Top Features to Include in Auto Insurance App

Auto Insurance App

When you drive every day, the chances are that you will get into an accident soon enough. The cost of repairs can get quite overwhelming for certain people, and for that reason, they prefer to get car insurance. Most people would get car insurance as soon as they buy a new car. So if you are looking for a new venture, then an Auto car insurance business can be quite a viable option, and even if you currently have an auto car insurance business, then a good app can help supplement that business.

The insurance field is a very promising business. However, people can get frustrated filing claims through long processes, and they long for a more efficient as well as simpler solution. And with the help of an auto insurance App, they can achieve just that. Hence by optimizing your business practices with an auto insurance app, your users can apply for a claim on the go.

How will an auto-insurance App Benefit your Business?

The top features to include in an Auto Insurance App

While having an auto insurance app will most definitely help you supplement your business, you need to have these basic features to make your App more user-friendly, trustworthy, and highly popular.

User Profile

Be sure to provide an easy integration procedure. A user should be able to make his/her profile in quick time. You do not want frustrated people giving your app bad reviews.

Registration Form

By filling out this form, your users will not have to visit your office and can register for an insurance policy from the comfort of their homes.

Vehicle Insurance Information

This feature enables users to find out how much it would cost to insure different car models. This might even influence their decisions, and they might even chose your insurance because they will know the rates prior to their purchase. Moreover, this simple feature will enable your users to enjoy a seamless insurance registration.

Push Notifications

This feature is very useful for giving out updates related to your insurance business. Moreover, it is also necessary for an app like this. Since users would want to remain updated on their filed claims.

You can also use this feature to highlight special offers or to wish your customers a Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas.

A Scanner for Documentation

Most car insurance applications, especially the successful ones, enable users to submit documents through pictures/scanning. Since these documents are necessary to apply for insurance, users feel at ease knowing that through your business, they can get things done quickly.

Instant Quotation

Most auto insurance apps, even the popular ones, do not have this feature. Through providing instant quotes for different car models, you can up your game. This will allow your Insurance business to reach a wider audience.

Filling claims

You simply cannot have an Auto Insurance App without having this feature. It is the primary reason why users will download your application. So that they can file for claims faster. Enabling a chatbot with this feature will allow your employees to have a little free time for themselves as well.


This feature will help your track where most of your customers are from. Moreover, you can use this feature to send push notification to certain locations only. You can also guide your customers better through this feature.


This is a costly yet excellent feature you should use in your Auto Insurance App. What this feature does is it uses artificial intelligence, information from gyroscopes, accelerometers, and smartphone GPS. All this data is used for evaluating the driving skill of the drivers. For almost two weeks, the driver needs to give test drives. During this time period, the App recognizes the habits and activities of the driver. It measures different aspects like the frequent locations of the drivers, use of smartphone when driving, the entire time the car is used, if the driver follows traffic laws, and how frequently the drivers change roads. In case the driver operates safely and qualifies every step, he doesn’t have to pay a huge sum for auto insurance. As there is a low chance of losses or injuries, this application offers affordable auto insurance plans.

Policy Review

Users always need to directly view their insurance IDs. The simple solution is to add an individual screen, commonly referred to as the ID-screen or the Policy-Review-screen, where users can verify the policy number, type of policy, the effective and expiry dates, and the vehicle specifications.


It is a well-established fact that most drivers go for low-cost insurance policies. But there may be certain drivers that require something different. To make it easier for them, you should integrate filters so as to provide users with only relevant information.

Customer Support

This is a very important integration for your auto insurance application. As this feature will enable your users to get quick answers for their queries, and this will allow them to resolve their issues in quick time. You can use chatbots and actual human representation for this purpose. This will help you save money on employees as well.

Multiple Language support

If your goal is to operate in multiple countries, then you must offer multiple language support to your users.

Payment Gateway

To properly benefit from this application, you need to enable various payment methods. You can integrate your application to use multiple payment methods such as credit cards, net banking, debit cards, and even Cryptocurrency.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Mobile App like Snapchat

Snapchat Like App Development – Cost and Features

What is Snapchat?

It is a photo taking and video streaming app along with a messenger developed by the Stanford graduates Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. People can choose from a multitude of filters and effects to take their photo in. This feature took the users to the storm and almost every one of the millennium and generation took a selfie in the famous “puppy” filter.

Features of Snapchat


Can snapchat exist without taking a snap? Snap is the process of taking a photo or a video and sending in a group or a single person. The Snapchat app itself is also colloquially referred to as “Snap”, as is the app’s developer/public company.


The snapchat simply means chatting through the snaps. If a person sends you a snap, you react back to their snap, or send them back a snap, you two are snapchatting.


