What Are the Benefits of Shopify Plus?

Shopify offers countless benefits to small and medium-sized enterprises. If you run a small e-commerce business, Shopify provides excellent tools to manage and grow your business. On the other hand, if you are a large enterprise and want to manage and grow your e-commerce business effectively, then Shopify Plus is ideal.

Currently, 26,395 stores are using Shopify Plus, including leading brands such as Heinz, Allbirds, Magnolia, Steve Madden, Red Bull, Staples, and many others.

Directing large enterprise operations can present daunting challenges, and merchants can avail the benefits of Shopify Plus to overcome such challenges. Shopify Plus can assist you if you sell goods in significant volumes, allowing you to produce quality products, offer better customer service, and streamline operations. In a nutshell, it exterminates any worries about the maintenance of your e-commerce store.

There is a considerable price variation between the conventional Shopify and Shopify Plus. While Shopify’s price range is between $29 to $299, Shopify Plus starts at $2000. Moreover, Shopify allows you 15 accounts and 8 processing points. Conversely, Shopify Plus provides access to unlimited accounts and unlimited processing points.

Shopify Plus offers a multitude of advantages over the exclusive Shopify services. In this article, we aim to delve deeper into the benefits offered by Shopify Plus.

What are the Key Features of Shopify Plus?

One-place Management

The in-built admin tools in Shopify Plus allow merchants to make changes to various stores simultaneously and enable you to view the performance of each store individually. You can also add or remove users and control access and permissions – everything in one place.

Dedicated Support

Shopify Plus merchants have access to dedicated merchant success teams supporting you from launch to growth.

International Reach

Shopify Plus is available in over 175 countries across the world. By crossing geographic boundaries, merchants can exponentially grow their customer base and set up stores in different languages.

Innovative Apps

Shopify Plus also provides access to advanced apps, which can ameliorate customer experience and allow effective store management.

Omnichannel Retailing 

Shopify Plus allows you access to numerous channels for customer purchases. It increases your availability, optimizes sales, and enhances customer experience.

Merchants can sell products on 100+ social media channels and 80+ online marketplaces and mobile platforms.

The Benefits of Shopify Plus

Peak Performance 

During periods of burgeoning traffic, you can count on Shopify Plus to offer you reliability. Shopify Plus is well suited for your requirements if there is a product launch, festival, or any other period when platform dependability is mandatory to ensure business growth. It can handle 1 million pageviews and 10,000 checkouts a minute, with a genuinely remarkable uptime of 99.99%.

However, this differs from other e-commerce platforms, which experience slower speeds and often crash during high-traffic periods. Such occurrences can be ruinous for a pleasant customer experience resulting in losses.

International Reach

There are countless perks of using Shopify Plus, and one such benefit is its ability to position your e-commerce store in the international market. You can customize your storefront to suit the market you are serving.

Apart from translating your website into multiple languages, Shopify Plus allows you to offer an indigenous buying experience to your customers through features such as customizing currency, promotions, products, and layouts. In addition, you can also obtain 9 different store clones – com, com.au, co.uk, co.jp) to boost the international reach of your business.

Smooth Automation

Shopify Plus provides incredible marketing tools too. The Shopify in-built tools like Flow, Scripts, and Launchpad allows you to automate tasks, processes, and campaigns like inventory restocking and flash sales. You can also enhance your product pages with built-in features such as augmented reality (AR), video functionality, and 3D images. Automation of the administration and merchandising tasks could accord your team time to focus on other pressing tasks. Moreover, you can also automate marketing strategies by rewarding loyal customers with offers and discounts.

Easy to Use 

Shopify Plus is easy to manage and use. You no longer require specialized trained staff to perform particular tasks; the resources reserved for such tasks could be used elsewhere for business-related purposes. In addition, you don’t need to worry about your e-commerce store maintenance as the servers are entirely hosted online.

