Must-Have E-Commerce Mobile App Features

The mobile app industry is growing flourishingly and offers cutthroat competition. Though the pandemic proved to be a catalyst energizing the growth of the mobile app industry, nevertheless, other aspects that influenced this growth include the accessibility, ease, and personalized experience mobile apps offer to shoppers. It has led to mounting pressure on the owners and developers to create user-friendly apps with multiple innovative features and a smooth shopping experience.

In 2022, the global e-commerce market is valued at $5.5 trillion, and research indicates that by 2027, the e-commerce market revenue in the U.S. alone will exceed US$ 1.7 trillion. When speaking of the biggest e-commerce markets – China, the USA, and Japan lead the global e-commerce market, respectively. Likewise, Amazon remains the most popular online marketplace for consumers, followed by eBay and Shopee.

Given the critical significance of mobile apps, this article aims to highlight key features that are essential for an e-commerce app to stand out.

Easy login process

A complex sign-up process can be daunting for a user, so you must guarantee an easy and quick sign-up procedure. If you already have users with accounts, app registration should be effortless. It would be best if you also allowed seamless integration with email I.D.s and social media accounts like Google, Facebook, and Apple for login purposes.

In addition, you can add the option ‘continue as guest’ to complete a purchase for those users who don’t wish to sign up for an account. Likewise, your app should be able to save buyers’ information for future purchases.

Adequate product information

Your product page must contain appropriate information about the items, including prices and clear pictures. Adequate product information helps your users make informed decisions about purchases.

Mobile devices have small screens, which can hamper precise viewing capabilities, dissuading users from making purchases. However, adding full product details and photos from different angles can enhance user experience and minimize the risks of product returns and hasty purchasing.

Advanced search

If your e-commerce store sells an extensive range of products, it would be great to have an ‘advanced search’ feature on the app. It will allow the sorting and filtering of products according to customers’ requirements. Narrowing down products can save valuable time and improve the customer journey, increasing your sales.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart feature is indispensable for any mobile app. It is one place where customers can store the items, they are interested in buying or intend to purchase. In the shopping cart, the stored items should display images, prices, and short descriptions of the items. You should also add the progress of steps indicating how far your customers are from purchasing the product. It will boost the customer’s buying journey, enhance customer loyalty and elevate business growth.

Push notifications

You can use push notifications to inform your customers about new items and when out-of-stock items are back. You can also use push notifications to implement marketing strategies and create personalized marketing campaigns for customers. Additionally, you can also notify them about the latest discounts and offers.

Multiple payment methods

Currently, there are multitudinous forms of payment methods. Apart from the conventional credit and debit card payment methods, you should also add other payment methods like Paypal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. In some Asian countries, another delivery method, ‘cash on delivery,’ is commonplace.

These payment methods are swift, secure, and easy to use. Also, ensure that your app supports numerous currencies and international payments to serve global customers. Satisfied customers will likely choose to buy from you again.

Progress bars

The progress bar is another outstanding feature to simplify shopping and bolster sales. This feature aims to help customers by indicating to them the number of progression steps that are left before the completion of a purchase. Using this feature, you can thwart customers’ boredom, offer them a sense of satisfaction, and spell out the shopping journey.


A Wishlist allows customers to create a personalized list of items they may want to buy in future, signifying their interest. Customers can typically store an unlimited number of items in their Wishlist. Simply put, a Wishlist increases customer revisits and allows merchants to measure customers’ interest and send personalized product recommendations to customers.

Product Reviews and Ratings

Reviews provide detailed information to customers, while rating allows them to assess the popularity or unpopularity of a product. Reading a review nurtures an inclusive sense of transparency and trust in customers. In a nutshell, product reviews and ratings allow customers to make conscious decisions when buying a product and increase customer satisfaction. For instance, Amazon reviews and ratings are preferred and trusted by customers before purchasing a product.

App reviews and ratings

You can track your app’s performance through user reviews and ratings. Accordingly, you can use positive and negative reviews to improve your app. You may want to retain the features that are appreciated and may want to do away with the features that do not impress customers. Excellent reviews will undoubtedly lead to more downloads of your app.

Augmented Reality (A.R.)

