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How Much Does A Hotel Booking App Development Cost

Hotel Booking App Development Cost

Short Answer: A feature-rich hotel app development cost varies between $10k to $90k. That is a huge gap, and this gap is usually there because of the kind of features used in the hotel booking app development, the major complexities, and the different functionalities of the app.

The world has changed. The technological revolution is a thing of the remote past, and it has revolutionized in many new ways. For instance, people used to rely on desktops for their work through the internet. Now, people carry smartphones in their pockets, wherever they go.

Everything is one click away now. The hospitality industry has also molded itself into the new realities. The online presence on various websites is not sufficient now. Apps have risen to heights of fame. Many Hotels has launched apps of their own, to make it feasible for travelers to book rooms instantly anywhere.

In 2017 alone, 41 percent of transactions for booking hotel rooms were made online through smartphones,  and the numbers have jumped to 60 percent since then.

A total of travel sales of $65 billion were made through smartphones in 2018. The scope for hotel booking app development is high. Simply because the rate of conversion of potential customers on mobile phones are five times higher than the websites.

The traveling industry has made traveling experiences exciting for people. Also, these enriched experiences demand new services constantly. Customers can now great deals right on their smartphones.

Although the hotel booking apps has undoubtedly made it easier for the customers to access to various hotel rooms, nevertheless it has created an atmosphere of competition among the various hotel businesses.

If you are an owner of a hotel, and you want to take a plunge in this competition or increase the velocity of your online presence, then you need to be completely aware of the budget it would require to develop an app for your inn.

Determinants Of Cost of Hotel Booking App Development

The cost of hotel booking app development is not certain or fixed. It can neither be estimated beforehand. However, there are a few factors, which decide how much will the hotel all development cost you.

The basic cost will vary between $10k to $90k. That is a huge gap, and this gap is usually there because of the kind of features used in the hotel booking app development, the major complexities, and the different functionalities of the app.

However, different countries have different average rates for hotel booking app development. The costs are mainly calculated on an hourly basis.

North America


Western Europe


Eastern Europe


Asia Pacific


The factors which decide the costs of the hotel booking app development are enlisted below.

  • Development company/team
  • Platform of Development
  • Variety of features
  • Post-development maintenance

App Development Company

Hiring a team of techs for the purpose of development requires considering many things. Such as the location of the company, the language of the app developers, timezone differences in case you’re outsourcing. There is a lot of difference between the costs that different development companies demand. For instance, the North American rates are different than those of Europe, etc.

So, the costs vary for different development companies accordingly. It is always better to go through full-fledged research before hiring a team of developers.

Companies usually put up their reviews, info regarding the completion of past projects, and many other details, on their websites. The client can easily test the claims by going through their already made apps. The apps would usually be available on Google App Store or iStores.

The costs can be estimated once you get into contact with the respective company, and discuss the whole framework of your idea regarding the hotel booking app. Once, the complete layout is made, only then certain costs can be estimated.

Platform of Development

The platform you are going to choose is a major determinant in deciding the costs of the app you’re going to develop for your inn. Either you should go with the iOS or the Android platform will be decided on the needs of your business. Different operating systems require a different level of techniques, and hence the costs vary majorly.

It depends on the locality of the hotel, whether the hotel is in such a locality where there is more Android users or any other platform users. Asia has more android users, so the first choice of many hotel owners in the app development for the android platform.

North America has a high iOS user ratio, so the development of apps for the iOS platforms is a wise decision. However, an app that is suitable for different operating systems can also be made. But that requires more time. Because it is tough. And hence it will cost you more. The Native App development costs less than the hotel booking app development, which is suitable for the operating systems of various platforms.

Variety of features

Hotel search and reservations, filters, personal accounts, room previews, notifications, payment gateways, book and cancellation, hotel information, and many other features can be availed by your hotel app. Each of the features requires different amounts of time and effort put into the development. And hence, decides the costs accordingly.

To create a profile feature on the app requires 140 hours. Likewise, search features require 118, Room page 108 hours, booking features 48 hours, in-app messages 84 hours, review app 132 hours, travel guide feature 192 hours, and on and on.

The hotel booking app has a variety of features that it can utilize. Some are the key and basic features, whereas the others are more advanced features to make the user experience more lavish. All of these features are developed in a different amount of time and hence vary in costs.

Post-development maintenance

The project after when it is completed is not the end of the story. The app requires continuous maintenance afterward. Like to add the modifications into the app time after time is the need for ever-changing technology and user demands.

The technological realities are never stable, yet they are dynamic. So, in order to pace up with the ever-evolving technologies and user expectations, the hotel booking app will need post-development maintenance. Such maintenance can include, for instance, fixing the bugs, or availing the new features.

Key Features of Hotel Booking App

Hotel booking apps can use numerous variety of features. The key features are enlisted below.

1) Search

The feature which lets the user location for a hotel within a vicinity. The search feature usually uses various parameters such as the destination, the date, and the day, number of individuals, number of rooms available, and more information like that.

2) Book and Cancellation

This feature usually provides a safe payment method. Whether the payment will be through UT/debit card or any other method after the booking is done. Most of the hotels offer an option to cancel the booking after a period of 24 hours. And that is also a part of this feature. It makes things easier for users.

3) Overview of hotel

Room status, maps, and photo galleries can be accessed through this feature, where the user can take a look at where he would be aboding for some period. This feature is a must, as no user would want to book a room in a hotel, which is not visible to him over the app.

4) User Account

A great feature for the administration aa these features has stored all of the user’s traveling history and booking history. His likes and dislikes are recorded here. So, the user accounts come in handy when it’s about connecting to the user on a deep level.

5) Hotel Account

Deals, hotels rooms, and their accessibility, and other essential information can be easily accessed through this feature. This feature actually lets the administration run the whole process of booking and guiding the users, in a smooth way.

6) Payment Feature

In-application payments after the booking is done through such a feature. This feature offers various options for the users to do payments, either via debit/credit card or any other way.

7) Push Notification

This feature informs the users of the new offers and many other important details such as their booking time, check-in, or out timings. It sends notifications of important alerts to the users.