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Software Development USA – San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego.

Coding Pixels provides cutting-edge software Development Company in USA. We help you achieve remarkable business results by developing software as per your organization needs. For powerful software for your company, you need strategic innovations and impactful creations.

Being a leading software development company in California (Los Angles, Sans Francisco, San Diego) & rest of the USA Coding Pixels can help you achieve the best technological advancements.

Coding Pixels is a software development company based in the California USA that provides its fantastic custom software development services to clients mainly in USA. It does not mean our custom software development services is limited to these regions, no matter where you are  in USA or internationally you can outsource your software development project to our best in class software development team. With rapid technological advancements every day, Coding Pixels assures its customers expert solutions to help them make a statement in the competitive market.

Our expertly created software will be specifically designed to suit your specific business challenges.

Get in touch and learn more about our software development services.

Our expertly created software will be specifically designed to suit your specific business challenges.

Get hold of us and experience fantastic software development services. Outsource software development to our company and get your work on time with pixel perfection.

Why Us?

With Coding Pixels, you will achieve high quality unmatchable software development. Experience innovations, unlike before that would help you compete in the ever-changing market and reach a prominent rank. At Coding Pixels, we keep our options broad and do experiments with new technologies so that you could gain benefit from our expertise for the development of your business.

Our software development services create lasting impressions on your end user’s mind. We construct impressive software, websites and mobile applications for your company that have a smooth user experience and resonate with your brand guidelines.

Working with us would not only give you a precisely created software application but fight obstacles that most companies and software users face.

With immense experience, Coding Pixels the leading software development company in USA provides with IT and software development solution and help you achieve hard to reach goals. Our highly experienced software development team contributes to the well-being of our company and are focused on bringing value to the customers by developing quality software.

Future-proofing your business like no other!

Constructing an appropriate product for a specific audience can be tough and time-consuming. It can also be an expensive job. Various industries trust Coding Pixels to help them in their product ideas and even help them choose out of their thoughts to transform them into the perfect product.

For Coding Pixels, it is our primary objective to help clients achieve the required product they had in mind, perhaps an even better one. Even the smallest amount of resources can help us achieve something extraordinary. We save our clients the time and money they invest in their products and enable them to test a blueprint before running the actual product.

We partner with our client and work by them to construct an ideal product for them that would benefit their company and let us sees our customers smile. Before development, we gain an in-depth knowledge of the business and audience to create the perfect product and to enhance its value furthermore. We encourage creativity and interaction amongst the staff for newer ideas to achieve the most unique and high-quality product.

Software Project Consultation

Our company offers full service software development solutions from software project consultation to complete software development outsourcing with strategic project consultation. Our experts will craft a detailed analysis of your requirement. For constructing your applications, we formalize our strategies and follow them precisely. Our processes include:

  • Pre-project planning
  • Engagement with your company for an impactful checklist
  • Set targets, discussing plans, aim for executive sponsorship, and track progress.
  • Organizing staff plan, implementing tools and build-up
  • Creating software based on targeted end-users through interviews and careful selection.
  • Use of prototypes and storyboards for a better view of project planning.
  • For tracking defects, our team tracks technicalities, reviews items, system tests, beta tests, and quality assurance tests.
  • Building the architecture of a project and determining the functional aspects of a system’s architecture for better future use.
  • For achieving quality development, risk management, test runs, defect correction, and release runs are done.

Software user experience UX design:

At our company, our experts hold vast experience and creativity at work. Our UX design services provide the perfect blend of creativity and mobility. Get your project delivered on time with our fast, reliable, and quality UX design services. Innovators at our company have a high hand in their work and multi-task as well.

For achieving the best user experience, our company perfects graphic design,  interface design, and effective marketing. Our software developers test out the application’s UX design for the ultimate user experience. For any irregularities, rectification is done immediately and only delivered once perfected. We prioritize the customer’s needs and create precise requirements. We will develop your software interface will with precision and quality.