The use of A.R. brings real-world visual, sound, and other sensory elements to the mobile device, allowing users to see how the product will look in its tangible form. Some famous apps that use A.R. are IKEA, Amazon, Sephora, Adidas, and Nike. A.R. rejuvenates the customer journey, offering customers a chance to buy products with accuracy and minimal error. It is an innovative tool that can be used to captivate customers by offering them a real-world experience without having to leave their homes.

Loyalty and membership rewards

You can cement your customer relationship by offering them loyalty and membership rewards and providing them VIP memberships and exclusive product access. Your customers can receive special offers, discounts, and promotions. In addition, you can also offer loyalty points to your customers every time they make a purchase, and they can use these points to redeem discounts and promotions. Membership and loyalty features motivate existing customers to continue shopping with you, help garner new customers, and boost sales.

Loyalty App Development For Business

Loyalty App Development

No matter how small or big your business or company is acquiring new customers and retaining them is always a tough nut to crack. This gets even truer when you see new apps being introduced in the market every single day with every one of them trying to one-up the previous one.

In order to stay relevant and maintain your position at the top of the game, you need to introduce something that not only attracts new customers but also keeps the older ones interested and prevents them from going to your competitor or any other app. One of the best ways to retain customers is by introducing loyalty programs. Loyalty programs always catch people’s attention because there is always an incentive for them in the form of discounts, special offers, rewards, promo codes, and vouchers.

We can convince you with some of the most enticing reasons why your business needs a loyalty app ASAP:

1. Better Customer Retention

The most obvious benefit of having a loyalty program for your business is an increase in customer retention. People are always drawn to businesses that make them feel special. And that is exactly what loyalty programs do by offering them exclusive deals. You can make your loyalty program more effective by creating a referral system.

2. No Price Competition

The best part of loyalty apps is that they get rid of competitive pricing. For example, if you are working in the eCommerce industry, you cannot win against Ali Express and Amazon.

A loyalty program application offers exclusive gamification which makes people buy products that appeal to their desires and not their necessities. Once customers form an emotional bonding with a business, they keep making repeat purchases. As a result, the business’s revenue and profits skyrocket.

3. Provide Value To Customers

Unless your app is adding value to your customers’ lives, it is useless. A successful app is a combination of technological solutions, business objectives, and consumer needs instead of just being focused on making profits. Loyalty programs solve that issue by offering value to clients in the form of incentives and establishing authority to ensure that your marketing efforts do not go to waste.

4. Ease Of Use

Another benefit of offering your clients incentives is that you can simplify the whole experience for them. Wallets and pockets become are more easily accessible in loyalty programs and people like that ease of access. The reason for that is the majority of people often leave an app midway because they have to undergo a cumbersome procedure of redeeming the rewards. Loyalty apps get rid of that hassle.

5. Better Data Collection

A loyalty application can gather the right kind of data for you. From your customers’ shopping patterns and demographics to business insights related to their behavior, you can get all the information you need to attract more people.

Always make sure that you have your inventory, backend, and front-end performance figured out before you even step into creating a loyalty program app.

Mobile App Development for Your Wedding Planning Business

Wedding Planning App Development

We live in the 21st century where there is an app for everything. And when we say everything, we mean everything. Literally. From ordering food, dating, planning your workouts, and logging in notes to journaling, meditating, and getting help for sleeping, you’re going to find an app for every aspect of life.

The same goes for the matrimony business. The wedding is one of the most important parts of a person’s life and one of the most stressful ones as well. Brides often turn into bridezillas and grooms cannot cope with all the stress of wedding planning. And that is where wedding planners come in. Wedding planners know how much energy, time, and cost go into planning a wedding and they do all of that in the most effective and the easiest way possible to take the stress of the planning part away from your clients.

However, having an app for your wedding planning business can get you more clients and improve your services in ways that you cannot even imagine. If you are running a wedding planning business, you need an app and here are all the reasons why you must get your own business app developed:

1. Improve Your Brand’s Image

A business app can improve your credibility and your image in your customers’ eyes because customers find businesses with mobile applications more trustworthy and reliable than those that do not have their own applications.

