What Makes a Website Successful

The Internet has considerably transformed our lives as it connects businesses, people, and governments. As such, a website is the main visage of the internet, through which a user can reap the benefits. According to a report, there are approximately 2 billion websites on the internet. It takes only 50 milliseconds for a user to form an opinion about your website. Apart from individual users, websites are also propitious for businesses. This article highlights some key elements businesses can employ to make a successful website.

What is the importance of a website?


There are myriad benefits of websites for businesses. They commonly include:

Websites enable businesses to display professionalism and credibility,

Websites allow businesses to connect with clients effortlessly,

Websites are cost-effective compared to other marketing tools,

Websites are crucial in generating leads and positive ROI (return on investment),

Websites provide businesses with profitable opportunities inside and outside their country of origin.

A website can enable your business to accomplish various marketing strategies.

What are the main qualities of a successful website?


Have a clear goal.

You should have a clear vision of the goal of creating a website. Do you want to promote your business? Or do you want to gain customers? Your goal should be crystal clear in your mind. Similarly, the content of your website should harmonize with your target visitors. Moreover, you should also pin the search intent and plan the user journey on your website.

Make your site mobile-friendly.

As users spend more and more time on their smartphones, your website must be mobile-friendly. If your website offers an adverse user experience, it will likely rank poorly in SERPs.

Make your website secure and credible.

A secure website boosts credibility. Users prefer secure and trustworthy websites, and the presence of a green lock icon means that a business takes security seriously. Use the latest software, enable SSL, create robust passwords and employ tools such as Cloudflare to protect your site from hacking.

Keep your homepage simple.

When designing your homepage, remember the impression you want your customers to get. Make sure that your homepage is easy to navigate. The content on your site should inform visitors about your business, products, and services.

Your website design should be stunning and offer great user experience.

User experience is about offering a pleasant experience to visitors. A successful website should offer an excellent user experience. It commonly includes speedy loading times for pages, better text visibility, and proper functioning buttons.

Add a clear description of your business on your site.

Your site must inform your visitors about your business. Hence, ensure that your main homepage and the other banners are visual demonstrations of your products and services. Furthermore, set your main and footer navigation menus to have an ‘About us’ feature so people can read about your business comprehensively.

Create a pleasing user interface.

It is also important that your website interface leaves a favorable impression on your customers. Therefore it is recommended to use easy and simple fonts and fascinating graphics, optimize your images for a swift speed, enable easy navigation, and add enticing CTAs.

Don’t clutter your website with information.

If you want your website to provide a rewarding user experience, ensure that it is not muddled with information. In addition, maintain a healthy balance between graphics and text on your website.

Incorporate best SEO techniques.

Adopting efficient SEO practices allows search engines to index and rank your website and display it to users. If your website offers quality content, it ranks higher in SERPs. Additionally, the success of a website also rests in employing the best technical SEO practices, content marketing, keyword research, and pay-per-click advertising campaigns to boost traffic to your website.

Do away with inaccurate information.

Make sure that the information on site is up-to-date and accurate. Incorrect information – a wrong product description or simple grammatical mistake – will attract potential customers. Therefore, it is recommended to proofread content thoroughly.

Ensure quick loading time.

Visitors will likely leave a website that loads sluggishly. Loading time is so crucial that it even affects customers’ purchasing decisions. Hence, check that your website loading speed is swift by downloading the latest software, optimizing images, and using an effective website host.

Use appealing CTAs

Your site should lure the visitor to take action. For that, you will need to add a better call to action. These actions include buying a product or service, contacting your company, or downloading a brochure or whitepaper. Therefore, adding a conspicuous link, button, and clear instructions is vital.

Buy a scalable website host.

You should purchase a secure and efficient website host that offers flawless technology and services for your website to be viewed on the internet. Hosting services vary from $2 to $100+ per month. Some renowned website hosting companies include GoDaddy, DreamHost, Bluehost, InMotion, and SiteGround.

Use an effective content management system.

