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Are you searching for the best offshore software development company? Our onsite US presence would be the most suitable choice for offshore software development.

Our company has software development delivery teams both in Asia and the US making us highly approachable. Our offshore software development company has carried out a number of offshore software development projects for clients all around the world in our offshore office located in Asia with coordination and governance from our onsite team in the US.

From simple software development module addition to long-term software development projects, we work with start-ups and large multi-national companies to develop new MVPs, software, Saas products, and platforms.

  • 100’s of Software Products Development – Our offshore software development team has built 100 of software development products. Some of them have got funding of over 1 Million dollars.
  • We employ over 200+ Software Programmers – Software Engineers, UI/UX Designers, Software Product Managers, Mobile App Developers and Business Analysts. All of our software developers have a minimum of 4 years’ experience, have a 4-year BS(CS) degree, and are rated best in programming skills.

Reaching out to offshore software companies exposes you to the vast field of talented offshore programmers and resources that are best suitable for your software development projects and guess what? You will not need to pay sky-high prices to hire the best programmers.

Coding pixel, one of the leading offshore software development company is not just highly dedicated to their work but has an exclusive team of offshore software development employees along with on-site US programmers who are highly skilled and professional. They are time efficient and commitment abiding. They are the name of the trust. They are the best offshore software programmers a client goes to for their software development. They guarantee success and nothing else.

Offshore software development is the simple word is outsourcing whereby you assign your software development project to your partner company with an offshore center. Simply, put it is as a subsidiary or partner Software Company that manages your software development projects.

Reaching out to an offshore development company has been proven to be beneficial for many software and IT companies. The coding pixel reviews speak volumes regarding this. If you need to save your time and your money, an ODC is exactly the place you should be reaching out to. Typically we can achieve 50 to 70% cost saving on your software development projects.

Often companies choose to work with offshore software development companies in order to save themselves from costly expenditures such as Infrastructure cost, recruitment cost, employee training, and other liabilities. Other reasons, however, could be that they do not have time or in-house expertise to build the code themselves.

Hiring offshore software programmers in cities like Newyork, London and Berlin come with a high price tag and every organization cannot afford these prices.
Offshore software development allows clients to get software development projects done on a budget with the help of talented offshore programmers.



You may approach us by contacting form, e-mail or simply by calling. Tell us your requirements, budget, deadline in short brief us about your project also do tell whether you want an app, website or software development or maybe all three of them? Before we schedule a phone call with you, we want to read your brief so we can guide you accordingly.

As soon as we read the brief provided by the client we schedule a call and book an appointment as per your convenience and availability.

Our appointment and call session is solely based on the project discussion and understanding of the client. We make sure the client understands us and above all we understand them.


As soon as we read the brief provided by the client we schedule a call and book an appointment as per your convenience and availability.

Our appointment and call session is solely based on the project discussion and understanding of the client. We make sure the client understands us and above all we understand them. For better and complete understanding we then schedule a phone call. We discuss everything with you and try to have a better understanding of your needs and requirements. You need to put your trust in us and leave rest to us.


Many clients wish to keep their project hidden when working with offshore software Development Company. And we being professionals respect their privacy for that matter. So to keep the project a secret as per the client’s wish we sign a non-disclosure agreement upon the client’s request. The client’s trust is our utmost priority.


We come up with a software development proposal, the best possible one for the client’s project. We keep the client’s choice and idea in mind and try to come up with the best possible strategy and idea. However, the client’s questions would be entertained and listened to with the same enthusiasm.


Once everything has been decided and approved by the client, we take our next steps and proceed towards signing a contract document for your software development project. The contract document assures we will start work as soon as we finalize the deal with the client. We stay in touch with the client at all times and keep them updated. We will work as your partner and assure the high quality of work. As soon as you sign the document and give us a go our software development team will be on your project. And so, if there is any amendment to be made in the requirement, we are happy to do so.



Starting with this, a project manager is perhaps is the most important member of the team. Project managers are backbones of the whole project as it is their sole responsibility to look after the project and make sure it turns out to be a success. They monitor, plan and control everything. The team is governed by the project manager.