2. Connect With More Customers

Having a business app allows you to connect with vendors and customers around the clock and all over the world. Moreover, you are able to stay up-to-date regarding the planning and execution. Last, but not least, you also get to answer all your customers’ queries 24/7 without missing a beat.

3. Attract a Wider Audience

A business app allows you to break all the boundaries and restraints that come with having a physical storefront or business. With the help of an app, that takes you on the virtual battleground, you can expand your business beyond your target segment’s physical boundaries and attract more customers.

4. Real-Time Budget Planning

Weddings are not an inexpensive affair and every client has a different budget. With the help of a wedding planning application, you can help your customers keep track of their expenses in real-time, so they know when they are overspending or underspending.

This way you can let your clients know how much room they have left to work with, and if you can offer them something that can be adjusted in their budget.

5. Registration Made Easy

One of the most tedious aspects of wedding planning is going to a shop or visiting a physical location to get yourself registered. You can make it easy for your clients and potential customers by offering them an option of registration through your wedding planning app. In other words, setting up a registration feature can also act as a way of promotion for you.

Wedding Planning App Development

In the world that we are living in currently, weddings are not just a ceremony anymore. Everything needs to be picture perfect from the dance party, lights, and decorations to the food, destination, and entrance. So, as a wedding planner, you cannot mess up.

And the best way you can assure that everything goes according to plan is by having an app that can help you escape the back and forth between you and your client, the redundant work, and a lot more.

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How Much Does Face Recognition App Development Cost?

Cost of Face Recognition App Development?

Facial recognition apps are becoming more and more common with every passing day as they are being deployed in different devices and different places for safety reasons and privacy concerns. People are getting more vigilant about their security and their privacy as technology undergoes significant developmental changes.

So much so that the global market size for facial recognition software and applications was evaluated at 3.5 billion USD in 2020 and it was predicted to reach a surprising all-time high of 8.5 billion USD in 2025 with a growth at a CAGR of 17.2%, which, if you ask us, is quite impressive. The Asia Pacific, however, was expected to have the highest growth in terms of CAGR out of the lot.

Face Recognition App Development Cost?

When it comes to the development of a facial recognition application, the biggest challenge is estimating the price. With inflation, rates of agencies, the number of hours required, and the number of people needed in a team to develop an face recognition app, it can be difficult to actually find an estimate close to the actual price however as a rough estimate facing recognition app development cost $60,000 to $200,000.

You will also find that there are expenses that companies often overlook and, as a result, they end up surpassing their allocated budget and often have to spend extra on their project. To save you from any such problem, we have broken down the total price and the factors that may affect the price to give you an accurate estimate if you want to develop a face recognition app. So, without further ado let’s see how much bank balance you are going to need for a facial recognition application:

The Best Face Recognition Apps of All Time

Before we even get into the pricing of development and designing let’s look at the best facial recognition apps that are known for their quality of service and friendly user interface for you to look at if you are searching for information:

  1. FaceFirst
  2. Blippar
  3. Face 2 Gene
  4. Face Phi
  5. LogMe Facial Recognition
  6. App Lock
  7. Luxand
  8. Vault
  9. FaceApp

Detail on App Development Cost?

If you are looking to develop a simple facial recognition app that only has the most basic and minimal features required for an app to work, then it may not cost you as much as other face recognition apps do. For example, if you develop an application that works on the basis of counting the number of faces in an image, then you only have to dish around 60,000 USD. Such simple applications also take only a weeks to design, develop, build, and launch. However, when you move towards complexity and increase the number of features that your face recognition app has, the cost also increases by tens and even hundreds of thousands.

So, the cost of developing a scalable and robust facial recognition application depends entirely on the complexity and the requirements of the project. Plus, if you’re going for a completely bespoke application be prepared to make a hole in your pocket.

A good face recognition application goes through several developmental stages, including business objectives analysis, data analysis, identification of the scope of work, risk identification, building proof of concept, appropriate technologies, tools selection, definition of high-level architecture, definition of the expected results, resources required, and cost estimation.

So, keeping all of these stages in mind the cost of the project can go way above 600,000 USD based on the size of the project.

