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Comprehensive Guide To Mobile App Development Pricing

Mobile App Development Cost

Entrepreneurs around the world! Young start-ups (ers) and old enterprises want to go online and be accessible to millions of users to level up their game. Mobile app development is the first and foremost thing to pop up in the minds of them all. In the age of smartphones and the ‘online’ world, it’s the most convenient way to enhance accessibility to the markets. The first question comes about the cost it takes for mobile app development for a certain platform. How much does it cost to make an App? Which developers should one approach? Local or foreigners? Beginners or professionals?

Here, we provide you with precise answers to the most asked vague question. How much does mobile app development cost? Buckle up!


When it comes to estimating the cost it takes in mobile app development, the answer is not simply a straight-up figure to be told. Rather,  the phrase ‘in terms of time and money is used to provide an answer. How much time does it take? The amount of money it takes will be directly proportional.

Mobile app development cost varies in different geographical localities. The most expensive app development cost in the US might equate to many times cheaper prices in Indonesia.

The first thing to keep in check is the price is determined on an hourly basis. It can go from $50/hour in the US to $250/hour. The difference merely comes from the fact that all mobile apps are not the same. Some are simply functional apps, others being medium complex and complex time-consuming apps. The time can be taken from 500-1200 hours depending upon the complexity of the app.


As the technicalities of each app vary, the price varies accordingly. Every App specializes in a certain area. Apps such as Native apps, Progressive Apps, or Web-based apps all function on different operating systems. Hence, the manufacturing of a certain app requires considerations from different aspects. And these ‘aspects’ determine the cost it takes for mobile app development.

Usually, Android app development are complex than IOS, owing to the diversity of Android devices and screen sizes. But the app which manages to suit the variety of operating systems makes it most accessible to the users and is highly appreciated. The cost to develop an iOS app is around $28k. The average cost to develop an Android app is around $23k.The average cost to develop a Windows Phone app is around $18k. (Do the lines outside Apple stores make sense now?)

Moving forward with the aspects to be taken into consideration, and which decides the prices varies in accordance with special technicalities such as,

  • Features and functionality
  • Customization of visual design
  • Platforms
  • Backend infrastructure and app administration
  • Terms
  • App maintenance costs

Functionality refers to the different features an app requires to work and be accessible on a certain device. This area can afford no compromises. Cutting down on essential features will directly affect the desirability of the app usage among the users.

Rich designs require pricing higher of course. This area can be compromised as per the budget.

The platform and the developer’s company decide the pricing a lot. Here, outsourcing is the most optimal solution as US companies are much more expensive than others. So, foreign developers are valued in this aspect. (Globalization ftw! )

The terms as in the time given to the developers influence the cost. The urgent order requires more budget than when there’s more given time in the hands of developers.

App maintenance costs include continuous bug fixing, developing new features, and code optimization along with other development. As the operating systems are updated so rapidly, new features are introduced rapidly. It is pertinent to maintain the upgrade, which of course requires extra cost.


The costs are higher in North America than in  South America. In North America, the price is $50 to $25,00/hour whereas, in South America, it is from $25 to $120/hour. North America has expensive rates of Mobile App Development owing to the fact that it specializes in App Development for IOS and Android platforms.

However, in Western Europe, the price goes as €60-70/ hour. Whereas, in Eastern Europe, the prices are around €20 to 25/hour for Android app services. So, the mean cost ranges from $75,00. In Italy, from $24,00, Australia $15,000, and Ukraine $9,000 for a simple project. UK developers cost $35 to $175/hour.

So, the cost varies in each and every country and locality. But that doesn’t mean the low-costing developers are certain to be low in quality in the projects to their high-pricing counterparts. Choosing the Mobile App Developers solely requires the reason and background knowledge of the concerned developers and the need for one’s project.


The App developers are skilled in stimulation programming, HTML, Java programming, and various development tools. Openxell, Cubix, Hard Drive World, and Utility are the names of some top US developers. But along with that local developers or beginners, who are mostly misunderstood and not trusted, could be of immense help at cheaper prices than renowned developers. After all, in the end, it all comes to a budget! Here, the professionals can be scrutinized by examining their portfolios and highlighting their project designs.

The rough estimate is decided through mutual cooperation between the client and developer after analyzing the different dimensions of the app on which it has to be created. The App Development Agreement estimates the cost of the App Development Project.

All in all, the needs and the budget decide the cost of Mobile App Development!

Here, one can contact the local App developer or can go for a foreign App developer. The locals are beneficial in the face-to-face understanding. But owing to the fact that app development costs vary in different geographical localities, at times foreign app developers are being contacted for a cheaper rate and excellent quality at the same time.

Or else you can always be a freelancer! Freelancers from Upwork or fiver prices are much cheaper. But that too depends upon the severity of the need for one’s project design and demands.

So, the Mobile App Development cost varies with so many factors. The answer to this straightforward question ‘How much does Mobile App Development cost?’ is not so straightforward but rather multi-dimensional. The above detailing the factors will surely help!

  • A basic app:  500-700 hours.
  • A medium complexity app: 700 to 1000 hours.
  • A complex time-consuming app: 1200+ hours.

Knowing that on average it takes $50- $150, here’s an estimated cost breakdown

Work Basic app Medium app Complex app
Development $38,000+ $80,000+ $155,000+
UI/UX design $5,000+ $6,750+ $18,500+
Quality Assurance $9,650+ $15,750+ $15,000+
Project Management $10,000+ $13,750+ $10,000+
Total $62,650+ $116,250+ $198,500+