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    Hotel Software Development Company

    Hotel Software Developers

    Coding Pixel team develops hotel software solutions both web-based and desktop-based, which covers a wide area of the hotel management features. We develop custom software for hotel ranging from 1 room hotel to large hotel chains.

    Our team is specialist in hotel industry software solution development. These include hotel cloud software, hotel web booking engine, hotel front desk system, hotel house keeping solution, hotel invoicing software, hotel billing software, scheduling with in client’s budget. We at Coding Pixel provide specialized in developing custom hotel software.

    • Cloud-based Hotel Software
    • Hotel Reservation Software
    • Hotel Dynamic Pricing Software
    • Hotel Accounting Software
    • Hotel Housekeeping Management Software
    • Hotel Reputation Software
    • Hotel Management Software Development
    • Hotel Booking Engine Development
    • Custom Hotel Software Development
    • Custom Hospitality Software Development


    With the rise in technology and how the world is changing rapidly, no one wants to be left behind. But at the same time, we all deserve a comfortable and up-to-date life. Your comfort will be just a click away. Its time you leave the old ways behind of managing your hotel and take a step forward Come talk to us, our experienced project managers will listen to you and make sure your every need is noted down and the hotel software developers will make sure to turn it into a reality just like you wanted it to. Whether it is bookkeeping, online hotel booking, managing the hotel, or just the software to keep tabs on everything that happens around in your hotel, we’ve got you covered. We bring ease to hotels owners’ life, let us help you with your hotel software development too

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    Why Us ?

    1. Experience

    With our 6+ experience in custom hotel software development we can confidently say that our services are outstanding.

    2. Quality

    We give high attention to detail to all of our activities which empower us to give a quality result.

    3. Value of time

    We understand the importance of time in this fast pace life, trust us with your project and you won’t have to worry about it.

    4. Price

    The value that we charge for our advancement administration is totally founded on the kind of project .

    Hotel And Booking
    Reservation Software

    Specialized booking software provides instant access number of hotels, and as well as the software connects the bookings to the accounting services, create invoices, receive reports, and much more. The software utilizes features like booking confirmation, automatic billing, payment integration system, third party supplier integration.All in all, our hospitality software solutions are a perfect fit for the client’s requirements, in whatever range they may fall.

    Coding Pixel recognizes this importance of utilization of novel technology in hospitality industry, & thus empowers the industry by providing them with seamless hospitality software development services.

    More About US

    How Much Does It Cost To Build Hotel
    Management System

    The cost of building a hotel management system (HMS) depends upon a myriad of factors. The leading factors of these are the complexity of the features, development duration, and the availability of the technology required. The enhanced and numerous the features are, the more the price is. The lesser and simpler the features are, the less will be the price.

    These all factors when combined, determine the cost of building the hotel management system. On average, the cost of an HMS is ranged between USD 20,000 to USD 350,000. At CodingPixel, the pricing is flexible and we make sure to provide the best quality services against the cost incurred.

    Our Software Development Process

    We at Coding Pixel goes through a lengthy process of development, ensuring that we deliver the best services to our clients. The whole process includes:

    • Research and Discovery
    • Wire-frames , Design & Prototyping
    • Software Testing
    • Planning of the Project
    • Software Development
    • Launch/Deployment

    Why Coding Pixel?

    We at Coding Pixel, have years of experience developing efficient, robust, and maintainable software that has the capacity to govern the operation of highly complex organisation at any level. We are among the top Custom Hotel Management Software Development Companies around the world. Our software house has been developing hotel management software for many years now which gives us knowledge in the work we do. Our clients are our family & to us, family always comes first. We have got a group of effective hotel project managers & software developers who ensure the requirements of our clients and satisfied all through the whole procedure. We make software just as per requirements!