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To Wrap it up

There are going to be challenges regarding your app’s development and design when it comes to planning the development of a facial recognition app. You might also face some difficulties thinking of an out-of-the-box solution to develop an app that no one else has developed before. And in such a scenario it can be really beneficial for you (without a doubt) to have an experienced team of developers and designers to help you with coming up with a design and the whole development process that follows after. We can help you with that because we know that for the construction of a robust facial recognition app, you need the right balance of effort, time, energy, and technical skills to ensure your project is scalable as well as worthy of securing financial investments.

How To Find Investors For Your Mobile App

How To Find Investors

Have you ever had an idea that was so unique and out if the box that you decided to turn it into a reality? In this time and age where everything is digital, a mobile app is a great idea to invest in. It is not easy to make a mobile app as there are already so many apps in the market for everything you need. Don’t want to get out of the house to get a taxi? Uber. Want to socialize without having to get out of the house? Facebook. Want food to be delivered directly to your place without having to call the restaurant? DoorDash.

The most important aspect of building your mobile app is having enough funds to go through with this idea. Without any resources, it is merely a fantasy. It can be tough financing your app if you do not have enough balance in your bank account but it is not impossible.

How to Find Investors for My Mobile App

There are some important aspects you need to keep in mind when finding investors for your mobile app.

Know your app

You need to convince to investors that your app will be important in everyday life. Tell them about specific features that solve a particular problem that the already existing apps did not seem to solve yet. To know this, you need to actively do your research and providing statistics can add to the selling points of the app. Most importantly, it all needs to be narrowed down to a small pitch which persuades the investors without wasting their time.

Uniqueness of your app

The most important question to ask yourself before pitching in your idea to investors is why should they invest in your mobile app? Investors will only be willing to invest in your app if they believe that your app can make them richer, otherwise what’s the point. If your idea holds no originality or is already being used by an app creator, it is less likely that your app will be funded. An existing app like yours means there is not much scope for your success especially if the existing app was not a hit.

Why is your app idea unique? How much potential does it hold? What is the user demand? Will it be profitable? These are some questions you need to be prepared to answer when pitching in your app idea.

Types of investors

You need to do your research when it comes to who you want to do business with and pros and cons of each. There are two main types of investors; angel investors and venture capitalists. Angel investors use their own money to fund a business while venture capitalists use other people’s money to invest in your business.

It is not easy to get investment from an angel investor and it is highly likely that they will want to negotiate for their benefit, if the offer does not suit you, it is best to refuse politely. Mark Cuban is a great example of an angel investor as he has a net worth of estimating $4.3 billion. He has made about 374 investments in total. He is also part of a hit show called Shark Tank where entrepreneurs come to pitch in their business ideas and investors will then decide if they want to invest in the business or not. Although it is quite difficult to get funding from an angel investor, it is more challenging to get an investment from a venture capitalist.

Personal Interest

While searching for an investor for your app idea, keep a look out for those whose interests align with your idea. For example, if you want to create a food app, your best bet would be to pitch your idea to an investor who has already invested in restaurants or food chains. If you are interested in building a fitness app, the best person to pitch your idea to would a sports enthusiast or an athlete with a big pocket.

In short, pitch your idea to those who have shown interest in similar products before or believe there are chances for your app to be a success.

Branding of your app

Branding is a very essential segment when it comes to any business. Your company’s logo, color palette and graphics play a huge part in attracting customers. If it is not something appealing, it is less likely that you will get any investors for your app. Minimalism is the new trend being followed by many celebrities and wealthier people of the society. It is better for your app if you stick to what’s trending for greater chances at finding an investor.

Do your research on what’s hip and happening since trends keep changing.

App contests

All around the world, different app contests are held where you get a chance to earn a hefty amount of money to invest in your app. There are always many other platforms that help you gather funds for your app. For example, growth mentor posts competitions where you can pitch in your app idea and if the idea is admired by the judges, you get a chance to win a mighty amount. One of the competitions offers $100,000 to the winner whose idea would be chosen.

Keep in mind that it is not easy task to get selected as there are many competitors. Your idea has to impress the judges to an extent that you stand out from rest of the crowd.

When is the Time to Redesign Your App?

When to Redesign App?

Hundreds and thousands of mobile applications are launched every day. And when you are running an app of your own it can become quite hard to keep track of everything going on around you and keep up with everything new that the newly-launched apps are coming out with.

