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  • # 8 July, 2020

Cricket App Development

The cricket mobile app demands hours to build, and it is the same number of hours that decides the cost of your cricket app development. To hire developers for this purpose, you need to present an overall chart of your idea for your cricket app.

Below is the list of some factors, which decide the cost of cricket app development.


Whether the app can run on multiple platforms or is made for a specific platform decides how much it will cost. An app compatible with different platforms of different operating systems will obviously cost more than an app that is only designed for a specific platform. However, iOS and Windows platforms cost more than Android.

The Overall Design

The more complex and attractive the design is, the more it will cost. A colorful and vibrant app requires more use of technologies that have an engaging user interface. Engaging designs are usually very useful in in-app conversion rates. The users will instantly download such apps.

Overall Size Of The App

The size increases with the addition of more features and functionalities, hence it will eventually cost more. Hence, the greater the size, the greater will it cost.

Type Of The App

Whether the app is a Native, Hybrid, or Web App, will decide the cost of its development. What’s the difference between the three of them?

Well, Native Apps are specifically developed for a certain platform. For instance, such apps can be developed either for IOS on Objective-C or Swift, Android on Java, or Windows Phone separately. The unique thing about such native apps is that they provide an excellent user experience. Their customer service is the best one. Because these apps are completely made in consideration of a specific platform and utilize the full features, the device offers.

Hybrid Apps work on various platforms, and they are much easier to develop. Basically, such an app works on a single programming language. They are much less complicated than the former native apps. Hence, they are easier to develop, as well as easier to manage.

Website apps are basically the website versions that run on mobile devices. They are simply websites, which can be accessed through the phone search engine. As in they are optimized for the users. However, people prefer mobile apps rather than websites. These are easier to develop than the former two.

Locality Of The Developers

In every country, developers charge differently. The East European developers cost around $80 to $180 per hour. Asian developers cost around  $60 to $180 per hour. However, developing a good cricket app requires skills, and the skills of the developers in developing cricket apps may vary from country to country.

Basic Features That Decides the Costs Of Your Cricket App

How many features do you want to add to your cricket app? That decides how much you are willing to invest. Features are generally categorized into three types.

  • User-friendly Features
  • Admin-friendly Features
  • Additional Feature

User-Friendly Features

Many features such as the account registration feature, the detailed home screen displaying the total scores, the online payment facility, access to the contest matches, and contest details are some of the user-friendly features. These features make sure that the app can retain the attention of the user by making it feasible to use the users. Once a user feels connected to the app, the user sticks to it for a longer time. Such features are an indicator of a good app. They are the reason for generating great revenue.

User-friendly features are always a good app investment.

Admin Friendly Features

The features which will make it easier to use for the admins, for instance, the provision of an admin dashboard, separate admin accounts, match management features where the admin has full access to control matches, games category management features, and payment management features. So many features, which can empower the admins to control the different units related to the app making it easier for the admin to use the app. The admin should have access to manage the reward points and give them to the user. Admins should have access to managing the different types of payment methods. Admins should be able to easily withdraw cash from the winning participants.

All in all, the admins should have full access to every minute detail of the app. And should have access to the complete functionality of the app.

Additional Features

The app can also utilize additional features, which would make it rich and more lavish. Live Match Score, Integration of API, CRM integration, Push Notification, Real-time Analytics, GPS Location Tracking, and Customer mail reminder system are some of the features that are additional features.

The live match scores actually make it all vibrant and dynamic. CRM integration makes the app useful in various ways, as it introduces the online location service to the app. It proves helpful in managing tickets and emails. The push notification actually makes it possible to connect the app with the user’s life. It will send messages to the user about different alerts. Regarding the time of the match, or the time to create a team.

Also, real-time analytic features make it possible to memorize the whole previous data, so there is very little chance of any alteration of the previous scores or other data. It also updates the data in mini seconds according to the variations made inside the app by the users,  as well as by the administration.

These, however, were a few additional features that can make your cricket app lavish. The more additional features added to the app, the more it will cost you.