Prototype and MVP development:

The ultimate goal for our company is to develop an exact product according to requirements. With your assistance and ideas, our software development experts will find the best way to create an MVP product. The aim is to create an outcome that solves maximum problems; we will achieve that goal no matter what. Coding pixel’s main priority is to help your company grow and maximize benefit, stating with a product idea.

Coding pixel’s prototype services are quick to test an application on any technological device. Here at coding pixels, we have experience in creating prototypes for various industries for multiple technologies. If your company requires a compelling mobile experience, Coding Pixel has just the right prototype to assure you of excellent user experience. Whether you are looking for powerful software for your end-users or planning to construct a complex system, we are here to deliver the best experience for you.

Software architecture design

Without a robust software architectural design, your product would not be able to perform in different situations. According to your business requirements, we select your preferred design patterns, language, and framework. Our experience in this platform has enabled us to provide architectural software services, from design to evaluation, evolution to analysis services. For architectural software design, Coding Pixels analyses the following before creating the architectural software development:

  • Business requirements
  • Functional requirements
  • Performance level, security, reliability, and operability
  • Software development time

After analysis and development, the design is determined whether it satisfies the requirements. Coding Pixels guarantees to maintain the developed software to meet various environmental changes.

While working with Coding Pixels. You will gain multiple benefits as we adapt to the requirements of your architectural design as well as your business’ requirements. We deliver advanced and professional software architectural services that would enable to keep in touch with third party products as well.

Custom software development

Coding Pixels the leading software development company in USA develops custom software as per client’s need. The quality and clarity in our software are evident through smooth workflows and clear UX designs. For bespoke software development, We deliver remarkable custom software development services to a wide range of clients. Be it mid-sized business or large scale companies. Our expertise in software development contributes to assisting our clients with custom software development as per requirement. We accomplish tasks in highly efficient ways and look forward to developing strong relations with our clients.

Software testing service

Coding Pixel’s software testing services assure that your system functionality operates in accordance with your behavioural requirements. We promise to deliver quality functioning according to the company’s specifications.

  • Automation and manual testing:

Automated testing requires highly professional testers for its success. Coding Pixels has a staff of expert automation testers who use the latest tools to help you achieve your goal.

We also provide manual testing services to determine the product’s quality from the end user’s perspective. Manual testing lets the system operate according to specified requirements.

  • Mobile Testing

Mobile devices are used in the majority by users, which makes it highly essential for us to develop and test a smooth-running software. Most of the content accessed online is through mobile devices. Coding Pixels mobile app developers emphasizes its mobile software testing to ensure that efficient working is done and no problem occurs in terms of performance and operability.

  • Website testing

Our software testing traces your website’s weaknesses, performance, and security issues to ensure its users an enjoyable experience. We make sure your site runs smoothly whenever opened. The website accessed by multiple browsers would give no problems.

Software project management:

Software project management services are offered to reduce risks and provide with a valid process for improving software development. After years of practical experience, Coding Pixels formulated a software project management plan by consulting clients and likewise improving our software development services. We provide this service specifically for custom software plans that tend to take a longer time at developing and involve many people.

The stages of software project management include:

  • Designing a software project plan

Our company’s manager will understand your business requirements and develop a method according to your project. The software management plan aims to develop a coherent understanding of how the project should be executed.

  • Lead meetings

Meetings are led by the manager to ensure smooth working and implementation of the plan. In case of risks, an early warning will be created with the help of the discussion and meetings.

  • Gain project understandings

This stage establishes an understanding of team members, their skills, total cost, and resourcing and ROI metrics.

  • Provide technical leadership:

The project will be developed quicker through effective leadership by breaking down the work into pieces, making it less risky.

Software migration

Coding Pixels assists its customers with smart software migration services. Software migration is the process of transferring software systems to alternate technologies, programming languages and platforms. Software migration requires immensely complex techniques as they are based on older technologies and Legacy systems. These systems take time to be modified to run on new technological systems. Software migration on newer systems can be risky and require critical programming. The need to migrate a data can arise any time, be it due to storage, software updates, new transformative projects or storage upgrades. We have excellent skills for software migration and provide impactful, error free solutions to our clients. Our experience has let us understand that smooth migration of a software is highly important and requires team collaboration as well.