Every person who runs a business venture or tech startup has the same goal when creating and subsequently launching an app: to get the maximum app profit and downloads. Now, with everyone having the same goal, how can you stand out from an ocean of the same kind of apps?

The answer is not as hard as you think.

It is actually quite simple!

You have to redesign and upgrade your app to keep up with the changing times and technologies.

But how does one know when to redesign their app? When is the right time to get the most out of a redesign and make sure that your redesigning strategy does not go down the drain?

Well, that’s what we are here for! From helping you redesign your app to helping you determine when should be the right time to do that, we have got you covered in more ways than you can imagine.

And trust us when we tell you that is more than one right time to begin the redesigning:

1. Amount of Traffic

If your app is getting low traffic than it used to, you need to redesign it in order for your app to cope with whatever the competition is offering to the customers to get desirable results.

2. Level of Usability

If your app’s level of usability has moderate to significant issues, you need to redesign it. You can fix these issues by working on the graphical user interface and error messages.

3. Competitor Analysis

Are your competitors doing better than you in terms of downloads and reviews? If yes, then it is imperative that you study their app using internal resources and then do a major redesign accordingly.

4. Is Your App Up To Date?

You need to have a standard practice of running constant research and testing drives to find out if your customers are happy with the way your app functions. If their response is negative, you must take a long hard look at your app and see what areas require changes to make your app go to the top of the game.

5. Is Your App Totally Responsive?

How is your app’s responsiveness when it comes to scaling it for browser, desktop, and mobile? The tech world is now mobile. Your app needs to be effectively redesigned to capture more users. Redesigning an app to improve its responsiveness is one of the best reasons for a revamp.

6. What Have Been The Changes In Tech Marketing?

If there has been quite a lot of change in the market, then you have been left behind. Stay ahead of everyone by constantly researching and acting accordingly by adding something a little extra or removing something to make sure that are following the latest trends.

7. How Is Your App’s Online Presence?

It is critical for an app to have a strong online presence that can make heads turn. If you think your online presence is declining and you want to redesign your app, make sure that you know what changes you want to introduce because you will be promoting your updated app on social media as well and you never know what trend the users might have switched to by the time and you don’t want your app to perish.

So, if online presence is your reason for redesigning your app, it is better to ask the customers before as well. You can run polls, surveys, questionnaires, etc., to get an idea about what your users want from your app.

Wrapping It Up

Redesigning mobile and desktop apps is an integral step in ensuring their success in the market. In other words, if you want to keep your business thriving at all times, you need to keep your products (AKA your apps) simple and high-quality at the same time.

If you have got a lot of apps that need redesigning or up-gradation or you just have a single app but you have got a lot of other work on your hands, you can always contact us. Our team consists of highly-experienced professionals who know how to make your app user-friendly and relevant according to the latest trends.

Push Notification: The Definitive Guide

Push Notification

Has it ever happened to you that you were sitting in a meeting or attending your class and you got a notification pop-up from an app that is installed on your phone? You are annoyed now because not only are you distracted, but you also have a sudden urge to open that app. That is the whole purpose of a push notification.

Push notification is an alert that pops up on your smartphone and prompts you to do something – it calls out to you to do a command. To do it or not is totally up to you but oftentimes not we end up doing it. It also allows you to speak directly to the app users at the right time and place, and all of it can be customized according to the need of an app used for a more personalized experience. The effect of it is rapid and almost difficult to pass over.

Styles of push notifications


It is exactly as it sounds, it is a text that is not personalized and is sent to almost all users. The purpose of it is to push the user to open the app and perform an action. It could be in the form of information, an update or a promotion that deep links to a part of the app. It is not interactive in any way, you tap it and you are directed to that app.


This will allow users to respond to the push notification from the interface without having to unlock your phone or open your mobile app. It can be in the form of a question or a survey, for example; “will you be showing up at the appointment today?” or “Are you satisfied with our company?” The user will be able to select “yes” or “no” from the push notification.

The response to this is immediate because the users do not have to open the app to answer, they can just click on an answer from the interface. The companies will get a response almost always because the hassle of unlocking the phone and going to the app is no longer there.

Types of push notifications

Why do I need all this information?

