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Hire Coding Pixel For:

  • Social Networking Website Design
  • Social Networking Website Development
  • Social Media Website Design
  • Social Media Website Development
  • Social Network Development
  • Community Website Design
  • Custom Social Media Web Development
  • Video Based Website Development
  • Photos Baed Social Network Development
  • Enterprise Social Media Website Development

Count on our award-winning excellence in developing enterprise level social networking website design and development. Contact our social media website designers.

In the year 2012, a group of young and motivated social media developers and former software engineers started Coding Pixel with an aim to make it top social networking website development company. With billions of clients utilizing long range social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Instagram everybody realize social networks has consistently been colossal achievement. Coding Pixel is a reliable company to built eye catchy Social Networking and Social Media’s Website Development with the team of experience social media website developers. Our website designers design custom website as per requirements client put forward hire us to develop a social networking website.

Are you’re looking for an effective team to develop you a social media network website based on your idea? Do you think you’ve a billion dollar social networking website idea that can turn you into the next billionaire if just executed right? Then hire our social media websites designers and developers.


Coding Pixel is a best social network development company that develops custom social media networking websites, social media websites, social media games and social media portals.

We have expertise in making:

  • Social Networking Websites Like Facebook
  • Social Networking Websites Like Instagram
  • Social Networking Websites Like Linkedin
  • Video Social Networking Websites like YouTube
  • Photos Sharing Social Media Website
  • Video Sharing Website
  • Social Media Development for Professionals
  • Social Media Development for Jobs Seeker
  • Hangout Website
  • Social Blogs
  • Live Blogging Website
  • Wikis Website
  • Social Media Website for Teens
  • Social Media Website for Women
  • Images Bookmarking Website
  • Forum Website
  • Social Job Boards
  • Question Answering Site
  • Event Management Websites
  • Social Media Website for Foodies
  • Social Networking Events Website
  • Social Media Website for Travellers
  • Social Media Website for Athletes
  • Meetup Website
  • Media Sharing Website
  • Career-based Social Website
  • Community Website
  • Messaging and Chatting Apps
  • Social Gaming Apps
  • Social Media Coaching Website
  • Social Quiz Websites
  • Contest Websites
  • Mobile Dating Websites

Leading Social Network Website Design and Development Company

You need an Experience, Talented & Hard working development team. We Provide Social Network Development Service to clients.

social network developersWe build custom social networking platform, social media websites, online communities and social networking websites with great graphic user interface, high level functionality and responsive website and best coding practices. Our product designers have been building long range informal communication sites from numerous years now.  Our web based development expertise has been recognize by top IT magazines and online journal.

Coding Pixel being the best social media network development company has helped many startups with social media website development. We ensure hues, format, and usefulness is pixel perfect in websites or applications that we make. We comprehend that significant highlights of interpersonal interaction sites, for example, informing, evaluations and remarks ought to consistently be the piece of interpersonal organizations we create. We combine our web designing and development skills to come up with best social media websites.

Social Media Development Company

With All Social Media Network Features Expertise Like:

  • Authorization
  • Messaging
  • User Profiles Creation
  • Photos and Videos Uploading
  • Search Bar
  • Feed
  • Groups
  • Privacy and Security
  • Notifications
  • Online ordering
  • Ability to Extensively Customize Individual Profile
  • Social Sharing
  • Live Streaming
  • News Feed
  • Mobile payments
  • Location Based Service
  • Influencer marketing
  • Ability to Expand User Following
  • Social media platforms integration
  • Chatbots
  • Profile Creation
  • Attractive Profile Features
  • Secure Login
  • Privacy Controls
  • Advanced Settings
  • Advanced Search Criteria
  • Real-Time Messaging
  • Google Map Integration
  • Content Sharing
  • Audio/Video Chat
  • Image/Video Editing
  • Facebook Connect & Email Login
  • Photo Gallery & Comments
  • Private Messages & Message Board
  • Rich Text Blog
  • Community Discussion & Forum Threads
  • Event Calendar
  • Content Flagging
  • Content Management System
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Viral Downloadable Media
  • User Polls
  • Ecommerce Marketplace
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Music / MP3 Players
  • User Dashboards & Profiles
  • YouTube Video Gallery & Comments
  • Friends List
  • Editing Wall Comments
  • Featured Content
  • Classifieds
  • Basic Email Notifications
  • Database Development
  • Customizable Profiles
  • Facebook Applications
  • Contests
  • Tiered Memberships
  • White Labelling
  • Intro Animations
  • Status Update Feed
  • Media Rating System
  • Blogs & Blog Comments
  • Basic Privacy Settings
  • Group Meetings
  • Criteria Based Search
  • Administrator Panel
  • Ad Management System
  • Profile Themes & Skins
  • Flickr & Twitter Feeds
  • Chat & IM
  • User Storefronts
  • User Generated Keywords
  • Animated Games

Social Media Website Developers

Social Network Website Development

Life today without online communities is unimaginable, every internet user use at least one social media website, Facebook, twitter, reddit etc. and we also need to accept the fact that life without these communities has become impossible especially if you want to make your place in this competitive environment.  And like everybody else are you also looking for someone who will help you develop your own social networking website exactly like you’ve in mind? Or you’ve an idea that you think will be a huge success if implemented right? All you’ve to do is hire our professionals and leave everything else up to us.