The coolest feature by the snap chat was to introduce the story feature which was later on copied by WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. What a story reel does in reel is that it published the snaps of the users for 24 hours only to the public of the snapchat. Anyone can see these stories for only 24 hours and then these stories are gone for good.


A snap code is a QR code in the snapchat that is used to make the friends even easier. The scanning of the snap code by one’s phone adds the other person to each other’s account immediately without having the need to search each other’s handle.


The friends who snapchat with each other form more than one consecutive days, they appear to be in each other’s snapstreak.

Trophy case

Snapchat uses the trophies to increase the content creation and more usage of the application. The user may win trophy for trophy cases such as trying all of the filters, for snapping more than 50 pictures, and what not.

Lenses/ 3D World Lenses

The augmented reality based special effects and sounds are called lenses. The lens examples are “The Potato Lens”, “Park at the Beach” and many more.

The 3D world lenses on the other hand does not modify the shape of the person taking the photos, rather the messy or non-perfect environment surrounding the person taking a photo.

Filters/ Geo-filters

The filters and geo-filters are used after the snap is taken to add the colors, time, location, weather setting, etc. The geo-filters are restrained to a particular geolocation.

Cost of Developing Snapchat

Lenses and Filters: A number of lenses, 3D lenses, filters, and geo-filters can be applied on photos for editing purposes before posting to make them more eye-catching. For it, developers have to make the choice between using standard file, and creating your own files. The development may take up to 60-75 hours.

Features Mobile Development Back-end Development
Cropping/Rotating/Resizing 5-10 hours Client-side only
Filters 50-60 hours Client-side only

SnapMap: Using Google maps app can determine the location of user, or it can also be updated manually. This location is used in the feature named “Snap Map” in which the snaps of the user on the world map appear. For automatic update, the developer would need to integrate APIs in the app. The data is sent by a sensor to the front-end, from where it goes to the backend. The server shows the images of the map based on the data sent by front-end. It needs 25-40 hours for developing such a feature depending upon the set of expertise of the developer.

Features Mobile Development Back-end Development
Integrating post with world-map 15 hours 10 hours
Location of Photo 15 hours 10 hours

Discover: Users can discover other users by typing their unique username and the database at the backend will provide with the desired information.

Mentions: Users can mention each other in posts or comments section.

It can take up to 60-80 hours in combined development of these two features;

Features Mobile Development Back-end Development
Enable hashtag working 15 hours 10 hours
Prepare activity log of user 10 hours 10 hours
Search data per various parameters 15 hours 20 hours

SnapChat: Enables the user to send other users photos and messages in private. This feature is a complete social media app on its own. It should notify the messages on real-time. Developers can use the API on HTTP as a replacement of permanent socket connections. By using GCM or APN, developer can link the app with android or IOS server. This can take up to 120-150hours.

Features Mobile Development Back-end Development
Push in notifications 15 hours 20 hours
Sending and receiving videos and images 15 hours 20 hours
Message transfer in real time 30 hours 40 hours


Settings: Users can delete, deactivate their own account and block others under this section. It can take up to 80 hours for developing these features.

Features Mobile Development Back-end Development
Account privacy 5 hours 10 hours
Language selection 20 hours Depends upon the syntax and semantics of different languages like Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew, English, and Spanish, etc.
Push Notifications 10 hours 10 hours

Step1 – Requirement Gathering

This step includes gathering the requirements you want your app to deliver to you. Deeply analyze the idea and how these ideas can be translated into functionalities. Check the feasibility of these ideas getting translating into features or functionalities. Now, prepare the project plan optimization.

STEP 2 – UX and Wireframing

The secret ingredient in the perfect recipe of Instagram is the smooth and seamless experience which comes from the smooth UI and UX design. It includes two phases 1) UX Modeling 2) HLD & Documentation. The phases in this step include preparation of the flowcharts and sketches of the user needs and functionalities. Prepare the information architecture design. Prepare the use case scenarios.

STEP 3 – UI Design

Third step is to build the User Interface design. The UX/ UI team needs to determine the UI strategy first of all. This strategy includes building a strategy that should facilitate the user interface experience. Incorporate art direction, storyboarding, and moldboard creation in making the full UI design.

STEP 4- Agile Development

Nowadays, agile development is preferred. This is a quick and team based software development. Project Manager and technical lead should create milestone, plan the sprint, conduct scrum meetings, and show the sprint demos to make the development really quick and impeccable.

STEP 5- Testing and Launching

The test codes and user test scenarios are written down by the quality and assurance team and the testers perform automated or manual testing to check the functionality of the app. The bugs are removed by the developers after which the product is launched.

