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    Ecommerce App Developers

    App Development for Local Ecommerce Stores

    Ecommerce stands for electronic commerce and refers to a business model that uses digitized technology for buying and selling products. Whenever you buy a product, your wallet is participating in the eCommerce economy. As a Ecommerce app development company, our team specializes in eCommerce iOS and Android app development.

    • Local eCommerce Stores App Development

    • B2B/ B2C eCommerce App Development

    • Ecommerce Marketplace App Development

    Undoubtedly eCommerce industry is exponentially growing around the globe and this revolutionary encryption technology is doing wonders for businesses since 1994. Today, it has gained access to almost every corner of the world with internet services to purchase anything from literally anywhere and create equal opportunities for entrepreneurs. Buyers shop from a company or brand that value customers. Thus, developing an eCommerce app for your ecommerce business is a must! If you are serious about establishing clientele, brand recognition, and growing profits hire Coding Pixel team for ecommerce app development. Contact Us!

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    Rise of Mobile Commerce

    People used to shop with the help of their desktops and personal computer back in 2018. However, with the increase in mobile phone usage over the years M-commerce became powerful (mobile commerce). People are now independent of their locations and they can make purchases while taking a ride in uber, traveling by train, or working in a kitchen. That that is how mobile commerce sales have taken over the eCommerce industry in such a short time!

    As per a survey, about 37.7% of sales have increased in the last year with mobile commerce.

    The ease of exploration and user-friendly shopping apps increases the customers’ engagement in mobile commerce which ultimately boosts sales. Customers expect a smooth shopping experience while purchasing through an app. From exploring product features to selecting and placing an order to buy the product and streamlining this process eCommerce apps help enhance conversion rates and overall business profitability.

    Mobile phones are accessible to nearly every person. Their native capabilities to explore with more efficiency, easy navigation, built-in GPS and cameras enhance the user experience. Besides, the use of social media was not as common as it is now. This interactive feature and platform of technology has increased the number of shoppers drastically. Moreover, customers always choose on-the-go shopping, and eCommerce apps complement this customer demand better than a shopping website.

    The investment in the development of an eCommerce app for your eCommerce store ensures high returns. With a highly interactive, functional, and user-friendly app you can increase client traffic, and grab a large market that will boost an average number of orders ensuring customer acquisition which implies a high return rate. Furthermore, seamless and quick financial transactions and in-mobile payments help to generate higher ROI (Return on investment).

    With the advancement of technology, people have become more occupied. They prefer the on-the-go shopping checkout process that compels them to buy more often. To build trust for customer retention and earn customers’ loyalty, your eCommerce app will be design in a way that it will be accessible with the tap of a finger.

    Get you ecommerce app developed with personalized features with relevant search and prioritized features for the returning customers. It will provide ease to your customers, and will prefer shop from your ecommerce app rather than other competitors in the market.

    There is rarely any ecommerce business without a business app because it is the most effective way to market the product and capture customers’ attention. An eCommerce app represents your brand and helps you get recognition in the market as well as from your customers.

    Your swift and reflective services for mobile commerce, smooth checkout process, quick money transactions, and wide domain of exploration of a variety of products on a single platform will complement your customer acquisition and customer satisfaction.

    It is time to kickstart your venture!

    Technology has changed the pattern of living style and choices which has resulted in repulsion to physical shopping. This shift in shopping behavior has led to a change in the market strategy for businesses. Your customers must be engaged during the whole shopping process. Once they lose interest, you will lose your sales. So, product delivery, process efficacy, and best-in-class quality through your eCommerce app within the shortest period time is the way to boost your sales and revenue.

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    Best-in-class quality ecommerce app development service, Ecommerce app can help you boost your sales and revenue.

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