Our social networking website developers have experience creating numerous online community websites, forums, community portals, online communication software, dating sites, microblogging websites, matrimonial website & social media web solutions etc. Social networking website development is in the DNA of Coding Pixel.

Our aptitude lies in social media development,  we have worked with many Start-ups and Enterprises and helped them with custom social media web design and development Our process of website designe and development is to give you the absolute best unfailingly.

Social networking sites we create talks the quality and expert development itself. Our business developers will work with you to comprehend your plan to the fullest, with questions and counter questions we will ensure we are in agreement. Your requirements will be understood completely, we will begin working on your social networking web design with professional attitude. On endorsement our developers will begin coding your social networking website.

We artfully combine our web designing and web development skills to create immaculate social network websites for our clients.

Social Media Website Design

If you are looking for a best social media web design company we are the right choice, we’ve designed some incredible social media networks over these years as expert social media network web designers. We know by fact that social media websites can be of huge success therefore our company can help you transfer your vision into an actual cool web design. Our team consists of more than 50 versatile graphic designers, UI/UX designers, supervisors, engineers, UI planners, and developers to ensure all the social media website we design stay wonderfully structured and flawless in usefulness.

Our social media website design procedure comprises of appropriate documentation, arranging, wireframing, structuring, coding, and testing. We make sure to come up with product just as per the requirement client put forward. We guarantee unwavering quality, great pricing, and above all client satisfaction.

Complete Social Network Development Solution

Social Network Strategy/Planning – Our planning phase involve understanding your idea and come up with the best solution.

Social Network Prototyping – We test Ideas by creating MVP.

Social Media Network Branding – We make sure branding elements we make are perfect

Social Media Website Development – We do Social Network website development as per your idea.

Social Mobile App Development – We can convert your social media website into functional android and iOS app.


Social network development tools

Here’s a table with technologies that we usually use for frontend, backend and app development.

LoginFacebook API, Google API, ReactJSDjango-all-auth, Django-rest-auth, Auth0, Django-rest-framework-jwt, PostgreSQL/Redis for sessionsAlamofire, ObjectMapper, Keychain Access, Facebook API, Google Sign-In SDKRetrofit
User profilesLocationpicker



Custom logic on top of Django and/or DRF, PostgreSQL for data storageAlamofire, ObjectMapper, SDWebImage, AVPlayerRetrofit, Hawk, Glide
ConnectionsReact Infinite

Scroller, ReactJS

Custom logic on top of Django and/or DRF, PostgreSQL/Redis for data storageAlamofire, ObjectMapper, SDWebImageRetrofit, Glide
MessagingWebSockets,ReactJSWebSockets through Tornado/aiohttp + Redis, Centrifugo, PostgreSQL/RabbitMQ for message storage and queueingWebSocket (Starscream or connection, Glide
Creating postsHTML5, ReactJSDRF and DRF serializers for HTTP and logic handling, PostgreSQL for persistence, add to search index in Elasticsearch/AlgoliaAlamofire, ObjectMapperRetrofit, Glide
Uploading photos and videosHTML5, react-player, ReactJSFor small projects, easy-thumbnails; otherwise Thumbor for handling thumbnailsAlamofire, ObjectMapperRetrofit, Glide
Push notificationsreact-toastr,


PushWoosh, Firebase Cloud MessagingFirebase or APNSNative push notifications
FeedReact Infinite


react-play, ReactJS

Custom logic on top of Django/DRF and PostgreSQL/Redis for storage, caching, and paginationAlamofire, ObjectMapper, SDWebImage, AVPlayerRetrofit, Glide

Why Us?

  • Globally appreciated: We are among the top-rated Social Network Development Companies worldwide.
  • We understand as you speak: Our Company speaks human.
  • Expertise: We have experienced senior level developers and project managers.
  • Solution to your problem: Our analysts, designers, managers, and developers can translate your complex idea into easy practical solution.

Enterprise Social Networks Development

Technology Stack

SDKs:  Social network SDKs, Apple SDKs, Laravel Socialite, Spring Social

Technologies: NodeJS, PHP frameworks, .NET, Python, JAVA, C, C++

Messager: Socket.IO, Java Socket Messenger, Javescript Websocker, VoIP; Drupal Chat (Drupal); HTML5 web socket, Client server chat C++, Lara social, Laravel Echo (Laravel)

Chatbot development: WotNot, BotMan, Chatfuel Amazon Lex, Botsify, FB Messenger Platform, Telegram Bot API.

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