Usually, minimum viable product with least features is developed and released. This is called beta-version.  After the bugs are reported, the app is updated accordingly.

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How to Get Your Hotel Guests Download Your Mobile App

Hotel App

Got a hotel app but worried your guests would not download it? Having an app is a hallmark for improved service that guests love. But the alone acquisition of an app does not guarantee guests will use and download it. You will have to put a substantial amount of work to get it downloaded and stay on top of guests’ minds;

Orchestrate the Hype about App

Ever asked yourself why guests would pay heed to download your hotel app? You need to find an answer to this question in your first leisure. Ideally, guests should download the app because it seems to provide the pathway to a plethora of hidden advantages for them. As a hotelier, you carry the responsibility to successfully convey this nuance to the hotel guests. But be cautious you need to show them only the trailer, not the entire movie. Creating the hype is very crucial as teasing before baiting and setting the hook makes the entire process just much more exciting. How will a hotelier do that? You can create hype about your hotel app by publishing tidbits of features and capabilities of the app, user-generated agenda, sponsors information, and surveys about the app.

Host an App Launch Event

You cannot just publish your app on the app store without some extravagant arrangement. You need to understand your app is your F-15E Strike Eagle and such state of the art cannot be released on one nonchalant morning. Host a formal launch event for it. Reminisce the day of the inauguration of your hotel by hosting the launch event on the same date. It does not necessarily have to be the exact inauguration date, but be mindful about the date it must be some special day. Invite the highest value guests, associated businesses, your potential guests, and your competitors to this event. Do not forget to use emotional appeal and human interest in your promotional content. Believe you me, it always helps.

All the teasing and baiting you did formerly should moribund at the app launch event. Download your hotel app in front of attendees, provide the demonstration on how to use the app, dissect your app in front of attendees, make them familiar with all listed features, and how to use them.

Promote your App

The app has been launched, what next? Your hotel app is your baby and you need to provide flourishment for it. You need to put constant deliberate effort to keep it alive. If you do not do it, the hotel app will eventually become a flash in the pan. Promote the hotel app in as much as possible ways to increase the reach of it. Make use of multifarious platforms to cater to this purpose;

Use Social Media Handles: Use your social media handles like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Reddit to release discounts and promotional offers guests can avail of using the hotel app. Moreover, the paid advertisements on these social media applications will perform both specific and granular targeting for the hotel app.

Corroborate the App with Website: Make sure to highlight the app on your website by adding the app icon and link. If you have a mobile website, you can give your customers the option to redirect to the app instead.

Take App Roundups

Do you know what a ruthless insult is? Let me give you an example. Social media is at your disposal and you’re not making smart use of it. Yes, make smart use of social media and submit your hotel app to leading blogs or websites that do app roundup. Roundup is an activity in which experts of different niches dig deep into the mobile application and point out the hitches it contains in a seamless user experience. You must take benefit of it and contact such websites and blogs so that they can exactly pinpoint what in your hotel app is stopping your guests to download it.

Take Some Direct Action

Take some direct measures that facilitate the hotel app downloading. Promote the hotel’s app on the hotel’s Wi-Fi landing page and your website using pop-up or banners so that when guests check-in and log onto the internet or website they are visually reminded to download the app immediately. Another preferred tactic is to send the one or two-liner about the advantages of downloading the app, also make sure to send the link of your hotel app in the reservation confirmation email to each new guest.

One thing more the hoteliers can do is to make the check-in desk to suggest the guests to download the app. The hotel management can advertise the app’s link through the in-room collateral. The in-room collateral is usually a pamphlet or a paper on which apps’ links or directions to download the app are printed. Such pamphlets are kept by the management on eye-catching spots.

Finally, if you’re free on a budget you can perform guerilla marketing tactics like promotional events, collaborations with other brands to promote the app. You can even go as bold as downloading the hotel’s app by your management on the participant’s phones.

Make the Download Worthwhile

Give something to take back something. Give the free stay at your hotel or reward the discount on a stay in your hotel when guests download the app. It will certainly make the app a lucrative option and make the downloading numerous.


Having an app alone does not lead the guests to download and make valuable use of it. The hoteliers need to streamline their efforts in the endeavor of making the guests download the app. There are about 4.0 million apps on both Apple and Google stores which ostensibly makes it very much difficult for a new app to reach the top results organically. So the tactics that trigger the app’s downloads are needed to foster the download rate by the hotel guests. Hoteliers must incorporate the aforementioned tactics in their digital, content, and promotional marketing and bear the fruits of them. They can thank us later!

