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If you are looking for a feasible solution, count on Coding Pixel’s social media apps development strategies. We provide well-curated and state-of-the-art custom social media app and site development solutions to help you serve your target market and achieve your business goals. Our professional team is replenished with vast experience, robust knowledge, and the latest technology stack to craft cutting-edge intuitive, and scalable social media app projects that generate thriving revenues.

Coding Pixel

Coding Pixel is a leading company in social media apps and site development. We offer customized solutions for your business needs, from design and development to testing and maintenance.

Coding Pixel

How We Work

  1. Planning and Research
  2. Design and Development
  3. Testing and Review
  4. Launch and Maintenance

We conduct in-depth discussions with our clients, take note of their requirements and translate their idea into an operational prototype.


Our UI/UX designers create unique designs in-sync with the client’s requirements.


We aim to deliver feature-rich, scalable, and functional apps and use the latest technologies in the development process.


After undergoing thorough quality control checks by the QA team, your final project will be delivered on time.



Full Social Media App/WebsiteDevelopment Service

  • Social Networking Functionality
  • Content Sharing Capabilities
  • Chat and Messaging System
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Security and Privacy Features
  • Integration with External Platforms
  • Scalability and Performance Optimization
  • Mobile App Development
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance
  • Payment Integrations

Types of Social Development Apps

Professional Networking Sites

Professional networking sites focus on connecting professionals, facilitating job searches, and professional networking. LinkedIn is the leading professional networking platform.

Dating Apps and Sites

Dating apps and sites connect individuals looking for romantic relationships or companionship. These platforms often include features like profile creation, matching algorithms, and private messaging.

Online Forums and Communities:

Online forums and communities provide a platform for users to engage in discussions and share information on specific topics or interests. Reddit and Quora are well-known examples of such platforms.

Image Sharing Platforms

These platforms focus on sharing and discovering visual content. Users can upload and share photos or videos, follow other users, and engage with content through comments and likes. Instagram and Pinterest are well-known image sharing platforms.

Social News Aggregators

These platforms curate and display news articles and other content based on user interests. Users can vote on content, comment on articles, and engage in discussions. Reddit and Digg are popular social news aggregators.

Key features of Social Networking Apps and Websites


Push notifications notify users and motivate them to open the app frequently.

Real-time messaging

Our apps come with an in-built real-time messaging feature that allows direct messages between users.


WordPress efficiently manages and organizes your media, including images, videos, and audio files. Using the built-in media library, you can easily add media to your website and insert it into posts and pages.

User Management

A built-in newsfeed allows your users to view anything that they follow. It can include posts related to friends, politics, fashion, celebrities, travel, and many more.

Filters and Emojis

Add zest to your conversations by using attractive filters, emojis, gifs, and stickers.