Smooth Migration

Large enterprises with a wide range of products can easily migrate to Shopify Plus without losing the data. Through the ‘merchant success program,’ engineers and technicians can facilitate a smooth transition to Shopify Plus. They will also ensure that the integrations, payment gateways, SSL certificates, and other technical elements work fluidly.

Responsive Platform 

Page loading speeds are indispensable in determining customer retention and purchases, and poor page loading speeds can hike up bounce-off rates. Shopify Plus offers a remedy to the problem, as it offers quick loading speeds due to its cutting-edge hosting solutions and architecture. Unlike Shopify, Shopify Plus provides an astounding 60% more rapid page loading speed. Likewise, Shopify Plus is seamless and swift with the set-up process, and it reduces time to a few weeks as opposed to other enterprise hosting platforms, where it can take months to create your store.


Shopify Plus offers another conspicuous benefit in the form of versatility. Its flexible platform makes it super easy to add features, install apps, and customize integrations for your e-commerce store. Additionally, the platform is excellent at adaptability, you can integrate and take advantage of new features as soon as they are available. For example, when Apple Pay and Google Pay were rolled out, they became accessible on all Shopify platforms without complex integration. At the same time, integration of the same payment methods on other platforms could take plenty of time.

Seamless Integrations

Shopify Plus enables consistent integrations with your primary systems like ERP, OMS, CRM, and WMS. The robust API allows smooth integrations, streamlining operations, ensuring productivity, and lessening the IT team’s work burden.

Top-Level Security

Shopify Plus pays paramount attention to the security of transactions. As such, Shopify Plus is beefed up with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard for organizations known as PCI-DSS Level 1, which is considered the first-rate compliance standard for credit card processing. Moreover, Shopify Plus rigorously upgrades its security protocols to thwart the latest security threats.

Customization Options

In comparison to Shopify, Shopify Plus offers you myriad advanced customization options, ranging from design to usage. Customizations allow you to stand out, attract leads and bolster conversion rates. You can use customized themes, layout designs, settings, and content in sync with your brand vision. Shopify Plus customizations are multitudinous and aesthetically staggering, prompting businesses to buy Shopify Plus plans.

Omnichannel Integration

Omnichannel integration aims to promote your e-commerce business through social media marketing and sales. Shopify Plus’s advanced architecture allows it to be connected with online marketplaces and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, increasing the presence of your business at various digital touchpoints and assisting you in garnering customers and increasing sales.

Another key feature of its vital features is the Shopify POS, which allows merchants to fuse different purchase options. These options include:

Exclusive Mobile Store Builder

Shopify Plus also grants its members exclusive access to a mobile store builder. It allows merchants to engineer Android and iOS apps from scratch without having any prior technical knowledge of creating apps with zero cost.

Data Analytics

Data analytics are crucial to assess the performance of your e-commerce store. Though Shopify already has a responsive analytics dashboard, which provides insight into your store’s performance through real-time data and reports. Shopify Plus has partnered with renowned analytics businesses like Glew, Looker, and Tableau, to dive deeper and provide efficient integrations by offering in-depth analysis and reports to make sound and informed business decisions.

Wholesale Account

The wholesale account feature allows merchants to establish and run a wholesale account distinct from a Shopify store. It is a great way to serve your B2B and wholesale clientele. This feature allows you to add products and sell at prices compared to your primary Shopify store.

Competitive Pricing

The price for Shopify Plus starts at $2000 per month. Nevertheless, the exorbitant amount considers various factors as it aims to serve large-size enterprises that seek effective management, enhanced performance and need countless features for their e-commerce store. Moreover, there could be additional fees, including transaction and optional fees, that you will need to add to your budget.

Booming Growth 

Shopify has seen proliferating growth since its inception in 2014. There are over 1 million brands that use Shopify to sell goods online. It is expected that Shopify Plus, being an enterprise service, will be maximizing its market share. Shopify constantly adds new and innovative features to the platform, which will likely remain a stellar offering in the future.

Customer Support

Shopify Plus merchants receive extraordinary and exclusive support from Shopify’s priority support team. A ‘launch manager’ assists you during the creation and migration process, and a ‘merchant success manager’ will provide you with constant support in the post-creation phase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to get Shopify Plus?