How Much Does A Hotel Booking App Development Cost

Hotel Booking App Development Cost

Short Answer: A feature-rich hotel app development cost varies between $10k to $90k. That is a huge gap, and this gap is usually there because of the kind of features used in the hotel booking app development, the major complexities, and the different functionalities of the app.

The world has changed. The technological revolution is a thing of the remote past, and it has revolutionized in many new ways. For instance, people used to rely on desktops for their work through the internet. Now, people carry smartphones in their pockets, wherever they go.

Everything is one click away now. The hospitality industry has also molded itself into the new realities. The online presence on various websites is not sufficient now. Apps have risen to heights of fame. Many Hotels has launched apps of their own, to make it feasible for travelers to book rooms instantly anywhere.

In 2017 alone, 41 percent of transactions for booking hotel rooms were made online through smartphones,  and the numbers have jumped to 60 percent since then.

A total of travel sales of $65 billion were made through smartphones in 2018. The scope for hotel booking app development is high. Simply because the rate of conversion of potential customers on mobile phones are five times higher than the websites.

The traveling industry has made traveling experiences exciting for people. Also, these enriched experiences demand new services constantly. Customers can now great deals right on their smartphones.

Although the hotel booking apps has undoubtedly made it easier for the customers to access to various hotel rooms, nevertheless it has created an atmosphere of competition among the various hotel businesses.

If you are an owner of a hotel, and you want to take a plunge in this competition or increase the velocity of your online presence, then you need to be completely aware of the budget it would require to develop an app for your inn.

Determinants Of Cost of Hotel Booking App Development

The cost of hotel booking app development is not certain or fixed. It can neither be estimated beforehand. However, there are a few factors, which decide how much will the hotel all development cost you.

The basic cost will vary between $10k to $90k. That is a huge gap, and this gap is usually there because of the kind of features used in the hotel booking app development, the major complexities, and the different functionalities of the app.

However, different countries have different average rates for hotel booking app development. The costs are mainly calculated on an hourly basis.

North America


Western Europe


Eastern Europe


Asia Pacific


The factors which decide the costs of the hotel booking app development are enlisted below.

App Development Company

Hiring a team of techs for the purpose of development requires considering many things. Such as the location of the company, the language of the app developers, timezone differences in case you’re outsourcing. There is a lot of difference between the costs that different development companies demand. For instance, the North American rates are different than those of Europe, etc.

So, the costs vary for different development companies accordingly. It is always better to go through full-fledged research before hiring a team of developers.

Companies usually put up their reviews, info regarding the completion of past projects, and many other details, on their websites. The client can easily test the claims by going through their already made apps. The apps would usually be available on Google App Store or iStores.

The costs can be estimated once you get into contact with the respective company, and discuss the whole framework of your idea regarding the hotel booking app. Once, the complete layout is made, only then certain costs can be estimated.

Platform of Development

The platform you are going to choose is a major determinant in deciding the costs of the app you’re going to develop for your inn. Either you should go with the iOS or the Android platform will be decided on the needs of your business. Different operating systems require a different level of techniques, and hence the costs vary majorly.

It depends on the locality of the hotel, whether the hotel is in such a locality where there is more Android users or any other platform users. Asia has more android users, so the first choice of many hotel owners in the app development for the android platform.

North America has a high iOS user ratio, so the development of apps for the iOS platforms is a wise decision. However, an app that is suitable for different operating systems can also be made. But that requires more time. Because it is tough. And hence it will cost you more. The Native App development costs less than the hotel booking app development, which is suitable for the operating systems of various platforms.

Variety of features

Hotel search and reservations, filters, personal accounts, room previews, notifications, payment gateways, book and cancellation, hotel information, and many other features can be availed by your hotel app. Each of the features requires different amounts of time and effort put into the development. And hence, decides the costs accordingly.

To create a profile feature on the app requires 140 hours. Likewise, search features require 118, Room page 108 hours, booking features 48 hours, in-app messages 84 hours, review app 132 hours, travel guide feature 192 hours, and on and on.

The hotel booking app has a variety of features that it can utilize. Some are the key and basic features, whereas the others are more advanced features to make the user experience more lavish. All of these features are developed in a different amount of time and hence vary in costs.

Post-development maintenance

The project after when it is completed is not the end of the story. The app requires continuous maintenance afterward. Like to add the modifications into the app time after time is the need for ever-changing technology and user demands.

The technological realities are never stable, yet they are dynamic. So, in order to pace up with the ever-evolving technologies and user expectations, the hotel booking app will need post-development maintenance. Such maintenance can include, for instance, fixing the bugs, or availing the new features.

