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  • # 15 February, 2021

Top Features to Include in Auto Insurance App

Auto Insurance App

When you drive every day, the chances are that you will get into an accident soon enough. The cost of repairs can get quite overwhelming for certain people, and for that reason, they prefer to get car insurance. Most people would get car insurance as soon as they buy a new car. So if you are looking for a new venture, then an Auto car insurance business can be quite a viable option, and even if you currently have an auto car insurance business, then a good app can help supplement that business.

The insurance field is a very promising business. However, people can get frustrated filing claims through long processes, and they long for a more efficient as well as simpler solution. And with the help of an auto insurance App, they can achieve just that. Hence by optimizing your business practices with an auto insurance app, your users can apply for a claim on the go.

How will an auto-insurance App Benefit your Business?

  • As a mobile app will help you connect with people more efficiently, you will need less staff members and this will reduce operating costs.
  • Mobile users spend a significant amount of time using mobile phones, while mobile web accounts are used less often. Your platform does not deliver the best results for this reason.
  • You will decrease the insurers’ workload, allowing them more flexibility for other jobs.
  • Via the mobile application, you can reach your customers more quickly. Additional roadside services and insurance services that contribute to a boost in sales can be offered.
  • Your company will grow quickly. Users can access your services via a mobile app, even if you do not have a workspace in their region or area.
  • For intensive research, a mobile application helps to make a company accessible and more transparent. It provides you with the ability to make more data-driven choices.

The top features to include in an Auto Insurance App

While having an auto insurance app will most definitely help you supplement your business, you need to have these basic features to make your App more user-friendly, trustworthy, and highly popular.

User Profile

Be sure to provide an easy integration procedure. A user should be able to make his/her profile in quick time. You do not want frustrated people giving your app bad reviews.

Registration Form

By filling out this form, your users will not have to visit your office and can register for an insurance policy from the comfort of their homes.

Vehicle Insurance Information

This feature enables users to find out how much it would cost to insure different car models. This might even influence their decisions, and they might even chose your insurance because they will know the rates prior to their purchase. Moreover, this simple feature will enable your users to enjoy a seamless insurance registration.

Push Notifications

This feature is very useful for giving out updates related to your insurance business. Moreover, it is also necessary for an app like this. Since users would want to remain updated on their filed claims.

You can also use this feature to highlight special offers or to wish your customers a Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas.

A Scanner for Documentation

Most car insurance applications, especially the successful ones, enable users to submit documents through pictures/scanning. Since these documents are necessary to apply for insurance, users feel at ease knowing that through your business, they can get things done quickly.

Instant Quotation

Most auto insurance apps, even the popular ones, do not have this feature. Through providing instant quotes for different car models, you can up your game. This will allow your Insurance business to reach a wider audience.

Filling claims

You simply cannot have an Auto Insurance App without having this feature. It is the primary reason why users will download your application. So that they can file for claims faster. Enabling a chatbot with this feature will allow your employees to have a little free time for themselves as well.


This feature will help your track where most of your customers are from. Moreover, you can use this feature to send push notification to certain locations only. You can also guide your customers better through this feature.


This is a costly yet excellent feature you should use in your Auto Insurance App. What this feature does is it uses artificial intelligence, information from gyroscopes, accelerometers, and smartphone GPS. All this data is used for evaluating the driving skill of the drivers. For almost two weeks, the driver needs to give test drives. During this time period, the App recognizes the habits and activities of the driver. It measures different aspects like the frequent locations of the drivers, use of smartphone when driving, the entire time the car is used, if the driver follows traffic laws, and how frequently the drivers change roads. In case the driver operates safely and qualifies every step, he doesn’t have to pay a huge sum for auto insurance. As there is a low chance of losses or injuries, this application offers affordable auto insurance plans.

Policy Review

Users always need to directly view their insurance IDs. The simple solution is to add an individual screen, commonly referred to as the ID-screen or the Policy-Review-screen, where users can verify the policy number, type of policy, the effective and expiry dates, and the vehicle specifications.


It is a well-established fact that most drivers go for low-cost insurance policies. But there may be certain drivers that require something different. To make it easier for them, you should integrate filters so as to provide users with only relevant information.

Customer Support

This is a very important integration for your auto insurance application. As this feature will enable your users to get quick answers for their queries, and this will allow them to resolve their issues in quick time. You can use chatbots and actual human representation for this purpose. This will help you save money on employees as well.

Multiple Language support

If your goal is to operate in multiple countries, then you must offer multiple language support to your users.

Payment Gateway

To properly benefit from this application, you need to enable various payment methods. You can integrate your application to use multiple payment methods such as credit cards, net banking, debit cards, and even Cryptocurrency.