You can contact the Shopify Plus team. In addition, you can either build your store from scratch or migrate from another e-commerce platform such as WooCommerce or Magento. According to the Shopify Plus website, the building process for the store should be completed within 90 days.

Why should I go for Shopify Plus?

The answer depends on the size of your business. Are you a large enterprise? If the answer is yes, then you should build your e-commerce store on Shopify Plus, and it can broaden your customer reach and boost your business substantively. And if you are a small-sized enterprise, then you are better off with Shopify alone.

What is the price of Shopify Plus?

The price of Shopify Plus starts at $2000 per month.

What’s the difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus?

Shopify is appropriate for serving small to medium-sized enterprises, while Shopify Plus offers advanced services and intends to cater to large-sized enterprises.

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When to Redesign Shopify Website?

Redesign Your Shopify Website

The post-Covid world has dramatically altered every sector of the economy. Despite its adverse impact on numerous industries, the e-commerce industry bloomed, with countless new e-commerce sites springing up. It means increased competition and battering pressure on stores to come up with new strategies to offer a smooth customer experience.

At the moment, Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the world, with revenues of over $1.3 million in 2022. Around 4 million e-commerce sites are built on Shopify in over 175 countries. Primarily, it owes popularity to its affordability, user-friendly and customizable features.

Suppose you think your Shopify store looks outdated and bland and want to take on your competitors and carve out a distinct identity for your e-commerce store. In that case, It is time to redesign your Shopify store, which can enhance functionality and boost user experience. Get help from shopify website development company.

We will highlight some key indicators of when your Shopify store needs a redesign and offer some remedies to fix issues.

Outdated features

It would help if you did not minimize the significance of your e-commerce store compared to an actual brick-and-mortar store. Your e-commerce site requires constant maintenance and updates to compete with rival stores. Brands that evade regular maintenance and must devise effective strategies are bound to suffer ramifications.

Technology is evolving strikingly. Therefore, propping up your Shopify site with regular updates and new features is crucial. You can add additional product information, update product imagery, add web pages for new products or amend hero banners.

High bounce rate

Did you know poor loading speed escalates bounce rates? Bounce rates refer to the number of visitors leaving your site after viewing one page without taking action.

Potential shoppers expect your Shopify site to load in less than two seconds. There are countless reasons your site might need to load faster, such as obsolete codes and a considerable number of images or videos on your site. Apart from speed, users can also have navigational issues, which can hamper a smooth user experience, or they may need help finding your Shopify site visually alluring.

If your bounce rate is above 50%, then there are some serious underlying issues with your site. You can begin by grappling with the root cause of the problem and identify the exact point where your customers are facing issues and bouncing off. In addition, you can work to ameliorate the navigational capabilities and boost the functional features of your Shopify site.

Lack of security

Your customers need a sense of security to aid their shopping journey. An outdated website is consistently vulnerable to attacks, which can ruin a business. Therefore, your Shopify store must prioritize security.

You should continually update the latest security patches, ensure steps to safeguard customer data and provide updated coding. Moreover, you must take adequate measures to ensure a highly secure checkout process because your customers can bounce off if the checkout experience does not offer safety.

Likewise, another great way to authenticate your site is using HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. Your weblink should display the ‘green lock,’ as it encrypts credit card numbers and passwords, blocking its accessibility to third parties.

Mobile device optimization

Mobile devices account for more than half of the internet shopping traffic. Therefore, if you want your e-commerce store to be successful and lucrative, your store should cater to mobile users. If you overlook the significance of mobile optimization, it can have a fallout on your digital marketing strategies and sales.

If your website is not mobile-friendly, it will most likely put off potential customers. They might need to be more satisfied with the design or the navigation and will prefer to check on more appealing Shopify stores.