Key Features of Hotel Booking App

Hotel booking apps can use numerous variety of features. The key features are enlisted below.

1) Search

The feature which lets the user location for a hotel within a vicinity. The search feature usually uses various parameters such as the destination, the date, and the day, number of individuals, number of rooms available, and more information like that.

2) Book and Cancellation

This feature usually provides a safe payment method. Whether the payment will be through UT/debit card or any other method after the booking is done. Most of the hotels offer an option to cancel the booking after a period of 24 hours. And that is also a part of this feature. It makes things easier for users.

3) Overview of hotel

Room status, maps, and photo galleries can be accessed through this feature, where the user can take a look at where he would be aboding for some period. This feature is a must, as no user would want to book a room in a hotel, which is not visible to him over the app.

4) User Account

A great feature for the administration aa these features has stored all of the user’s traveling history and booking history. His likes and dislikes are recorded here. So, the user accounts come in handy when it’s about connecting to the user on a deep level.

5) Hotel Account

Deals, hotels rooms, and their accessibility, and other essential information can be easily accessed through this feature. This feature actually lets the administration run the whole process of booking and guiding the users, in a smooth way.

6) Payment Feature

In-application payments after the booking is done through such a feature. This feature offers various options for the users to do payments, either via debit/credit card or any other way.

7) Push Notification

This feature informs the users of the new offers and many other important details such as their booking time, check-in, or out timings. It sends notifications of important alerts to the users.

Cricket App Development

The cricket mobile app demands hours to build, and it is the same number of hours that decides the cost of your cricket app development. To hire developers for this purpose, you need to present an overall chart of your idea for your cricket app.

Below is the list of some factors, which decide the cost of cricket app development.


Whether the app can run on multiple platforms or is made for a specific platform decides how much it will cost. An app compatible with different platforms of different operating systems will obviously cost more than an app that is only designed for a specific platform. However, iOS and Windows platforms cost more than Android.

The Overall Design

The more complex and attractive the design is, the more it will cost. A colorful and vibrant app requires more use of technologies that have an engaging user interface. Engaging designs are usually very useful in in-app conversion rates. The users will instantly download such apps.

Overall Size Of The App

The size increases with the addition of more features and functionalities, hence it will eventually cost more. Hence, the greater the size, the greater will it cost.

Type Of The App

Whether the app is a Native, Hybrid, or Web App, will decide the cost of its development. What’s the difference between the three of them?

Well, Native Apps are specifically developed for a certain platform. For instance, such apps can be developed either for IOS on Objective-C or Swift, Android on Java, or Windows Phone separately. The unique thing about such native apps is that they provide an excellent user experience. Their customer service is the best one. Because these apps are completely made in consideration of a specific platform and utilize the full features, the device offers.

Hybrid Apps work on various platforms, and they are much easier to develop. Basically, such an app works on a single programming language. They are much less complicated than the former native apps. Hence, they are easier to develop, as well as easier to manage.

Website apps are basically the website versions that run on mobile devices. They are simply websites, which can be accessed through the phone search engine. As in they are optimized for the users. However, people prefer mobile apps rather than websites. These are easier to develop than the former two.

Locality Of The Developers

In every country, developers charge differently. The East European developers cost around $80 to $180 per hour. Asian developers cost around  $60 to $180 per hour. However, developing a good cricket app requires skills, and the skills of the developers in developing cricket apps may vary from country to country.

Basic Features That Decides the Costs Of Your Cricket App

How many features do you want to add to your cricket app? That decides how much you are willing to invest. Features are generally categorized into three types.

User-Friendly Features

Many features such as the account registration feature, the detailed home screen displaying the total scores, the online payment facility, access to the contest matches, and contest details are some of the user-friendly features. These features make sure that the app can retain the attention of the user by making it feasible to use the users. Once a user feels connected to the app, the user sticks to it for a longer time. Such features are an indicator of a good app. They are the reason for generating great revenue.

User-friendly features are always a good app investment.

Admin Friendly Features

The features which will make it easier to use for the admins, for instance, the provision of an admin dashboard, separate admin accounts, match management features where the admin has full access to control matches, games category management features, and payment management features. So many features, which can empower the admins to control the different units related to the app making it easier for the admin to use the app. The admin should have access to manage the reward points and give them to the user. Admins should have access to managing the different types of payment methods. Admins should be able to easily withdraw cash from the winning participants.

All in all, the admins should have full access to every minute detail of the app. And should have access to the complete functionality of the app.

Additional Features

The app can also utilize additional features, which would make it rich and more lavish. Live Match Score, Integration of API, CRM integration, Push Notification, Real-time Analytics, GPS Location Tracking, and Customer mail reminder system are some of the features that are additional features.