The business analyst stays in touch with the client at all times and tries to evaluate the client’s business and problems related to it. He also works on the requirements required for the development of the software. A business analyst too is one of the most important key members who work on the best possible solutions.


Front end developers are responsible for creating and innovating visuals which perhaps is the most catching aspect of the software.<br /> Generally, the front end developers are also aided and helped by the back end developers.<br />


So just like we talked about the front end developers. The back end developers work side by with the front end developers to do develop software architect. They do programming work and write code of software functionality. Without their code work, a proper vision is not possible to implement.


Mobile app developers develop mobile apps like the IOS app, android app, etc. If your project involves the development of mobile apps we have the best mobile app developers in our team. They implement source codes that meet client’s requirements using the computer programming languages.


A UX designer gathers requirements and works on different ideas. We have professional UX designers who design the graphical user interface of apps and software.


SQ engineer works on the efficiency of the software products. They are responsible for the efficient working of the software. They run tests and experiments in order to check if the software is running fine.

Offshore Software Development WHY?

In this digital era, the increasing demand for software development has brought up competition among IT experts to give high-quality work at economical rates.

Due to this basic reason, the software development companies outsource their work to the specialist living in a country where costs are lower due to low-value currency or low production costs.

Basically outsourcing the work to a third party to work remotely for a company is what refers to as ‘offshore’.

When it combines with software development, it becomes very clear that a company is outsourcing its tasks related to web development, app development, start-up product development or custom software development.

From the past few years, companies in Asia are emerging as the best companies for offshore software product development outsourcing related to development due to their high expertise and economical rates. Among them Ukraine, Vietnam, The Philippines, and India are at the top of the list, the reason being at the top is the experienced manpower and low operating costs. Clients from countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany outsource software development projects to countries where labor is relatively affordable.


Finding the right software programmers team or individual for software development projects is very important for successfully delivering projects to clients. Hence by hiring offshore software Development Company, you are open to the programming talent across the whole world to select the right skill programmers for your important projects. With high salaries of programmers in First world countries, it sometimes gets very hectic to find the right software development team in budgets. So, going offshore is a wise decision in such cases.

No training required
in software companies’ environment, companies invest a lot of time and capital to train their employees to make them highly expert programmers. They arrange a code review section, they provide new programming language pieces of training, and they arrange monthly programming competition. So by hiring such offshore software development companies, you only choose the experts of the field and instantly get your work done without any training or investment. More importantly, it saves a lot of time which ultimately lets you achieve your goals quickly and profitably.

Less management required
while managing a project, you have to communicate with each individual involved in that. When you hire an offshore software development team you get involved with project managers that keep you updated with your project, you just have to talk only with few experts to get the job done. Most of the time, the offshore companies already have all the setup and knowledge of handling software development projects. So, it reduces the role of management and increases efficiency to your tasks.

An economical way

If your software development project is tight on budget and in-house programmers are costing you heavily then working with offshore software Development Company is the right choice. Price hack is very common these days and it is not possible for many companies to develop the required software’s in a budget-friendly way inhouse. So what to do in such a scenario?

If you want to make sure that you get the best team in software development and app development in a budget-friendly way then the best advice is that you give this task to offshore remote software development experts. Not only they will be built you your required software but they will also make sure that you get this in the most economical way possible.


We try our best to win the hearts of our clients. Rave reviews from all our clients are living proof. We promise to deliver all that we claim. Not all companies are experienced enough to perfectly understand the needs of the client. But we are not only experienced but we also claim that you can extend and broaden your capabilities with our help. We offer a lot in less and you don’t need to worry about your expenses anymore because our client’s concern is our concern. Companies having secondary offices abroad are usually genuine and praiseworthy. And we claim that we have all these qualities. You just need to give us a chance.

The way we work and the process is not only unique but applaudable, give us a chance and you’ll know why

1. We are highly budget-friendly and full of innovative ideas

2. We are time efficient and agile in our working techniques

3. Our ideas are one of a kind and different from all other companies

4. We are people of our words. Success is our guarantee.


To fulfill your needs and requirements we have some of the most skilled and brainy individuals in our team. They work efficiently and dedicatedly to meet your requirements. They leave no stone unturned in making your project a success.

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