The panacea for this predicament will be to analyze the mobile traffic statistics to identify the number of mobile users visiting your site, measure the bounce rate and establish the point where your customers are bouncing off. Similarly, you can also assess your mobile conversion rate to identify whether your mobile optimization is adequate.

Inconsistent branding

Your brand vision must exhibit consistency and uniformity. When your storefront and public perception of your brand on social media are incongruent and dissimilar, it can lead to an inconsistent brand vision. It can also cause your customers to bounce off.

Changing brand guidelines such as logo, font types, color, typography, and tones can have implications for your Shopify store. Hence, you will have to clearly define a rigid brand vision and ensure consistent and synchronized marketing strategies.

Poor SERP results

Search engines play an essential role in online shopping, and it is the first tool customers usually use to begin their shopping journey. People are most likely to visit those stores that are ranked higher in the SERPs. Hence, if your store does not rank higher in the search results, it is probable that the content needs to be updated or the store design needs to be more appealing.

It is recommended to monitor the performance of the Shopify store through SEO tools, you can assess the number of organic traffic to your page, and vital keywords are ineffective. If your organic traffic has tumbled down, it is high time that you redesign your site. You should check for optimized content for search engines, whether your keywords are evenly sprinkled throughout the website, and whether or not the website structure is easy-to-understand for the search engines.

Uninteresting CTAs

Call-to-action, or CTA, is critical for driving traffic to your site. An engaging, creative and pragmatic CTA guides visitors about the action they should take.

On the contrary, if your CTA’s lack these features, it is recommended to make necessary changes to your website.

You will have to assess whether your CTAs trigger your visitors to click the link. You need to ensure that the CTA button is conspicuous or eclipsed by the website’s design features. Moreover, you can also examine the CTA’s color, whether dull or bright, to entice visitors. It is also advisable to emphasize your primary CTAs with a bold font and bright colors in contrast to your secondary CTAs.

Fierce competition

High competition could lead to a declining market share and a decreased customer base, resulting in falling sales. An enriching user-friendly site is critical to beat your business competition and to conserve your profits. If you think you are falling behind your rivals and they are gaining a competitive edge, your best bet is to revamp your Shopify store.

You can employ various strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Firstly, examine your competitors’ websites and assess what they have applied. You can check their color scheme, design elements, font style, images, page loading speed, and overall user experience (UX). You should take note of these elements and implement them on your website.

Your website displays limited products.

Your Shopify site should display a wide range of products. Suppose visitors to your website see a limited range of products or a product they are looking for is missing. In that case, it can be frustrating and underwhelming, so they might prefer to visit a site with more product offerings.

The structure of your Shopify store should be able to maintain numerous product lines. When introducing a new product line, ensure your site you should be able to adjust changes to home pages, category pages, menu bars, and buy now buttons. It is suitable to rely on UI/UX designers for such changes, as making them will make your e-commerce site valuable.

Key Shopify store redesign measures

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows merchants to build customizable online stores and sell to customers anywhere.

Is Shopify available in my country?

Shopify is available in over 175 countries on six continents across the world.

Is Shopify available in my language?

Shopify is available in several languages.

Why should I build a Shopify store?

Shopify is the most popular e-commerce platform. On top of that, it is user-friendly and allows an easy way to launch an online store.

Can I hire an expert to design my Shopify store?

You can hire Shopify developers to build, design, and redesign your store.

How much does a Shopify store redesign cost?

The cost will depend on the extent and complexity of the project.

Why do small businesses prefer Shopify?

Shopify provides essential tools to manage and expand your e-commerce business beyond geographic boundaries.

Final Word

Redesigning a Shopify store may seem monumental. And we agree to redesign a site can be challenging and is certainly not a trivial task, and it requires time and money. However, if your site fails to meet visitors’ expectations, needs to be updated, has a mounting bounce rate, and is flagging traffic, redesigning the site is your last resort. A redesigned site will rectify the issues culminating in improved traffic, satisfied customers, and booming revenues.

We understand that redesigning can be pretty overwhelming. However, you can count on our outstanding redesign expertise for the Shopify store. Contact our team!

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