The live match scores actually make it all vibrant and dynamic. CRM integration makes the app useful in various ways, as it introduces the online location service to the app. It proves helpful in managing tickets and emails. The push notification actually makes it possible to connect the app with the user’s life. It will send messages to the user about different alerts. Regarding the time of the match, or the time to create a team.

Also, real-time analytic features make it possible to memorize the whole previous data, so there is very little chance of any alteration of the previous scores or other data. It also updates the data in mini seconds according to the variations made inside the app by the users,  as well as by the administration.

These, however, were a few additional features that can make your cricket app lavish. The more additional features added to the app, the more it will cost you.

How much does mobile game development outsourcing cost?

Mobile Game Outsourcing

The question that how much does mobile game development cost could have many answers, but the most genuine is ‘it depends. Now, we at Coding Pixel mobile app development company believe when we talk about mobile game development, it is not one plain story to tell, rather it has so many aspects to it that are taken into consideration. For instance, what kind of Mobile game app? Low level, medium level, or higher level of complexity? What type of design? What type of characters? 2D/3D? Android platform or IOS or another? How many devices can support it? So, yes there are various questions that have to be answered in order to answer this one simple question; how much does mobile game development cost?

Virtual reality and augmented reality have changed the whole game. Now, mobile games can be extremely advanced with these added dimensions. Which definitely alters the costs as well.

Mobile game development costs are estimated in two stages. One is the planning phase, where the whole map of the idea of your mobile game is made. That is usually done with the help of a game designer or a strategist. The second is the practical transformation of the idea into a reality. Where the idea is executed, and the games are made

1) Planning Stage

   This stage is strenuous and if your idea of creating a mobile app involves complexity, you’ll definitely need a mobile game strategist. The whole design idea and the setting of Each map for the choice of characters and plots requires a whole lot of time and expertise. As each type of development uses various types of technicalities.

All of the above involves planning. Now, it can be done with the help of professionals, whose cost ranges between $30 to $80 per hour. It is better to avail the inshore developers for the purpose, cause they can interpret your idea more genuinely and convert it into a tangible medium.

2) Practical Transformation

This is the real deal. You have your whole idea mapped to the point. Now, you have to set a budget and choose among various levels of mobile game complexities, which costs accordingly.

Outsourcing for game development is highly preferred owing to the low costs abroad as compared to the costs in the US or Europe, where costs are the highest. Countries like Belarus, Poland, and Ukraine offer low costs with great expertise in coding and visual design. Their hourly rates range from $25 to $50. The quality is also never compromised and meets the highest standards.

Basic Games

These are mini basic games. Ones that demand the lowest investment. Around $5,00 to $50,000. Ping-pong and card solitaire are such examples. Although, they cost less if the graphics are done right and the right audience is a hit. It can prove very beneficial.

Simple 2D Games

Costs around $50,000 to $100,000. The success of these games depends too. Games like Red Ball and Stack were able to hit high. As they are one step above the basic games, they require more professionalism in their development.

Mildly Complex Games

Angry Birds took a start right from here. They cost around $100,000 to up to $700,000. Its range is wide. It involves various social games and business games as well.

The social games on Facebook, for instance, Farmville, costs around $100,000 up to $250,000. These are the games that comprise the initial sphere of the mildly complex games. They have more intense graphics, ploy, characters, and languages. Business games are also trending in the market. These games are multiplayer and are usually created to enhance the positive environment of the offices. It improves connectivity and thus leads to more productivity eventually.

Such games cost highly as they demand highly skilled developers for creating cross-platform interactions and complex animation. As it’s all about engaging the professionals! They cost around $250,000 to $550,000. These games are usually used by enterprises to brand the company itself as well. So I need more thoughts and effort to be put in.

Highly Complex Games

It’s obvious. They cost way too much. $400,000 to $1,000,000 to develop a highly complex game. The investments are risky but the rewards are also huge. If you manage to hit the right audience in the right way. Also, it requires years to be completed. Angry Birds later releases were highly complex forms of games. The graphics and the vibe set use high technicalities.

Pricing doesn’t stop here!

Once, the game is made. Then comes the post-maintenance costs. It isn’t enough to create a game, you have to influence the audience in order to sell the game. You have to make your way to the market.

It constitutes two things. One is Marketing and the other is testing the game.


You’ve made a great game. Invested a high budget but unless and until the right marketing isn’t done, the game won’t breed rewards. For that purpose, high investments in the advertising industry are needed. You will make the brand name through a social media campaign.

