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    Travel App Developers


    Technology has changed the horizon of almost every business sector. The tourism industry is no exception. Gone are the days when travelers looked for travel agents to make travel arrangements. People rely on their smartphones and user-friendly mobile apps as they rarely are without mobile phones. As per a survey, about 62% of people prefer to use travel applications while planning trips. So, it is not wrong to say that travel and technology partnership is growing by the day.

    Do you own travel business and need a travel app for your business? Coding Pixel team has experienced mobile app developers who have designed and developed many successful travel apps in the past and they will build your successful travel app as well. Contact Us!

    Considering the tremendous growth of the travel and tourism industry over the years, travel agencies and tourism companies have joined the mobile bandwagon by introducing their business mobile apps. With these travel apps, you can target a large number of audiences in no time and with comparatively fewer resources. This innovation in the tourism industry has not only increased the credibility of the business but made it more reflective and visible for creating valuable customers. That’s where we come in!

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    Launch Your Own Travel App

    Imagine an app that can guide you about travelling, including tourist locations, picnic spots, and hotels whenever you want to go on a vacation. Sounds pretty cool, right? Travelling apps are quite big nowadays and if you have been thinking of creating your own travelling app, it is an amazing business idea!

    Both the travelling industry and the mobile app development industry have great potential. Building a travel application actually holds high potential for monetization and revenue generation which makes it equally challenging. If you want to develop your own app, we advise you to leverage the expertise of an experienced mobile app development company, so you can tap into unexplored opportunities effectively.

    If you want the help of a professional development team, you can reach out to us at Coding Pixel. We have dedicated teams of developers.

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    Famous Travel Appst

    You will find hundreds of different types of travelling apps with each one of them serving a completely different purpose. We have created this detailed guide about travelling apps to help you embark on your own journey of app development

    Function App(s)
    Planning a trip TripIt, Trip Advisor, Trip Case
    Location tracking Waze, Tinder, Google Maps
    Booking hotels, flights, and trains Goibibo, Clear Trip, Make My Trip, OYO rooms
    Understanding a foreign language Google translate
    Booking bikes and cabs OLA, Uber


    In the ocean of competitive business apps, leading your own travel app will not be an apple pie for you. So how are you going to do it? Easy and excellent service is the key to customer satisfaction because people instantly shift to other brands for the minor inconvenience in service delivery. Make your travel apps user-friendly to ensure a smooth and pleasant travel experience to retain customer.

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    Travel & Tourism App Development

    Types of Travel Apps

    Deals Alerts App

    Deal alert apps are normally used by travel companies to make money by sending interested customers to other companies that act as their partners. They alert customers about special deals even when they are not actively searching for travel destinations.

    Most famous deals alerts apps include Hopper and Skyscanner.

    Travel Planning App

    As the name suggests this app is used for tracking loyalty points, browsing travel packages, booking travel reservations, etc. These apps are normally used by travel agencies while some apps are designed for individual customers.

    Some famous examples of travel planning apps include Expedia and Orbitz.

    Social Apps

    They allow travelers to connect with each other. They can use such an app to find travel guides, new travel buddies, roommates, etc. In short, they bring travelers together.

    Some famous examples of social networking apps for traveling are Travello and Couchsurfing.

    Virtual Tour App

    Virtual tour apps give users 360-degree views of various locations. These apps are used by travel agencies, real estate agents, hotels, and travel companies to deliver interactive experiences to their customers.

    Some examples include AirPano and National Museum of Natural History Virtual Tours.

    Translation App

    A translation app allows users to translate their native language into a foreign language. You can use a translation app to translate German to English or Italian when you are travelling in Rome.

    Some common examples of translation apps are Google Translate and iTranslate.

    Stand Out In Service

    Nurturing Customer Loyalty

    Fast communication, less hustle, and economic budgeting during the trip can strengthen the bond between your business and customer. However, introducing bonus offers and discounts for customers can increase both loyalty and customer acquisition.

    Bookings Under One Roof

    Thanks to technology, people get irritated with the slow and inefficient process of documentation and payments while planning trips. They need it in one go and this is your tipping point. Market your travel app with bookings of a hotel, transport for sightseeing, tickets for different destinations, and everything else they demand or need during the trip only by using your application.

    Personalized Offers

    To make your business grow you must be updated to market trends and keep a strict eye on customers’ ever-changing demands and design your app features accordingly. Personalize the offers to target a specific group of customers, and improve and polish your service style to acquire the new ones.

    Transparency And Reflection In Service

    To ensure customer retention, your business KPIs should be visible and clear to the customer. Before locking the deal, you must build the trust of your customer. Make your services visual, use pictures and videos of the particular destination, hotel arrangements, type of transportation they are going to avail in the trip, and all key features of your travel app.

    Integrating Your Customer With Technology

    Customers love to purchase what they see or can feel. Introducing a virtual reality tool can enhance your revenue. Creating tracking facilities as a complementary deal in trips can attract more customers. Technologies of instant, streamlined payments can also grab the market.

    Round The Clock And Around The Globe Services

    Fast and portable services with the lowest lead time are the game-changer for any business to grow the numbers of the customers. Making your travel application features available at right time and right place helps the users to choose your product over others.

    Track Feedback

    With the innovation in portable electronic devices like phones, tablets, iPad, etc., it is easy to launch creative features in your travel apps because these gadgets support the choices and demands of customers by providing them more room for exploration of your services. You can also track customers’ feedback for improvement.

    Top Features of a Travelling App

    All-In-One Booking

    All-in-one booking features make it easier for people to plan their trips. They can enter their destination, see available travel options, view the dates, and compare rental cars, flights, hotels, tourist guide fees, etc., in the same application without constantly switching from one app to another.

    Currency Rate Converter

    The currency rate conversion feature is one of the most important parts of a travel application. Exchanging and converting currencies is one of the biggest problems that travelers suffer face. If you include this feature in your app, you can help them exchange currencies easily.

    Geo-Tracking Services

    One of the best ways you can make your travelling app soar to the top is by integrating a GPS-based location service in it. Tracking services can help tourists lock their current location and quickly search for the nearest results be it a hotel, a cab, or a restaurant.


    A lot of times travelers often end up cancelling their flights because of weather changes. You can help them avoid such situations by adding a real-time climate forecasting feature in your app. This feature can help them view the upcoming weather predictions while creating a travelling itinerary.

    Reviews from Other Travelers

    If your application also includes a review system, it will easily gain a viral fan following because people like to review a place before they visit it. By adding a review feature, you can help people share their experiences with other travelers and create awareness.


    Developing Your Travel App

    The mobile phone is no longer an ingenious technology to use; it is as easy as pie and so are mobile apps. All you need is to opt for a market strategy that complements your business growth and credibility. Developing your travel app is the magic bullet you have been looking for. Thus, travel apps are a must-have that ensure success in less time because this is the era of smart work, not hard work. So, developing your travel app is as right as rain.


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