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15 Reasons Why Magento is the Best Option for your E-Commerce Website Development

In order to fulfill your E-Commerce goals, you need an appropriate platform. Though WordPress has been the most used and popular CMS for all kinds of websites, as far as the E-Commerce is concerned, Magento breaks the record and beats WordPress here thus holding the title for the best and the most popular content management system. Either you are a small business or a vastly growing business, everything you need to run your E-Commerce store successful is provided right on this platform. Not satisfied yet? You probably will with the given 15 reasons why Magento is the best option for your E-Commerce Website Development further.

Magento for E-Commerce Website Development


When it comes to ruling E-Commerce platforms, Magento takes the lead. Not just this, Magento is also known for its recurrent upgrading according to its users’ needs. As this platform brings its upgraded version i.e. Magento 2 along with itself, so does its features came power packed with this new version. These following rich and out-of-the-box features makes Magento the best among all E-Commerce platforms.

  • Page Builder: A Powerful Content Creation Tool

With this drag and drop editing tool, merchants can create a top-grade shopping experience without the need and support of developers.

  • Personalized Experience and Customer Segmentation

This feature allows merchants to create a personalized shopping experience by categorizing the products based on customer properties i.e. gender, location, wish-list items etc. This boost up the store sales and enhances conversion rates by displaying content, pricing, and promotions in different categories.

  • Content Previewing and Scheduling

Magento allows you to enable your business teams to create, preview and schedule the all-inclusive content updates. This way you can manage all of your changes through a timeline dashboard as well save your precious time.

  • Quick Purchasing

With the new instant purchase checkout option, it will be a time-savvy thing for your customers to skip the check-out steps as it will automatically fill it with the previous stored shipping and payment credentials. This way you can boost up your conversion rates.

  • Rule-Based Product Relations

This allows you to set automated rules to analyze the related products to each customer category thus enhancing your products sales.

  • Product Categorization

This Magento feature helps you to arrange products with an easy drag and drop interface. You can assign products to different categories based on specific characteristics like brand, place, price etc. by setting automated rules. This will help you save time and increase your conversions.

  • Elastic Search

This feature gives the misspelled words search the most relevant suggestions to the customers. This way your customers will be able to get the suggestions to choose from what they were actually looking for.

  • Strong Admin Experience

The modern and intuitive user interface will let you work efficiently by giving you a powerful unmatchable experience. The clear, easy and enhanced navigation and search make it easy for you to look out the things you were finding.

Reasons Why Magento Is Best For E-Commerce

Why use Magento

  1. E-Commerce Dedicated Platform

Unlike other content management systems, Magento is specially designed for E-Commerce and is used by most of the top retailers in the digital market. Excluding the E-Commerce Website Building Cost,  Magento provides its user with both services: the free and the paid versions. The following top companies are powered by Magento thus becoming the most reliable platform:

  1. Advanced SEO

One of the useful benefits to choose Magento as your CMS platform is that it generates your E-Commerce business websites friendly for search engines. You can modify your URLs or meta-description of your products using such keywords that are mostly searched by people. However, with advanced SEO support, Magento provides a relatively striking chance to your products to rank above on the search engines by providing Google-specific sitemaps and HTML sitemaps thus taking the growth of your business up.

  1. Provides Freedom To Choose Any Hosting Service

This is way a useful advantage of using Magento. You can choose your own desired hosting service. However, if you are not satisfied with your current associated host, Magento gives you the facility of switching to another hosting service. Surely, an amazing benefit!

  1. Open-Source

Magento comes in two editions:

  • Magento Open-source Edition
  • Magento Commerce Edition

Magento open-source edition (formerly known as Magento Community edition) is a completely free platform with no license cost. This edition is freely available for everyone to download, install and extend. This edition is specially designed for developers and small businesses.

In addition to the latter edition, Magento Commerce (formerly divided into Magento Enterprise and Cloud Edition) is a paid version of Magento that comes with the license cost. This version is specially developed for larger companies.