If you want to develop an app, it must be of most importance to you to keep the user engaged. Not adding this feature means that your app will not be able to immediately grab the user’s attention. Almost every app on the market includes this feature which means that for you to be able to compete with the rest it also needs to be a part of your app.

The most important thing to know is the type of app you are developing and its target audience. Once you have established that, next on your list should be to know what you want out of the push notification app. For example; if you want the user to apply for a membership or enter card details, they really need to be interested in the types of notifications you are sending. In the end, push notifications need to help you boost your business and if that is not happening, your strategy needs to be revised.

Type of app and which notification style to use

Lifestyle app

Lifestyle apps are personalized according to the user’s experience. These include fitness apps, dating apps, music apps, food apps, etc.

Types of notification styles that are best suited for this kind of app are highly personalized user-subscribed and achievement notifications. Because these apps are further customized according to the user’s likes and dislikes, personalized and user-subscribed notifications will not burden the app user with unnecessary information that is not of their interest. Achievement-oriented notifications will push the user to feel motivated by notifying them of all the tasks they have completed, for instance congratulating them on listening to 100 songs in a day or working out for 30 minutes if it’s a fitness app.

Social media app

If you plan on making a social media app, the best kind of notifications include updates and anything new that happens. Since social media apps allow the user to socialize, they are interested in knowing what is happening with whom and if there are any updates since they last opened the app. These notification styles will be most beneficial for your social media app.

Utility app

Utility apps are most commonly used such as alarms, calculators, flashlights etc. and the best type of push notifications for these are reminders. Many of us have frail memories so reminders are the best way to enhance your utility apps when it comes to keeping the user engaged.

Games app

For your entertainment app to be successful, it needs to be addictive for the users so they are tempted to come back again and again. The suitable type of push notifications to use for such an app would be user-subscribed, user-personalized, and reminders. The app needs to make sure that the users are notified of all that is happening in the app while they are away to keep them engaged yet not bombarded with unnecessary content.

News app

News app is probably the only app that needs to provide the most accurate information and for this to happen, the user needs time-sensitive, location-accurate, limited time scale, and new content. Push notifications will no longer be effective if they are not time or location relevant because the news will be a part of the past then. For your app to be a hit, it is essential for you to keep the user updated about what is happening around them.

Productivity apps

These apps help users do tasks efficiently, without having to struggle much for example; Notes. This is a pre-installed app on Apple devices while Google keep is popular amongst Android users. Similarly, there are many other apps that help the user increase their level of productivity. For an app like this, the most popular option of push notifications would be updates related to the upgrading of the app since they are simple to use and do not provide any other function than to facilitate the user with day-to-day tasks.

Some pointers to remember

  1. You need to keep in mind that the users have full control over the option of Push notifications and it is up to them if they wish to turn it on or off. It will still be beneficial for your app to give this option to the user.
  2. Notifications need to be kept to a minimum because our goal should be to improve the efficiency level of the app and not annoy the user with an overload of unnecessary content such as promotions.
  3. The cost of this feature to be added to your app depends on the style and type of notification and also the number of notifications you are able to send.
Must-Have Features for CBD Website

Must-Have Features for CBD Website

Let’s get straight to the point; are you thinking of creating a CBD website, but you are not sure what features your site must have for the ultimate customer experience and buyer satisfaction? People are clearly in love with CBD so, the marketing opportunities are endless. But what features should a website have, that belongs to a market valued at around $967.2 million?

Let’s unravel this mystery:

1. Calls To Action (CTAs)

You need well-thought CTAs to lead your customer to the next step in your sales funnel AKA making a purchase and sealing the deal. A successful CBD website has amazing CTAs in the right spots to encourage users to take the right action.

2. Category Tree

You have to make sure that your CBD website is easy to navigate for a user. Create a category tree for your products so you can implement the right filters. The filters will help your audience get to their product of choice by using the categories.

3. Shopping Cart Model

A shopping cart that is easy to edit, allows users to delete products, add more, update, and view it while browsing makes it difficult for a user to abandon it. So, create a shopping cart model that is both mobile-friendly and desktop-friendly.

4. Product Profiles

CBD is an industry where people love details. So, after someone views a product on your website his/her first afterthought would be to find the details. Create detailed product profiles containing ratings, reviews, information, nutritional information, allergies, uses, and precautions.

