insurance apps by the worldwide health insurance companies, to ease the process of health insurance by eliminating long queues and by providing online medical insurance applications. The health insurance app is actually a combination of three things, firstly it provides a functional patient. Which can be easily accessible to the user. Secondly, the app helps the healthcare providers and thirdly, the app is meant to ease the processes of insurance companies.

Along with these three things, the privacy of the customers remains a priority. Which is usually undertaken by considering some safety concerns. We,  at Coding Pixel, provides a range of inbuilt features for your health insurance app,  that fulfills the different requirements of different clients. Our app comes with the features of scheduling appointments online, electronic medical reports, prescription alerts, download options for important reports, keeping track of related facilities on the map, access to lab results. Our app is built in such a way that it makes the overall healthcare system transparent and gets the users to access the professionals instantly. It profits the health insurance app companies in that the online medical insurance applications cut the costs, and make the whole process easy.

Property Insurance App Development

In the events of flood or fire and in the unseen unfortunate circumstances, the uninsured property can bring a lot of damage to the financial budget of the owner. People are aware of such risks relates to property, and so they make sure to get their property insured, like in the case of house insurance. The private property concept has raised so many security concerns and a huge number of population trust in property insurance companies in this aspect. The bigger the customer base, the more difficult it becomes to handle such masses and provide them with instant assistance.

That is why property insurance app comes in handy. Nor does it only simply the whole process, it also becomes an instant medium of communication between the insurance company and the users, and builds a larger user base. If your property insurance company is looking for a great property insurance app development company, then you are at the right place. Our property app development ensures to add the right tools and features in the app, which cater to the different needs of different clients. Our property insurance apps provide the complete personal property details for the user starting from the dining chairs to the land property. The features enable the users to locate the details categorically by room, purchase date, price, or simply as alphabetically. The agent’s contacts are provided in the feature. So the users can create instant contact with the desired agent at any time. The features provide access to relevant catastrophe information. Also, the user has access to the detailed visual catalog of items they own. So, the user always keeps track of what he has, and in which condition. That makes the job of insurance companies easy as the information is stored in the cloud database and all-time available.

Life Insurance App Development

Life insurance prevents financial miserableness in the unseen unfortunate circumstances. So, basically it ensures the financial security on some unfortunate event in the life of an individual, simply by paying a sum of a specific amount in every specific duration. Now, it is a little hard to convince people on life insurance, but insurance companies are up to it and the dependency ratio has increased the demand for life insurance. The larger base of the population in the various life insurance companies has increased the work of the companies manifold. In such situations, the mobile app is of course a quick solution. Life insurance apps make it possible for people to secure their future at a few clicks.

We at Coding Pixel provides the best life insurance app development team, that will create an app in accordance with your company’s needs and the user’s demands. We ensure four things while creating a life insurance app,  that it should be helpful, useful, thoughtful, and simple. The app comes with myriad features including the log in the facility via touch id, a chart of estimated costs that will help the users to plan ahead, the user’s plans are communicated via text messages, providing access to ratings and reviews of various plans, enables users to access to nearby care centers, personal health records options. The users can check up the claims online, and the app provides a convenient map with GPS,  which determines the user’s location.