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San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Rosa, San Diego.

Our company Coding pixel excels greatly in WordPress website design & development service in California USA. WordPress is a highly successful platform for easy to manage website development. It is basically a CMS for high-quality website development & website management.  We offer comprehensive WordPress website design service to clients all around California such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Bay Area, Silicon Valley & Santa Rosa.

Skilled and competitive WordPress developers are recommended to handle effective website development procedures. Our company is full of talented individuals who offer complete WordPress web design and development services.

With a hand full of experiences with successful WordPress projects our company only promises fineness to you. Our company not only develops a website for you but sets the base of your business. We pride ourselves in creating unique responsive pixel perfect WordPress websites.  All you need is to give us a chance and put your trust in us.


WordPress Web Design & Development for Small, Medium & Enterprise Businesses in California USA


WordPress is the most popular self hosted open sourced CMS in use today. We offer world class services for our clients in terms of creative wordpress website development. Not only this, we set a base for our clients business entirely based on their idea and requirement. We take care of the client’s preference by managing the Colour, logo, design and other features of the website.

Our team of wordpress professionals are experts in wordpress website designing and programing.

Our process begins by having a meeting/call with you. In this meeting/phone call we would like you to offer a complete brief of the idea and website that you have in mind. We discuss, analyse and jot down every thing we need to do to make your project a success. Moreover, once we start the project after your consent, we keep you updated at every single level throughout to avoid any inconvenience. Integral features of our work would be:

  • Website UX Design
  • Website Color Combination
  • Logo (If required)
  • Style
  • Font

After we decide with all this, we start programming on your site. And not to forget, we provide best possible suggestions from our end to give you the most innovative ideas. You name it and we do it.


WordPress multisite allows a large network of WordPress driven network of sites. It is basically a platform where with a single installation of WordPress a number of websites can be made. This is how the users can benefit from WordPress multisite:

  • Users can have a number of subdomains
  • Not just one user but multiple users can use that website for different blogs
  • Interestingly, being the super admin and user you can change the theme of the website. Other users however would not be able to do that.
  • With a single installation you can run a number of websites, blogs, pages and subdomains.

Our company can help you achieve all this only if you decide to contact us and have a sitting with us. We assure you success would be yours.


Our services are not only limited to the website development and designing. For our clients convenience, preference and need we also customise WordPress websites. Not to be forgotten that even at this, we greatly excel. What we offer in this matter is as follows:

  • Design Changes
  • UI Alteration
  • Widget/Plugin replacement
  • Colour and theme change

Our clients can avail all services from us with out having second thoughts. We are the best company you can have at your side for this job.


We love and respect our clients. They are like our family and friends and only for that matter, we do all that we can for their convenience. We try our best to develop the results they need and require for their site. We make sure the clients love our work and are well satisfied. We want to say that:

  • We are here for you. A call or an email away
  • We will manage every thing with in your budget
  • We will keep meetings and call sessions for your convenience
  • Your ideas and suggestions will be on top priority
  • Our suggestions will be delivered throughout for your betterment
  • All questions and queries will be absolutely answered at all times


Plugins are programs written in PHP which add details and a set of features to the website. For example, addition of a calendar, calculator, and clock to your website. For your need we will develop a plugin from absolute scratch and deliver the consistency and remarkable results you need. You can now hire us to make your website even more catchy and viewers worthy and for of course the following reasons:


Bring us your query regardless of its size and complication and we would be overwhelmed to help you with it. Your work is to come to us and rest we will manage.

Do you redesign existing WordPress websites?

We can absolutely do redesign existing wordpress websites. Not just this but we also add additional features to it through custom plugins if the client wants.

How long does it take to finish a website?

Duration of website completion depends on the complexity of the project. However we try our best to complete it with in the realistic given time frame.

Do I get to see the design before it’s built?

As we have mentioned earlier, we keep the client updated at all times. Showing website is also included in the entire process. The clients dont need to worry.

Why I choose coding Pixel as wordpress development company?

You should choose us because we are pretty old/establish in the business. Not just old but we are also professional and highly skilled in what we do. We offer a vast and diverse range of services and our successful completed projects are an evidence of that

We started back in 2014, almost 5 years of hard work and dedication has led us to the skies of success and fame. We successfully built over 150+ websites for 30+ above satisfied clients all with our passion, hard work and dedication. We pledge to keep doing this in future and to never disappoint our clients. We treat you like are family, your trust is our pride.

We build fast, responsive, secure and easy to manage WordPress websites.