5. Subscription Forms

Subscription forms are an amazing way of increasing your subscription base to increase the traffic to your website & making a user stay for longer. So, don’t forget to add pop-ups and subscription forms. This will also reduce your website’s bounce rate and improve its Google ranking.

6. Order Tracking

Once your audience makes a purchase, they are going to want to keep an eye on their product. To provide them with the ultimate experience you need to have an order tracking option on your CBD website. To do this, integrate your website with tracking systems.

7. Seller Profiles

As soon as you set up your CBD website you will start getting sellers. The best way to go about this is by letting them sign up and create seller profiles. People prefer to know about the sellers, their reviews, product range, response rate, etc.

8. Blog

If you want your website to have a high Domain Authority, get more traffic, appear more credible, and, consequently, make more sales, then you need to try content marketing. Add a blog to your CBD website and write about CBD products and how to use them properly.

9. Chatbot (24/7 Customer Support)

People are going to have questions they’ll want to be answered ASAP. They’ll abandon your website otherwise. What you need is a chatbot that offers 24/7 support, answers their basic queries automatically & redirects them to your human support team for complex questions.

10. A Variety of Payment Methods

Offering multiple payment methods will help you grow your business as you’ll cater to a wider audience. A CBD website needs a high-risk payment gateway. Keep in mind that Visa doesn’t do business with CBD, so you’ll have to add Mastercard & Discover.

11. Reviews & Ratings

A must-have feature of a credible website is the freedom to view the ratings and reviews for every product. This helps the customer make a choice and also makes him believe that your products are good and genuine. Provide as much information as you can.

12. An Appropriate Colour Scheme

Believe it or not, the right colour scheme can make your brand’s recognition and awareness skyrocket. Use colour psychology. You might have noticed that all CBD websites have green in them. Another great choice is to go with blue or purple for CBD.

13. Frequently Asked Questions Section (FAQ)

CBD is legally a new product, so people are still learning about it. You need to earn their trust if you want them to buy from you. The best option is an FAQ page to answer questions about shelf life, side effects, forgotten passwords, payment & shipment.

Summing It Up

There you have all the must-have features your CBD website should feature if you want to make it big in the CBD industry. Our experts on CBD websites can help you out if you want to increase your brand recognition and awareness by working on your website’s optimization for the world of CBD.

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New App Ideas

Did you know that people spend 88% of their mobile time on apps? Yes, that’s true! People dedicate a lot of their time to mobile apps. So, imagine if you came up with an amazing idea for an amazing mobile app. Can you think of all the revenue you can make and all the audiences you can reach all over the world? Sounds pretty good, right?

As good as it sounds, coming up with an innovative and unique idea for a mobile app can be quite challenging as you need to have something that people will love. The uncertainty and fear of creating an app that people might not enjoy can hold many creative creators back. The fear of losing investment is intimidating but it is also quite common.

But what if we share some inspiring ways to find new mobile app ideas with you? That would make things quite easy for you, right? Well, then, read on to unlock the treasure to the best mobile app ideas:

1. Start by Studying Your Own Problems

Are you frustrated with the current way of doing things? Do you want to change that? Boom! That is an app idea in itself. Try to look at the problems you face and see if others are going through the same as well, that is your potential market right there.

2. Study Your Industry

Start by doing an industry analysis. It’ll tell you if the current strategies will be effective in the future, what trends are hot right now, and what trends will disappear in the future. This information can tell you the expectations of your target market and you can act on them.

3. Browse The App Store

Do a thorough rundown of the apps that are at the top of the hierarchy on the app store. Apps present in the top categories are great role models for app ideation. Download the apps that interest you, use them, and note down any loopholes that you find. Brainstorm ideas on those loopholes.

4. Attend Startup Meetups

Can’t find anything on the app store or trends? Look for startup pitch meetups or hackathons happening around you. Meeting like-minded people and hearing their ideas will get your creative juices flowing. Even if you don’t get an idea, you will be motivated to think of ideas and try harder to do so.