With Coding Pixel’s assistance, you will get the entire project’s migration. Our strategies, development and documents are essential parts that contribute to the migration process.

Updating existing software

In order to further fine tune an existing product, Coding Pixels makes a product the best possible version of it by updating it to the latest version. Software updating requires minute improvements time to time rather than major changes. Our reliable team offers support for your software and detects issues as well. We work in close contact with you to deliver a secure and efficient updated software. Coding Pixels assures a peace of mind for the end user to let them use a secure and up to date system for their project. Freely use your updated software without the fear of quality; our software updates are backed by professional software developers who know their way around their work. Modernize the way you use your product and take advantage of the latest technology advancements in software. We regularly release updates for software solutions which adds ease to the usage and highlights impactful functions.

Software team augmentation

Coding Pixels’ team of experts understands our client’s needs. We offer one of the best software team augmentation to our clients to create a well-established product. For us, there is nothing more important than to achieve the product’s goal. We offer expert and experienced developers within stipulated days who guarantee to start and finish the goal early with quality work. You have the option to grow your team up to the required number of members and develop a deeply explained analysis of the product.

It can be confusing for our clients to choose between augmented team members or permanent staff employees. The job of a software team augmentation is to provide with long term and reliable members that would satisfy your long term or short term needs.


Q) Can you make a cost estimate based on my idea?

Yes, we can absolutely provide rough estimate based on your idea and try to come up with best possible prices. However, the price may vary depends on design changes and requirement changes during project development phase. Moreover, the technology, the platform and the system libraries also play a key role in determining the actual price of the project. Stay rest assured as no compromise on the quality of the project will be made.

Q) How do you assure confidentiality?

We respect our client’s privacy and for that matter if the client wants absolute non-disclosure of the project and wants it to be private, we manage to get a NDA document signed which stands for Non-Disclosure Agreement. Abiding to this, your project remains private for as long as you want.

Q) How can I be sure that you have understood my idea?

Our utmost priority is to understand the idea of our client. And for that, we have excellent business analyst and project manager who go into detailed ideas discussion with the client which involves documentation and agreement of the client as well. We do not proceed until and unless the client is satisfied and assured.

Q) I need only the best developers do you have them?

We promise only Excellency and promised work. For this purpose we have the best developers and project managers who work day and night to provide the best to all the clients. Our work speaks for us. Also, we proceed only if the client is convinced that there is work is in best hands.

Q) Where are your programmers based? Are they in the U.S., or off-shore?

Our programmers are located both in USA and Asia, but we don’t let our location define us as talent knows no boundaries. We are just a call or an email away. Our programmers are famous for their outstanding work and we can guarantee you on that.

Q) How do you give us insight into the progress during the development process?

Our project manager’s stay in the contact with the client at all times. They contact them time to time to provide them with updates and they keep doing so until the project is completed. Client will be involved completely and will be able to check progress.

Q) How many software programmers do you have?

We have an eclectic team and a diverse group of people working for us. They comprise of highly skilled programmers, business analysts, designers, consultants and developers.

Eclectic team of


•           10 business analysts

•           20 project managers

•           60 software engineers

•           60 web designers

•           10 UX consultants

•           45+ app developers

Q) Can I engage locally with a manager whom I can meet on regular basis in USA?

Our project managers will be in touch with the client on skype and through Email. However if the client wishes to schedule a meeting in USA, they definitely can.

Q) Can you share some of the projects you have worked on?

Yes definitely. You could read our recent case studies, client reviews and testimonials available on our website. Moreover, if you require references they shall be provided as well.



Working with Coding Pixel was great experience! Excellent team management and proactively resolved impacting issues without downtime.


During my relationship, with Coding Pixel I always enjoyed professionalism at its best. Great work! I never expected such smart innovation in proposed idea. Best team!!


Highly professional team. Enjoyed scalability and proactive interaction. Loving my ideas actually floating into my application. My front-end seems exactly what I ever wished it to be. Amazingly, opened to challenges.


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