Talented Human


Mathew Colleti


Website, iOS & Android App

Introducing Talent to the World-Wide Audience

For many of the individuals out there, getting recognition in the neighborhood for a specific talent isn’t all that hard. However, getting known by a global audience is another story altogether. Social media platforms are inherently cluttered with unwanted or uninteresting content which mostly is a part of advertisement campaigns or brand endorsements. It was slowly losing its human element. It was time for something new.

Talented Human

A Diamond in the Rough

Brain-child of Mathew colleti, Talented Human was pitched as a platform for those gifted individuals that weren’t able to connect with an audience that could appreciate their talents. The vision behind the project was to ensure that each individual, master of a certain skill set, had a page dedicated to highlighting their genius.

A place where talented people could feel at home.

Desperate Times Require

Skillful Developers

When Mathew first approached codding pixel, his vision was on the brink of failure. Getting his platform developed by a local company was feeling like the worst decision of his career so far. The platform wasn’t ready to handle the response it received from the audience and thus could not scale when the popularity grew. With desperation, Mathew called us for help! And indeed we answered.

With long discussions and meetings back and forth, we were able to establish common understanding of his requirements. The project was set to launch prior to holiday season. We had 3 months at our hands.

Not many can become light in the darkest moments for someone – we did just that!

Back to Square One

Efforts in Reaching Eye of the Storm

Mathews platform was previously created using quick solutions. Our first task was to take the platform to a more robust and stable technology stack. In an attempt to increase the robustness of the online portals, we ensured the latest coding languages and frameworks, that are known for their quick response, were deployed. Furthermore, it was also brought to our attention that many of the key features of the application were failing under stress from large traffic of users. We quickly sorted out the matter by using the PHP laravel framework for this job.

Attention to Details

Playing the Hardball

Since the time allocated to reaching our goals was short, we worked intensely to deliver the project. The software process modelling used were agile and scrum. This methodology ensured that we were continuously revisiting our written codes. The aggressive testing ensured that we were thorough in our work and the deliverables didn’t fall short of the expectations of our client. Rigorous planning also ensured that our client’s project was on par with his requirements.

Memories Made Through Hard Work and Dedication

All our efforts paid off when we delivered the platform to Mathew. The smile on our client’s face was reminiscent of the fact that we are indeed in a people pleasing business. From the stunning visuals and easy to use interface, our software solution was a work of art. By creating profiles for showcasing their talent, the users experienced a profound functionality of online world, that elevated their recognition among audience.