A content management system (CMS) enables you to create and organize digital content. There are different aspects to be considered when selecting a capable content management system, such as ease of use, price, and others. The most commonly used content management systems are WordPress, Squarespace, Joomla, and Drupace.

Regularly update your website with fresh content.

If you want users to visit your site frequently, then you will have to update the content on your website and ensure that it is new and relevant. Your content should be top-notch and contemporary, whether it is the information on your website, articles, or blogs.

Use webmaster tools.

In order to monitor the performance of your website, it is necessary to use tools such as the Google Analytics and Google Search Console. These efficient tools can help you to analyze traffic and monitor the growth of your site. These tools provide key information such as


Final Word

A well-designed website looks promising and will be favored by visitors and search engines alike – helping you garner more customers and boost business growth. There are numerous elements involved in creating a successful website. By considering the elements mentioned in this article, you can attain the goal of making a successful website.

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Quora-like Platform Development Cost

Quora-like App Development Cost?

Want to develop a question-answer portal where the quest of all the question-askers can be quenched. But got no idea how much bucks it would cost you?

To give a rough estimate, it can cost you a major chunk of your lifetime. Was not expecting this answer? It is true because a platform like Quora cannot be developed in a definite span of time. It needs lots of persistence, hard work, patience, and experience to keep improvising the platform that gives a platform the final shape like Quora.

The cost of basic functionality like quora is between $35,000 and $70,000

What is Quora?

It is a question-answer portal where anyone who is registered with the platform can ask the other members any question related to any niche. The members have usually experienced professionals or social beings that advise the best of possible.

Let us see why how Quora matters in our lives?

Trademark Features of Quora

Some of the trademark features of Quora are;

Seamless Design

The simplicity in a design is the most difficult thing to achieve. The apple phone looks chic, simple, elegant, and intuitive, but a lot of technology and complexity lie underneath to make it appear this simple from the outside. Try to hide the complexity of the website with the help of a simple design. Simplicity also includes easy navigation.

User Profile

Each user on Quora carries a user profile. This profile has a headshot of the users, basic education, employment experience, and badges (special experiences) to answer few questions.

Push Notification

The push notification is used to notify the users of the answers they were looking for, a new question arises from their area of expertise, someone else has also replied to the question they’ve already replied to, someone replied to their answer, and many more.


This feature enables the question-asker to see how many people viewed his question. Once a question is answered, people become also able to see the views on each answer. Views are nothing, but the quantification of the readers who have read the question or answer.


The users can follow other users they think to contain valuable information and can advise them on certain areas.


The people of the same interest areas are grouped together in a virtual group named “space”. A Fashion space will have only questions from fashion and lifestyle, the technology will have only questions from technology.

Technology Stack of Quora

The technology stack needed to build the edifice of the platform like quora the two types of technology are needed.

Front-end Technology

The front-end technology is the technology used to build the interface/ layout screens of the platform. These technologies are also used to design/ develop, and test the screens that are visible to the users. Users interact with these screens through the buttons, and other features. The technologies used for the front-end development of a platform like Quora are;

Back-end Technology

On the other hand, back-end technology is the technology that is issued to develop the functionalities on the front-end. These technologies are majorly used to rigorously code out the features and functions of the back-end technology.

Best Development Approach for Quora like Platform

Step1 – Requirement Gathering

This step includes gathering the requirements you want your app to deliver to you. Deeply analyze the idea and how these ideas can be translated into functionalities. Check the feasibility of these ideas getting translating into features or functionalities. Now, prepare the project plan optimization. It costs around $0-$600 during the planning phase depending upon the availability of the tools dispensable for planning.

The secret ingredient in the perfect recipe of Instagram is the smooth and seamless experience that comes from the smooth UI and UX design. It includes two phases 1) UX Modeling 2) HLD & Documentation. The phases in this step include preparation of the flowcharts and sketches of the user needs and functionalities. Prepare the information architecture design. Prepare the sitemaps too. Sitemaps are the maps that are used to represent the specific pages of the website and navigate the client through these pages.

The wireframes are the floor plan of the project into which the design and content flow, that could be sketched or annotated diagrams. It costs around $0-$1000 for this step.