App Store Optimization is a thing. This is done through campaigning for your game on different platforms so it could reach in the rankings of an Apple store or Android store.


While some game app development companies include the testing phase in the entire project as well. Others don’t. So you should set aside some budget for it. It’s all about removing the bugs! No one appreciates a slow and buggy game. So it is highly imperative to get the mobile game app tested to avoid any negative experience for any user. That influences the trajectory of the game’s yield’ or ‘seal’ a lot.

 Is Mobile Game Development a profitable business?

Currently, in Europe, there are 178 million users of mobile games, which subsequently yields a total revenue of US$6,019m according to Statista.com. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (2020-2024) of 1.5%, resulting in a market volume of US$6,386m by 2024.

In the US, there are over 203 million users of mobile games. Our mobile game revenue constitutes 50 percent of the total revenue. The total Mobile game market revenue will hit $ 106 billion by 2021. More than half of the population has mobile games on their phones and more than half of them spend on mobile games.

Mobile game usage is intensely high, it keeps on rising because of the Covid-19 scenario. Games like PokemonGo and PubG have a huge impact on market growth. User penetration is already at 21% in Mobile game usage in 2020, and it will further expand to 22.4% by 2024. ( statistics source: statista.com). That implies that mobile app development is a very profitable business, as it has such high demand and an extensive market.

Aside from the fact that there are thousands of mobile games residing in Google Play Stores or Apple stores, still it has a high scope of providing revenues that keep on expanding.

How do you find the right Mobile game development company?

Google search engine provides links to various companies. Visit the site of each and every company to provide the details of their services and the estimated prices for each. You’ll know whether they provide services for iOS game development, Android game development, AR game development, VR game development, and the types of 2D/3D game development which includes various game types. For instance, racing games, adventure games, action games, board games, simulator games, etc.

These companies have professional teams. You share your vision with them, they come up with so many ideas to expand your idea. And they are always one click away! If you are looking for mobile game development, reach out to our app developers.

Create an App yourself or hire a team?

Mobile apps are everywhere. These apps are applications that run on the operating systems of Android and iOS. Now, this is the age of the smartphone. People roam around with phones, shop with phones, take notes with it, count calories, entertain themselves with them. You name it and it can be done with a smartphone.

This is the reason mobile phone usage has reached 48% while desktop usage has fallen to 52% all these years. More and more people every year are buying smartphones and making them a part of their lives. According to a  report from Flurry, in 2014, 86% of the time spent online via smartphones are spent using apps. What all of this really means is that the consumer base on Mobile Phones is getting thicker every passing day. This implies that it has a huge scope for entrepreneurs and various businesses to expand their consumer net by availing the customer base on Mobile Phone Apps.

Create an App yourself or hire a team?

Online businesses need mobile apps to avail the of potential mobile customers. Here, the company or business can simply come up and create apps on their own. Or otherwise, they can hire a Mobile App Development team. In the first scenario, it needs a lot of knowledge regarding coding to be able to create and run such an App for a longer period, which should be both influential and up-to-date.

There are so many types of Mobile Apps. Which can actually make it difficult for non-professionals to learn the coding for each one?

The second scenario is hiring a team. Hiring a mobile app development team has benefits like saving time and a need to hire a salary-based developer team. In some cases, it also saves money.

The dedicated model comes with a transparent pricing system. The client has to pay the team with a fixed amount of money depending on the size of the team as well as skills and experience. The price accommodates the team members’ salaries, as well as the expenditure of the office set-up and related expenses.

Reasons to Hire Developers


The companies usually provide experienced and skilled mobile app developers who work in a specific work environment. Such companies, who provide dedicated developers have vast experience and are fully aware of every nut and bolt regarding its area of specialty. Our mobile app development company in Los Angeles provides you with skilled and experienced developers, who will work on your project under a well-established setup.


As already mentioned, dedicated developers cost less. The costs are higher in North America than in  South America. In North America, the price being $50 to $25,00/hour whereas in South America, it being from $25 to $120/hour. North America has expensive rates of Mobile App Development owing to the fact that it specializes in the App Development for IOS and Android platforms.

However, in Western Europe, the price goes as €60-70/ hour. Whereas, in Eastern Europe, the prices are around €20 to 25/hour for Android app services. So, the mean cost ranging from $75,00. In Italy, from $24,00, Australia $15,000 and Ukraine being $9,000 of a simple project. UK developers cost $35 to $175/hour.

3.No Need To Hire A Staff

Such remote app development developers companies hire a team for the client on their own. The client doesn’t have to worry about hiring the teams of developers personally. It’s all up to the company to hire and distribution the work. The client saves time this way. Also, less stress!