5. Look for Industries with No Recent Innovations

When trying to come up with mobile application ideas, try to identify industries that haven’t had any recent innovations. Why? Industries with a shortage of recent trends are just like blank canvases. You have a wide range of ideas to work with and market to people who have been waiting for something new.

6. Ask Your Potential Audience

You can go to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit and create polls to ask your potential audience what kind of apps they would like to see in the market. Before you even know it, your posts will be flooded with comments with hundreds of app ideas. You just have to select one and work on it.

7. Improve an Existing Idea

You don’t necessarily need to create something new. Everything has room for improvement, including already developed apps. You can come up with your own ideas on how you would like to fill the gaps in a certain niche, and then you can work on your own idea of a revamped app. Do you think there were no taxi apps before Uber?


Mobile apps have been predicted to generate more than $935 billion in revenue by 2023, so the industry is definitely lucrative. All you need is a great idea.  Once you’ve an idea in your mind, the first thing you need to do is hire a development team. If you think a mobile app development company is what you need, you need to make sure that you choose a company with a highly competent team. Luckily, we can help you with that.

A word of advice for you: Even if you’ve landed on the best idea for your mobile app, keep in mind that coming up with an idea and then acting on it to develop an app are just steps in a journey. What actually matters is how you implement your app and market it to your audience. We hope we’ve given you a clearer grasp of where to look for ideas and how to decide what you should do.

Is There A Market of Matrimonial Mobile App?

Matrimonial Apps

Marriage is an instrumental part of everyone’s life that is a sacred relationship in which two people make the decision of coming together in a lifetime relationship on their own accord. It is a relationship that is highly prioritized in today’s society as both parties involved in the setting want to ensure that they are forming a relationship with people who match their lifestyle, culture, level of thinking, background, etc. With the rise in the use of technology for everything, anything can be done online with just a tap and a click, and even matrimonial businesses are also taking it online.

How are Matrimonial Mobile Apps Making Lives Easy for Everyone?

Matrimonial mobile apps have made lives easy for everyone. There are no third parties or agents involved and people can still get all the necessary information that they need through the apps. Moreover, matrimonial mobile apps have also made it very easy for people to access and provide several offers under the same platform, thus, making the whole process less intimidating.

All in all, these mobile apps have made the complex and daunting task of finding a suitable life partner an easy task for people and their families. With all the information available on the apps, it has also become easier for people to make a decision. Let’s take a look at the influence of these apps. We have broken down the statistics related to matrimonial app market:

Statistics About Matrimonial Mobile Applications & Services

According to reports from different studies, the online revenue of Dating Services in the United States of America was predicted to reach 48.9 million U.S. dollars back in 2019. India, however, takes the lead according to statistics as more than five million marriages are performed every year in the country and the revenue of the online matrimony market was estimated to be around 0.26 billion U.S. dollars in the year 2022.

In terms of investment, things do not look too bad for the matrimonial and dating industry. As a matter of fact, investments from top firms have witnessed the market expand by 25%-30% every passing year. Millennials and Gen Z people, in particular, are finding matrimonial apps very useful. They are investing more effort, energy, and time in these apps than any other mode of socializing.

Furthermore, the penetration of mobile internet in everyone’s daily life is skyrocketing with each passing year. This exponential increase is offering a helping hand to matrimonial services-based mobile apps.

These stats and figures are solid proof that the matrimony industry is bound to grow at a very fast speed in the coming future. They make it easier for people to access the choices they are looking for and that is the reason why you can get more audiences in less than expected time.

Benefits of Developing a Matrimony App

Matrimonial apps have, without a doubt, decreased the pressure on people to find their significant other. Instead of that, they have given people the choice to get involved and search according to their own preferences and choices. Let’s look at the reasons why you should develop such an app:

The Final Words

So, the million-dollar question stands; is there any scope and market of a matrimonial mobile app? Yes, there is. Marriage has always been a top-tier priority in humans’ lives and with all kinds of businesses going online, people have kind of stopped meeting each other in real-time and they prefer keeping things virtual. Keeping the need for vitality in sight, an app that can help people meet their potential significant others while allowing them to stay online and also follow social distancing precautions and protocols is something that people are going to love. So, if a great matrimony mobile app comes knocking at their door, people are not going to say no. Hence, the market is always going to be there and it will keep expanding.

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