STEP 3 – UI Design

The third step is to build the User Interface design. The UX/ UI team needs to determine the UI strategy first of all. This strategy includes building a strategy that should facilitate the user interface experience. Incorporate art direction, storyboarding, and mood board creation in making the full UI design.

The UI design must specify the location of the content and video player on the page. It costs around $0-$1500 for this step.

STEP 4- Agile Development

Nowadays, agile development is preferred. This is quick and team-based software development. The Project Manager and technical lead should create milestones, plan the sprint, conduct scrum meetings, and show the sprint demos to make the development really quick and impeccable.

The knowledge of the following languages is necessary;

HTML/Client-side JavaScript/CSS

Database OLTP to maintain relational DBMS

Data warehouse (OLAP)

Moreover, other persons required during the development process along with the developers are tool developers, mobile device applications, web applications, API developers and authenticators, etc.

The major chunk of the cost is spent here with an estimation of about $1500-$4000 here.

Content Support: The Quora-like websites need a well-established content management system to facilitate the users with the Metadata of the questions being answered on the site.

STEP 5- Testing and Launching

The test codes and user test scenarios are written down by the quality and assurance team and the testers perform automated or manual testing to check the functionality of the app. The bugs are removed by the developers after which the product is launched.

Usually, a minimum viable product with the least features is developed and released. This is called beta-version.  After the bugs are reported, the app is updated accordingly.

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Cost to Develop A Grocery Delivery App?

Online Grocery Website Development Cost

The world is no doubt going digital since smartphones have become such a necessity in everyone’s life people prefer to get all their work done by them: whether it’s a job work or a home chore.

When it comes to grocery shopping, gone are the days when people would make a hard list and take the time out of their days to go to the supermarket reasons for that are a few: Its time consuming, feels like a hassle, and why go out when you can get delivered what you want to your place.

Online grocery shopping is one of the fastest-growing trends in the market, whether it’s a small grocery store or huge grocery business chains, people are shifting their businesses online for not just their customer’s ease but the business benefits it brings with it.

Online grocery store developers – for Grocery Business

Coding Pixel is one of the best grocery app companies out there. We don’t just say it ourselves, our clients are vast and broadened to the global level. We have a skilled and experienced team of grocery app developers, designers, project managers, business analysts just to build you the project of your dreams.  We are globally known because of the apps we develop which are innovative, simple, aesthetically pleasing, advanced, highly functional and user-centric.

Their default key features include:

Customer panel

Admin panel

Our grocery app development process

Our team is not just skilled but they are very good communicators, we best believe our clients are our first priority as it’s true, we are here for them and because of them.

Our first step includes requirement gathering, every need, and expectation of the client is listened to closely and jotted down to be taken care of.

Once the needs are known, our business analysts and project managers come up with the most suitable strategy for our client’s project while keeping the demands of the client in focus.

The next step is development, this is the part where we put our actions where our words are, exemplary front and backend services. We build highly aesthetic front ends using top UI/UX experts and backend is also build on-demand and every need of the client is taken care of.

And last but not least, quality check and assurance: several tests are carried out after development to ensure the project is working exactly as expected, by following all this process grocery app development cost $5000 to $20,000.

How To Start An Online Marketplace

Online Marketplace

As you know, the average user takes about 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about a website after looking at it, online marketplace, if done right, provides the opportunity to have a website that engages traffic and is intuitive, functional, and aesthetic to look at.

Many leading online stores often turn to an operating model that aggregates offers from other sellers on their websites, seeking to broaden their product selection and market reach. We may call marketplaces the next stage of growth of major e-commerce ventures because many leading online stores frequently switch to an operating model that aggregates offers from other sellers on their site, aiming to expand the product range and market reach. Among the most well-known websites of this kind are eBay, AliExpress, Etsy, and others.

Marketplace Categories:

Marketplace Features:

Before starting to develop an online marketplace you have to get acquainted with major features. The major features of the online marketplace include:

Marketplace Types:

Technology Stack:

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15 Things to Consider Before Choosing a CMS for Website Building

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