Also, it saves the client from going through the legal procedures of the contracts made with the developers.


Such companies are very concerned about their own ranking in the global market. A company will always provide reliable dedicated developers, so it can maintain its brand name and reputation around the globe. So, they take no risks when it comes to the quality of the services provided. So there is more security to the client that he is investing in the right place.


Dedicated developers work full time so their availability is never an issue. They don’t with other clients but are fully dedicated only to one place. So, they are all the time available. It makes it time-saving for the client when he/she has to contact and instruct the developers at any hour.

The work is completed under the deadline and the quality is not compromised. The focus is solely on quality, so the ranking of the company can be further improved.


The changes introduced by the clients can be applied on time by the dedicated developers. As they are bound in total engagement, this provides a lot of space for flexibility. Developers adjust to the new demands and fulfill the instruction thoroughly. A dedicated model strictly follows the deadline for new releases.

7.Collaborative Interaction

It is often misunderstood that outsourced developers are not very interacted owing to the distance. Paradoxically, the outsourced companies are very much enthusiastic about the provision of good services to their clients. This is why they are involved highly in communication through various online chat networks, e.g Slack, Skype, GoToMeeting, and other tools.


Good mobile app development companies provide skilled dedicated developers. When hiring any company/developer, certain things are to be analyzed:

Analyzing the vendor’s portfolio

Work experience, previous client satisfaction records, skills, area expertise, and everything should be analyzed. Before hiring a team, skill tests and interviews shall be organized.

Good Communication skills

The client should assure him/herself of good communication skills, as it can break or make the outsourcing relationship. The region and the languages used must be taken into consideration, so shall be the working policies.

After that, the trust-building is dependent upon clear interactions regarding work allotment, salary fixation and clearly laying out the client’s working policies.


Fitness Mobile App Development

Fitness Apps!

People are always willing to try to work towards a healthy life and since the use of smartphones is increasing, they are looking for solutions in them. Hundreds of thousands of mobile apps are available in the app store in the ‘health and fitness category to make their life more comfortable and healthier; because of those users, many people are willing to develop those apps.

Workout & Exercise Apps:

For both beginners who may be uncertain about how to organize their workouts and swollen beasts who need to stick to a strict schedule, workout fitness apps are massively common. On the market, there are a lot of great fitness apps,

Fit Radio, on the other hand, offers the exercise with music as the basis of structure. This app generates a playlist of songs that, for a rhythmic exercise such as running or biking, all sustain a steady tempo.

Fitness Tracking Apps:

An easy but significant first step in fitness is to keep track of consumed calories. Fitness apps for calorie counting rely on the user’s honest feedback but offer useful details in return, such as nutrient breakdowns and calorie targets.

Fitness-tracking apps allow your mobile phone or connected computer to monitor your physical activity and provide detailed data about your workout, such as steps taken, distance travelled, and speed maintained. Clean, easy-to-use tools for fitness monitoring are the Fitbit, Nokia Wellness, Jawbone UP and Moves apps.

Apps for activity monitoring and calorie counting may usually be set to give reminders of exercise and tracking targets to the consumer. To get some people excited, a motivational nudge from your smartphone is enough. More engaging fitness applications are available to inspire, promote, and empower those who are less enthusiastic!

Social Fitness Apps:

Not inspired yet? Apps for social health are a great motivator for successful users of social media. Social fitness apps enable people to share their fitness progress with friends, family, as well as with other users. Users can also produce competitions and challenges that can be integrated across platforms for fitness devices. We all like to share our aims and milestones in today’s social media-dominated world. Apps for social fitness do exactly that.

Altruistic Fitness Apps:

These applications track your bike rides and runs, enabling corporate sponsors to donate on your behalf to the charity of your choosing for each mile you complete. Not many things are more inspiring than the chance to help a charitable movement that means something to you.

Competitive Fitness Apps:

If it is not enough to simply share your fitness data to get you going, it is time to start taking things to the next level with competitive apps. Some competitive apps directly connect users with their mates, while others offer competitive encouragement that is more anonymous.

The fitness apps developed by Coding Pixel are innovative, flawless user-friendly, and user-centric. They invest a huge amount of their work into every app they develop so the app work well, looks good, saves time, and helps attract more customers. Whether it’s a Workout and exercise app, Fitness tracking app, Nutrition or diet app, etc. the quality is unquestionable. Doesn’t matter if you are a Fitness Trainer or Dietitian and wants to switch your services to the digital world by creating an app. Our skilled team of developers, designers, and business analysts can develop full-blown fitness apps.

So there you have it, folks!

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