  1. Responsive

In today’s world, mobile devices are strong competitors of computer and other devices. People are more likely to use the internet on smartphones rather than desktops. For the better user experience, every website should be mobile responsive. In regard to this, Magento gives its merchants the solution of responsive websites so that your e-store runs proficiently on any device.

  1. Multilingual Feature

Because of the platform’s adaptability and variability, you can set up your e-store in any language you want with Magento. Additionally, you can also use multiple languages for a single as well as for multiple stores. By allowing your international customers (with different languages) to reach out to you easily, you are simply expanding your business and that’s how this feature plays a crucial role in your business growth.

  1. Security Assurance

Magento does not compromise on security for its users. The Magento web developers work 24/7 by delivering the best customer support. With the regular updating, the security errors are checked up and pulled out. This robotic upgrading makes Magento an extremely secure E-Commerce platform which other platforms does not provide. Moreover, the SSL Certification of Magento additionally guarantees the platform’s security.

  1. Highly Customizable And Flexible

Magento is a platform that provides the best-customized solutions for your business. The platform fully offers you the ability to create your online store according to your business needs. Owing to its flexibility, you can quickly customize your store whenever you want.

  1. Performance Efficiency

If you want a high-quality performance for your e-store then Magento is the way to go. Magento E-Commerce website development is at the top of all platforms. Magento is by far the right solution for making the performance efficiency of your site the best among all. Forget about slow loading, Magento provides the fastest service in the E-Commerce market by providing its users the high-end cache systems.

  1. Multiple Stores With A Single Backend Support

Magento has made the complexity of running and managing multiple stores easy. With the one-click solution, you can run your multiple stores with a single backend support. This means that there is no need to run multiple websites with different backend systems. As a whole, you can run your multiple stores in only one installation.

  1. Provides Multiple Payment Gateways

Unlike other E-Commerce platforms, Magento provides its customers with a wide range of payment gateways. Payment gateways act as a secure bridge between the consumer and the bank. Below are the few of many payment gateways offered by Magento:

  1. Supports Multi-Currency

Magento provides an inbuilt support for multiple currencies and tax rates. The platform provides its customers to make payments in international currencies as well which is usually not provided by other website development platforms.

  1. Unlimited Scalability

Magento gives unlimited scalability to its users for the smooth development of their stores and websites. It does not matter whether you have a small or a large business, with Magento, the integration of more features or products will not hinder the smoothness of developing the user’s store. With the growth of your business, this Magento feature effortlessly adds more features to your website thus scaling your business with more advanced features.

  1. Affordable

One of the reasons to use Magento development services is its affordability. Any businessman either small or large can choose this platform to reach up to huge success. Magento Community Plan (now Magento Open-source) is free of cost to use except some customization charges. But these charges will not cost you too high. You can easily afford the cost. This low cost of Magento services gives it a highlighted position among the E-Commerce platforms.

  1. Easy Check-Out

Magento made it easy for the users to give all the transaction details within a single page. Providing the users a quick checkout option helps the customer to save their precious time. This, in turn, increases the usability of the platform.

Comparison Chart

In order to be more clarified, let us compare the top E-Commerce platforms according to the overall people ratings.

Comparison ChartParting Thoughts

With the advancement in technology, the online platforms are leveling them up. While you will be surfing the internet to extract out the best E-Commerce platform, you will come up with the answer that Magento is the one to choose. Nonetheless, the provided reasons are enough for the proof of its exceptionality. Moreover, almost 28% of the websites including the top brands are powered by Magento with its feature-rich benefits. You can also make your inclusion in it by adopting Magento as your CMS platform. If you are looking for any assistance regarding Magento then our Magento service providers are here for you to provide you the assistance. Coding Pixel has the best team of professional developers that works 24/7 for the customer service. Feel free to contact us at info@codingpixel.com or call us at this no. 832-699-0088.